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In "Profound Loss for Maine's Citizens," Court OKs Sale of Town's Water to Nestle


In "Profound Loss for Maine's Citizens," Court OKs Sale of Town's Water to Nestle

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

It was a win for corporate control of public water on Thursday for one Maine town.

The winner in the case is Nestlé Waters of North America, which operates locally as Poland Spring. Fryeburg, Maine property owner Bruce Taylor and advocacy group Food & Water Watch had challenged the decision by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) that afforded the company the right to bottle and sell off water from the aquifer.


Nestle can just add this usurpation of drinking water to their long list of others around the world...water is the new oil, to be sure. (Coca Cola wrote the book on monopolizing water resources worldwide and adversely impacting any number of populaces with their bad practices, especially in 'developing' countries with India being one of their biggest markets in water grabbing.)

What can be expected when the governor of Maine and the state government are as corrupt, corporatist, and conniving as they have proven to be?

As an added note, some years back it was a Nestlé's baby formula product that was found to cause death or severe health problems in several countries in Africa. Nestle simply recalled the product and carried on business as usual. Read more about it here: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/nestle-baby-milk-scandal-food-industry-standards


N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestle's has the very best - Lawwwwyers.


And lobbyists....


Can you say "B-O-Y-C-O-T-T"?


This is where direct action and civil disobedience must be employed. Make it too expensive for Nestle to extract the water. Money is all corporations care about. Hit them where it hurts.


As a follow up to my comment here. If progressive groups and individuals around the country started class action suits, petitions, mass demonstration, anything that makes these corps expand resources (money) to fight them, they will soon dry up. Yes, even the largest corps have limited funds. Make them use their ill gotten money to fight actions in dozens, hell hundreds, of communities in every state of the nation. Keep the pressure on and don't stop. We would also need a nationwide, dedicated group of lawyers to give their time pro bono to make this work. This is but one mass movement in a sea of change that needs to happen. We cannot let the corps win any of these fights. We must take the fight to them all across the country.


Once again, capitalism run rampant. Where does it end?


Private property is theft.


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Unless you live in a city like Flint, it's not hard to boycott bottled water. We should all do so.


An on going current issue is Nestle taking water from the San Bernadino Mnts. in Calif. They have been extracting millions of gallons a year at the cost of $500. a year. The permit they are operating on expired in 1985.----this came to light because of the drought in Calif. And there has been some conflicts of interest with those in charge of the water. If they paid the going rate it would be $55,000 a yr.----Nestle has argued in court that they have sole rights to this water----and understand this company is headquartered in Europe.



is yet another disgusting action by Governor LePage. What gives him the right to allow the sale of Poland Spring waters to Nestle, and leave a community high and dry, with no control over their own drinking water, which is an essential birthright...for everybody? None, as far as I'm concerned. This is a disgrace.


Haven't bought a Nestle product for years. Drink all the free Nespresso you can. Maybe put them out of business - what else?


Extinction. Either for them or for us.


Actually, it doesn't even out. Water flowing into the Gulf or other oceans/seas replenish the nutrients and dilutes the poison runoffs that are destroying marine life.

The water cycle is renewed and the fresh water continues to refresh in the form of rain. Diverting it into manufacturing and other forms of production requiring, for example, plastic bottles, causes a negative outcome on living things.

When corporations have precedence, living entities face the cutting block when those needs conflict.


I live in Sacramento, CA, where Nestlé grabbed water (on the less economically prosperous side of town) a few years ago. One intrepid guy stands across from the plant with a protest sign. I'm going to join him next week- this has to stop.

Note the Poland Water truck's logo, with an eye-shape over a blue pyramid, cap-stone missing. Interesting that all the "officials" had a conflict of interest, and just had to make way for this bs.


More criminality by a politician and a corporation. I wonder when we will have had enough? I wonder what the catalyst will be that awakens our docility?


If I lived in Maine I would assume that the governor received a very nice compensation for his generosity. In Michigan Nestles drains water on one side of the state for free and then sells it to the government for the residents of Flint. There is something very wrong with this picture illustrating the power of the mega corporations and the big swindle of capitalism.


It was Nestle that propagandized humanity into believing nursing mothers were animals depriving their children of a superior scientific diet.

Now Nestlé corporation fills hot bottle-shaped bubbles of plastic with water and sells it as better than municipal water.

Nestlé is a predator that rips-off humanity as it knowingly destroys democracy and health. Boycott Nestlé.