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In Prison, the Holiday Season Is Grim – But I Won't Lose Hope


In Prison, the Holiday Season Is Grim – But I Won't Lose Hope

Chelsea Manning

Having a birthday around the holidays was never easy and, with every successive year, it felt more and more as if celebrating my birthday got thrown into the December holiday mix as an afterthought.

But now, Decembers are becoming the hardest month of the year to endure.


Why you felt the need to add an antisemitic comment about helping Jews is vile. Pollard was a spy for Israel. You pretend to be a progressive but you aren’t really. You’re just weak and try to hide behind others who criticize injustice everywhere (like is done on sites like CD) because they will criticize Israeli injustices towards Palestinians but given the chance you would promote injustice if you could.

Criticism of Israel is just but your comment about helping Jews is crappy and betrays your true self. You do your cause a disservice and more than you know.


Hello Wereflea, Interestingly though I’ve been reading and not responding we both felt the need to comment on this topic even if for different reasons though I agree the circumstances between Pollard and Manning IMHO was OT as well as anti-Semitic.

Sadly Manning is paying the price for his valid attempt to provide information to those he trusted to inform about the atrocities he
found in the process of his job. Now he sits in prison as a result of his trust in Assange who abandoned him and continues even in his personal circumstances to be able to receive considerable support by those who continue to attempt to change his situation while profiting from his use of Manning. While there is not a doubt in my mind those here who continue to give Assange all the credit for his part in the exposure of secrets, I would as soon see Assange in Mannings position having no personal respect for a man I continue to consider and arrogant user. Manning over charged and convicted under the UCMJ will continue to serve IMHO an unjust sentence. I would hope at some point, though Obama didn’t, a POTUS will use to power of the office and either commute or pardon Manning.

LOL, Wereflea since this article is not drawing much attention perhaps I won’t find my inbox with comments from “progressives” condemning me for my lack of support for Julian.


Merry Christms, Chelsea! Thank you so much for being brave and never giving up.


And (s)he supports Capital Punishment.


Hi Annie. Happy Holidays.

People with agendas think that because they are stupid that everyone else is. Moreover they think that they can manipulate progressives which is the same attitude that the right wing has showing that they are just as bad as the right.

I fight injustice… not only some injustice.

They just don’t get it! They think that because you criticize something or someone that they criticize that you will excuse them being unjust to someone else (as if it were their turn to be unjust?) Lol Imagine someone saying it is only fair that they can be unjust too.

Bias is bias. I get the sense that though some people come to lefty progressive sites that they really aren’t progressives at all and would be oppressors if they could.

I am not as conversant about Assange as you and maybe I should be but maybe you’ll clarify that or put up a link?

In any case I imagined a drawing of Chelsea in a single one room prison cell as if it were all by itself but outside that isolated cell are crowded hundreds of thousands and even millions of people all holding hands surrounding that single one room building … wishing her a Merry Christmas and telling her that she isn’t forgotten by any means.


Enough with the whiny self-pity party already! You are not in jail for 35 years because you are a trans gendered person seeking to express yourself. You are in jail for the next 35 yeas because, you in a moment of sacrificial courage, exposed the lying hypocrisy of your military masters and their equally immoral government masters in the killing of innocents.
You are also in jail for the next 35 years of your life because your lying and hypocritical government and its military facilitators have owned your trans gendered self just as surely as if you were a chattel slave and are entitled by such ownership to have their way with you any which way they please. And so they have done so. It’s called the Uniform Code of Military Justice and when you stepped forward to confirm your oath you subjected yourself to it and gave up constitutional guarantees.
You have chosen writing as a way to maintain your sanity in the midst of such insane conditions and this is commendable. Instead of bellyaching about not belng allowed to become the girl of your dreams, you might consider some of the following topics for your writing career.
The lying lengths to which the military will go to mislead the US population about what its true mission is (serving as enforcement muscle for international corporations and depriving others of their freedom in the name of enforcing American hegemony every and any where in the world they are told to do so and by any means they feel is necessary) for instance,
The lying hypocrisy of the military leadership who demand absolute obedience on the part of their enlisted grunts while conveniently ignoring such standards in their own behavior (Generals David Petraeus and Geoffry D. Miller for instance)
Such topics would not only function as a useful education for millennials considering joining the military, they would also speak most directly to the courageous act that got you into Leavenworth in the first place. Such topics might also be published in more mainstream publications than the whining of a trans gendered individual.
It’s your life and 35 years is a long time to keep up with the whining.
I’m just sayin’


Season’s Greetings or whatever is PC this year. Been to brunch with my male offspring and now going to ground 'till the “buy, buy & buy some more” season is over. Cookie baking’s all done to provide some cavities for my future daughter-in-law’s cute little grandchildren or piss off their parents whom or who I’ve never met. Would have loved to be able to ship a batch off to Chelsea Manning not Clinton. By the goddess at least there are those who still exist to stand up for justice for all and continue to believe it’s how it should be like thee. And while I continue OT, just for you an old holiday classic with a little twist by my guy who writes over at the Smirking Chimp. Enjoy or delete from that old woman out,
in at least for the moment, sunny CA. Annie



[quote=“Poet, post:11, topic:16766”]
Enough with the whiny self-pity party already!..Instead of bellyaching about not belong allowed to become the girl of your dreams, you might consider some of the following topics for your writing career…It’s your life and 35 years is a long time to keep up with the whining."

Is POET’s post:

A) Trans-phobic
B) Bigoted
C) Evidence of an empathy deficiency
D) All of the above

Choose one.


Please do not misgender Chelsea Manning. Please use the female pronouns of the gender to which she identifies and is transitioning medically.


Then please don’t use her former name. She is Chelsea. Accept her for who she is by calling her by her chosen name.


Poet’s post is about none of the above. Poet’s post is saying that a soldier who chose his conscience over military demands and was willing to accept the punishment imposed for doing so is worthy of respect and has something to teach the younger generation coming along. The military relies on youth to continuously “join up” in order for the military commanders to have fresh meat to run through their meat grinder of tactics and turn into so much emotional and physical hamburger.
Instead of focusing on such topics that are at least as, and in some cases far more, controversial than trans gendered confirmation practices, Manning has chosen to become the mascot for “trans gender rights”, a topic which far fewer people care about than an out of control and gangster military.
Manning’s behavior is a military wet dream come true. As Manning transforms into a niche fringe cause and takes the focus off of the monstrous behavior of the military commanders whose AWOL leadership allowed such idiocy as Manning exposed to happen, nobody much remembers why Manning is in Ft. Leavenworth in the first place. Call it snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.


Poet, I’m gonna call you partly right and partly off-target. Everything you say about the military and its MIC-system is sickeningly true and then some. However, your gripe at Chelsea is unwarranted in my opinion…for several reasons. I don’t see any whining by Chelsea. First, the media have chosen to seize and feed on her personal intimate struggle and god only knows how much they’ve twisted and/or blown out of proportion. Their orgiastic frenzy is what dwarfs Chelsea’s political democracy contribution and sensationalizes her transgenderism travails. I don’t now and have never seen whining from Chelsea. Second, unless someone has lived in the closed-off hell that transgender and intersex people live in (sometimes even from early childhood) or someone has lived with a person going thru that hell, she or he cannot begin to imagine how awful, how scary, and how much of a mind-f**k it is. It behooves us to reach our deepest compassion abilities and extend them outward. Third, as you know, the fresh meat you refer to is also naive and gullible youth who are easily indoctrinated and manipulated into being good patriots and “serving their country [unquestioningly].” The strict obeisance is part of the deal, as you know. They never truly knew “what they were signing up for” or what any consequences could be. Once some of the kids get it, they are disgusted, disappointed, or depressed and they eschew the party line. Those youth…and those like Chelsea…merit our respect and support…as much as we can give as possible.

Chelsea Manning’s courage and actions have my gratitude and respect all the way around. May she continue speaking out on both counts.


Nothing you wrote addresses what I wrote, which is that you support capital punishment.


Enough with the Jews already.


I had a tangentially related reaction to Manning’s post. I admire her and what she did to expose injustice, however, as I read this article, I recognized that her unjust imprisonment has, at least for this article for the moment, narrowed her focus to the more directly personal. Perhaps that is to be understood, given her circumstances, which I have no personal knowledge of. But for sure, whether understood or not, it is to be hoped this is only a temporary departure from what we think is more important, and of course - forgiven for straying from our priorities. Perhaps such harsh criticism, which is how I read your comment, is better reserved for those who have yet to put their lives and freedom on the line.


People who refer to themselves in the third person are disassociating or are simply very weird in an unhealthy way. So poet what did you think about what poet posted?

Does that question seem normal to you poet?


The pronouns used are not an issue worth worrying about, nor is the name. A soldier named Bradley Manning was publicly identified at the beginning of the news event being discussed, and there are many reasons that a person might discuss the matter with reference to the original reprted name. Far more important are the underlying issue of warrantless spying, extra-constitutional punishments, espionage, etc. Whether Chelsea prefers to misidentify with a name and a biological state that implies a lack of male genitalia, which he still posseses, is truly the irrelevancy here. Bradley Manning blew the lid off of an important story (Chelsea was unknown when that exposure took place), and that is the historical fact that matters.


None of the above. Too much PC hypersensitivity here. The fact that Manning had to become a whistleblower, and what Manning blew it over, are the important considerations.


Why don’t you slink back to whatever Republican hellhole you usually infest, bigot.