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In Rare Move, Community Seeks Murder Charges for Cops Who Killed Tamir Rice


In Rare Move, Community Seeks Murder Charges for Cops Who Killed Tamir Rice

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Forced by a sluggish and dysfunctional justice system to take matters into their own hands, a group of community leaders, clergy, and civil rights activists in Cleveland will ask a judge on Tuesday to order the arrest of the officers who killed Tamir Rice, the black 12-year-old shot dead in November while carrying a toy gun in a park.


Yet another outrageous example of the extremes citizens are driven to because of the US Government’s as well as many, perhaps most of our local government’s extreme religious devotions to Wall Street scams - yes, Wall Street owns the judiciary, too, because the “elected” bipartisan Wall Street hacks appoint almost all of the judges.


What is extreme nowadays, it appears to me not protesting everyday and all day is extreme.

Begging tyranny to do the moral thing is black comedy.


Did you post a comment to the wrong article? This article has to do with the reaction to racist city cops in totally segregated Cleveland (2nd only to Detroit in this regard) - not the US government and Wall Street.


You think it’s some kind of coincidence that militarized police are murdering innocent citizens all across the USA? The big Federal Government, that you love so much, is supposed to send in troops like JFK did in Little Rock and Mississippi and enforce Federal Civil Rights laws. Well? Where the hell are they?

They are not coming, because it’s profitable for Cops and Judges who own stock in Wall Street’s for-profit Corrections Corporations to keep framing up half the population in poor black towns like Ferguson, MO. and Cleveland. Not even shooting 12-year-olds in playgrounds is going to result in police discipline or indictment.

Who provided the motive for this kind of outrageous police behavior? Wall Street, that’s who! Who decides to selectively enforce Federal Law? Wall Street Lobbyists with suitcases full of cash on Capital Hill, that’s who. When they convinced everybody everywhere (including local) to outsource prison work to private corporations, the die was cast. The growth industry must find offenders! If they’re aren’t any, then, by God, shoot their kids and make some!