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In Praise of a Military Budget That Ensures Our Destruction


In Praise of a Military Budget That Ensures Our Destruction

Tom Engelhardt

Imagine, for a moment, a country that no longer rebuilds or reinforces its sagging infrastructure but just can’t stop pouring money into its military. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine that at all! You just have to look at the United States.


So they spend in ACTUAL dollars around 1 trillion a year on this Military and need more so as to “rebuild it”. They claim Russia and China as dire threats.

Again Russia spends 60 billion in a year yet are seen as dire threats. The USA spends 1 trillion a year yet its Military ravaged and needs a rebuild.

The only thing that adds up here is more profits for the corporations.

This article from Moon of alabama illustrates how the British are running a disinfo campaign to attack Russia so as to hype up threats in order to trigger yet more Military spending.


It called “The Integrity Initiative”.

Western Economies based on the Infinite Growth Model are in trouble. After WW2 the Cold war was started by the UK and the USA so as to keep those economies on a permanent war footing as they believed this would keep the economies strong. What is happening here is the US Military is following the same strategy, hyping the Russian and China as threats, claiming the US military hollowed out , and pushing for more ramped up spending.

If Russia can spend 60 billion a year and be a threat to overrun all Europe as being claimed, then how it it NATO can spend 2 trillion a year and be unable to defend itself? Hey but Putin is corrupt and lining the pockets of his cronies, right?


SuspiraDeProfundis brings up a good point and a link to a good article above.

I don’t believe the pentagon is incapable of auditing itself, they just refuse to audit themselves, and use incompetence as an excuse. There’s a good reason the rocket that struck the pentagon, struck where it did, an office of comptrollers and spending auditors, all but one were killed. So much for Rumsfeld getting to the bottom of wasteful spending and the missing trillions.

Trumps infrastructure plan hasn’t been released (as far as I know), but bits of it has been leaked. True to Trump form, it’s all about privatizing it, and contractors charging fees and tolls to the public…Forever.


Like a down payment on a large real estate development Trump’s Infrastructure Plan would of leveraged $30-40 Billion for 10 years into a public/private joint agreement. Where all the bridges, highways and improvements plus the repaired old ones would have tolls. Or worse, license plate readers. Pay fines or have your right to drive taken away.
This is how the out-of-control Federal Government thinks: just keep piling on the costs of going to and from work, etc., on the working class while continuing to " comfort the comfortable " whose investments are a lock and guaranteed a very healthy return.
No thanks!


I wonder how small the military would actually be were designed solely for defensive purposes. My guess: a couple billion dollars at most.


We could defend the empire on $300-400 Billion, easily. And, meet pension obligations, etc., too.
We could work with the other powers or just mind our own damn business for considerably less.
I’ll settle for either but prefer the latter.


It’s not exactly clear why this article appears now since this was decided this past summer. But here are some reminders:

Note that the U.S. outspends the dirty rookies by a factor of 10:1 and China by 3X. Also note that the erstwhile US ally Saudi Arabia which is receiving a hand-slap because of the clumsy Khashoggi murder is 4th on the list and tiny Israel is at about $22BN, more than 5% of GDP, much coming from U.S. taxpayers in terms of grants, loans (that are often waived), etc.


George Carlin Talks War And American Politics


Now my brain will hurt the rest of the day.


isn’t it something how such an absurd narrative can be swallowed whole by a distracted, dumbed down, domesticated and indoctrinated populace? as the wise comic carlin noted, our rulers/‘owners’ don’t want an educational system that produces critical independent thinkers. what they do want is obedient workers, and sadly, that is mostly what they get:


There’s a good article on truthdig.com today by Lee Camp about this subject, for anyone who’s interested.


Ok, got a “this site is not secure”, when I tried the link above. This is a legit site, so if interested, go to the site, the story is on their home page.


The U.S. is the quintessential “Rogue Nation”.


So much for the “Free Market”, eh?


All they have to do is manufacture more terrorists in order to keep the war profiteers happy.


Lee Camp is right on and hilarious in a sad and tragic way. Very good b.s. exposer.
Again, the MSM and that twit at Vox, are so lousy.


Thank you for this clip. A dose of Carlin is always a good antidote to the miasma of bullshit which constantly surrounds us.