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In Pruitt's Last Giveaway to Polluters—and Wheeler's First—EPA Lifts Cap on 'Super Polluting' Trucks


In Pruitt's Last Giveaway to Polluters—and Wheeler's First—EPA Lifts Cap on 'Super Polluting' Trucks

Julia Conley, staff writer

Newly-appointed acting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Andrew Wheeler has wasted no time in rolling back emissions rules, green groups said Saturday, as outgoing agency chief Scott Pruitt undoubtedly worked with his replacement to give one last handout to corporate polluters in his last hours on the job on Friday.


Please require all EPA heads to have the exhaust gases they approve funneled into their offices for daily inhalation.
Progress and the betterment of humanity will quickly follow.


Ironic that many Murkins who criticize and mock third world nations also vote for criminals who are rapidly turning the US into a third world nation.


Does the new EPA Administrator, Wheeler, have a new Assistant EPA Administrator, named Dealer?? ---- and maybe, just maybe, if the truth be known, there’s probably a new Deputy-dog Under Assistant EPA Administrator, named Stealer, eh?

Oh no, that wouldn’t work because that particular name, in Emperor/Fuhrer Trumpster the Dumpster’s Administration is already used by Steven ‘the Stealer’ Mnuchin:


Look at western industrial practices through the lens of predatory capitalism. Can a common practice become satanic simply because it moves through time/space together with its consequences generated by earlier iterations? I say absolutely yes.

Predatory capitalism operates SOLELY because it it employs what would otherwise be called black magic. Are you aware of precisely all of the corners cut by predators? If you are unaware of an abuse, lying, conciliatory language used by the abuser sounds just fine. The methods are legion.

This is done in ALL spheres, levels and stages of its operations. It is, in fact, what sets it apart from the co-op movement. People complain or avoid co-op because organic, ethical and local cost more at the check-out. Ignoramuses snidely scorn it as ‘elitist’. WRONG: you are paying ACTUAL full liveable, sustainable on a daily basis out of respect for the integrity of local economy. It is a style unto itself that is for all who participate. For every $1000.00 spent in a local co-op, $1,604.00 is generated in the community.

If we can’t get the government to face reality, it just brings the original costs closer to home.

Abusers count on the silence of their victims.


Yes, indeed, oldgoat, and people also pay without knowing it the biggest disguised tax of their lives which is the hundreds of Billions of taxes per year levied by corporations on our country and ourselves in the form of dumped ‘negative externality cost’ taxes — which are the deadly by-products of the financial scams and environmental destruction that the corporations and UHNWI’s never have to pay!


We live on a planet. The rich breath air and drink water.

They are finding this out as insurance companies back away from fossil fuels, but since there is nothing to replace the current system of breed and shop, the sink continues to sink.


Ironic that the lessor evil party could not have found a competent, honest candidate from the millions of Merkins, one who could have tempted Merkins, left right and centre with some of the policies that non-1% Merkins basically agree on. It could have been a cakewalk, and finally possibly the beginning of the too long delayed leftwards drift of the right.


After banks, shipping cartels are the most powerful. Expect more of this.


No worries paying for collagen injections.


Not only these trucks are super poluting they are no longer following the 55mph speed limit at least not in California highways. Some of these truckers seem to always be in a hurry and when they go 65 or 75 mph they block traffic trying to go at same speed creating a virtual wall. There are far too many of them on the roads, many smell so horrible that it makes breathing difficult because raw fuel coming out of their exhaust pipes killing us all. The funny thing is our CHP is playing dead ignoring these speeding truckers many from India breaking all sorts of safety rules.
Truck traffic has increased 100 fold since the 1980s and they are moving faster overloading all rest stops and road sides.
I am not sure when we’re going to start testing smoking like choo choo train dirty speeding 18 wheelers and issuing citations at least here in California.


Tie this wheeler dealer stealer bastard next to a filthy smoking diesel fume spewing 18 wheeler exhaust pipe for a long haul to see if he survives the trip.


Someone I met but whose name I can’t remember told me that he and some buddies wearing Guy Fawkes masks saw one of these polluting monsters parked at the back of a truck stop. Using techniques found in the following field manual, they added some nice supplements to the fuel tank. Said polluting vehicle would likely have operated another 100-200 miles and then never operated again.


Republicans need to be wiped off the face of the Earth.


Hey, only 2-1/2 more years until the next preznit election.
In the meantime, yay! The return of super-polluting trucks. Thanks D’ump!


It is very understandable when you listen to the right wingers carrying on about their wonderful ideology where freedom and liberty means no government regulations freeing the individual to do whatever they want to make money. The fact that given the scale of human activities makes this ideology suicidal doesn’t bother them. They simply use the familiar psychological coping mechanism of denial to not consider the consequences. And of course this ideology synchs nicely with capitalism and maximizing profits for shareholders, another suicidal mission without government regulations. In the short term we can expect increased illness, sometimes resulting in death, and in the longer term, we can expect the collapse of civilization as average global temperatures climb to 5C and above.It took quite awhile to get to 1C but the way things are going it will not take that long to reach much higher temperatures as global emissions are at the all time peaks and carbon sinks may be begin to fail and positive feedback mechanisms could kick in to release even more emissions.


At the rate they are going even the undertakers will not be around to bury anybody’s ass.


To my mind it looks increasingly that the Ghost Dance may becoming effective.


Scott Pruitt has completed his job admirably. He was brought to DC to destroy the EPA. In just a year and a half he has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of Kochs.
The earth is now warming out of control. And we here in the US won’t even have clear air to breath or potable water to drink while we watch the apocalypse unfold.
I suppose it’s all very karmic. Under the leadership of the USA since WWII, the world has spiraled downward in an orgy of capitalism, and its subsequent unchecked libretarian fascist debauchery. It stands to reason that it’s We that should serve the final coup degras to the Earth.


“The estimated numbers of excess lung cancer deaths through age 80 for lifetime workplace exposures of 1, 10, and 25 μg/m3 elemental carbon [diesel soot] were 17, 200, and 689 per 10,000, respectively, which exceed the typically acceptable levels of occupational risk of 1/1,000 in the U.S. and Europe (8). With regard to environmental exposures, they estimated 21 excess lung cancer deaths per 10,000 for lifetime environmental exposure to 0.8 μg/m3 EC, which exceeds the typically acceptable level of 1/100,000 in the U.S. and Europe.”**


In a study in Australia, diesel emissions were associated with 3.8 percent of miners exposed to diesel soot dying of lung cancer.

But I guess getting rich trumps public welfare and the hard science that defends it. Diesel soot emissions are about the most carcinogenic stuff you can breathe.

I am waiting in agony for the tests to be done and results to come in, but my wife (who has never smoked) might have lung cancer. So now, dear Trump thugs, it is personal. You better be careful.