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In Rallies Across Montana, Sanders and Quist Rail Against 'Un-American Healthcare Plan'


In Rallies Across Montana, Sanders and Quist Rail Against 'Un-American Healthcare Plan'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Indicating that hunger for a people's revolution continues to grow throughout the United States, thousands of Montanans packed rallies across the state this weekend to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) campaign alongside Rob Quist, a career musician who is running for the open U.S. House seat in Thursday's upcoming special election.


And where are the DINO quislings? Standing-up for real reform and progressive candidates like Bernie? NO! The're nowhere except still playing at being a phony/faux opposition party!
NY DINO "health-care" conglomerate sellouts - Schumer, Gilibrand, Maloney, et al, including Andy Cuomo - will not support universal non-profit_ health care reform and are still in thrall to the Clinton's, supporting the vulture for-profit corporate hospital, insurance parasites, and big-pharma swine! NY politicians, best money can buy!


I'm glad that Bernie's out pushing progressives for office instead of dragging that ball-and-chain DNC neolib Tom Perez around, although it would be good if Perez had learned something about how people outside Party circles actually live.


There certainly is potential for real change out there. The fat cats can afford premium medical coverage so they make the mistake in thinking that it is not as important to voters as it is. I hope the voting public recognizes their own interests and fights for single payer and Soc Sec, Medicare and Medicaid like they should and does not go along with cuts in social services just to give the fat cats even bigger tax cuts!

Yay Bernie! Yay Quist!


I really wish that American politicians would stop calling everything that's not singler-payer medicine, "un-American". If anything, denying universal medical coverage is a particularly American characteristic.

All OECD countries have universal medicare except the USA. The word that Mr. Quist should have used in this context is "uncivilized".


Waiting for Corporate Media to cover these rallies.




Describing the present state of healthcare and the revisions attempted by the GOP as "un-American" is a bit over the top. It is actually uniquely American at least in the developed world and in part of the emerging and even some "developing" countries, which all have universal coverage.


You can rail against the DNC, corporate mass media censorship, gerrymandering, stealing civil rights or shooting black people in the face until the cows come home but if you don't get off your ass and vote for progressives or help fund them individually we can't succeed. Trump is a symptom of government for hire in a nation where businesses are people and the world's greatest military can murder anyone on the planet and overthrow any government on the planet without Congressional authorization. So before the black vans come at 4 am to lock up the journalists, lawyers and teachers you might want to support a progressive and take it back or at least have the spine to fight. If you can't fight back, at least get out of the way and stop blaming the obvious. They take bribes. They murder children. They overthrow governments. They steal oil while the Earth dies before their eyes and Americans build more bombs, secret killer robots for the braindead Sasquatch roaming the Piedmont. We're probably too stupid to survive. Corporate media works for money, Disney, General Electric, not objectivity, accuracy and timliness. They work for the Oil Nazis, Wall Street, the World Bank of International Settlements, the mafia. What have we learned. We have learned we can stop the madness in court and public opinion stalls their inquisition. Did you see the CIA burn the poppies orbs of light? Do YOU THINK the World Bank wants fields of poppy ash or valleys of healthy poppies worth trillions of dollars for heroin? Do you think the CIA protects the poppy fields for the World Bank to make heroin and sells it? Did you see the CIA burn the poppies and if they did wouldn't you see it. Forrest said, stupid is as stupid does. Fight!


Quote from this article:

""Rob has a crazy idea," Sanders continued. "He thinks maybe, just maybe, we should have a Congress that works for the working class and not the millionaires..."

Says it all...... Bernie & Jill in 2020.


Check these out:



For Godot?


Just a heads up on California and single payer:

We are in the rubber-meets-the-road area now, where the great idea usually dies: financing. A 15% payroll tax on employers is in the discussion, but it's definitely far from final. We'll see what happens.

As a California resident, I hope something can be worked out, and in a way a majority of the public supports. Otherwise, even if something gets signed into law, look for a ballot measure to overturn it come next election.


Employers pay into the new system, like they do the current system, and that's totally doable, KC.


Well, let's see now ...

Quist - ".. supports a single payer model" - does he promise to sign on to HR676, the Medicare for All bill currently in the House? Hmmm. don't see that - what "single payer model" does he have in mind?

"Breast cancer survivor Katie Mazurek, who introduced Quist in Bozeman, told the crowd the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 'protected me and saved my life.' "

Yay! Let's hear it for the ACA - that gift to private insurance and big phrma conglomerates - the antithesis of SP

"Sanders, who any day now is expected to unveil a Medicare-for-All bill in the Senate, ..."

Yup, any day now - or maybe any month or year - we've been hearing this "any day now" for months ... All he has to do is slap a Sen # on 676 and introduce it - so why hasn't he? Anybody curious at all?

Folks seem to forget that Sanders, that "champion of SP", has said that, yeah, he's for SP but for now we have to concentrate on "saving the ACA" .

C'mon folks - haven't we been here before? The old bait and switch?

He continues to fulfill his roll as Head of Outreach for the DP.- this is about returning the DP to power - nothing more, nothing less, and he, like so many before him, will say what he thinks he needs to to accomplish that end - but when the rubber meets the road, when it comes time to put up or shut up, Sanders has to go to the bathroom ...


45k are dying annually in the US from lack of or no health care...this is agreeable with most of the politicians and their lobbyist and the world leaders who are proud of the depopulation agenda


In spite of a loss the Democratic party has moved closer to being a national party again thanks to Sanders. The Democratic party, thanks to Pelosi, Schumer and Perez, is so timid that it recoils at its own image in the mirror. Sanders and Quist have closed ranks with the big money nationalist with their grass roots version of reality. This is where the kids are.