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In Rare Speech, Bannon Heralds 'New Political Order'


In Rare Speech, Bannon Heralds 'New Political Order'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a rare public speech on Thursday, White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said the Trump cabinet was working towards the "deconstruction of the administrative state" and repeatedly referred to the media as "the opposition party."


As we know, declaring a free press the enemy is “fair” warning that a totalitarian state is being formed. Once again, the rank and file of Democratic (and naturally, Republican) politicians are sitting on their hands - inviting the virus to metastasize.


And this from Satan’s spawn himself…he just could not sit back and watch his puppet take all the credit for his (Bannon’s) ideas…he had to exert his power and it has only been a few days more than a month. His personal “Renfield,” Steve Miller’s ugly visage is shown in the background where it is a fixture when Bannon goes public. (They changed the photo, now it is Renfield II, Reince Prebus in the photo) Bet this public appearance did not sit well with the emperor who shares the stage with no one… but the demented dimwit of orange is too weak and frightened to cross Bannon. How could he craft all those EO’s without his puppet master?

The “three verticals” came right out of the Nazi playbook and/or Mein Kampf… Bannon, du Hurensohn! We will be lucky if the Capitol and the White House are still standing in four years…these demons are intent on destroying our democracy and leaving our government in shambles…then, who would pay their salaries and pave the way for them to do business worldwide?

  • This guy is f*cking scary.

  • Funny, I don’t remember deconstruction of the administrative state being a part of Trump’s stump speeches. So, now we’re at war against the press, facts, science, preservation of the earth as a habitable planet, clean air, clean water, safe food, safe transportation, clean and efficient energy, public education, social security, medicare, medicaid, [insert all other non-war related government functions here], etc.? Oh, and I guess as of today, you can add defenseless children to the list.

I wonder how many Trump voters thought this was what they were getting?



I know it’s just name calling, but it’s accurate


boy, won’t bannon be surprised when he finds out that the power in his “administrative state” actually resides in the national security apparatus they’re considering fluffing.


Gotta think things thru, big fella. Otherwise, if they actually take that down–or even try–these clowns could be the most unlikely and accidental heroes in American history.

Somehow, though, I think they’re only concerned with the regulatory part of the state, not the rest of the massive bureaucracy.

I’ll be really impressed if they do something about my personal nemesis, the frigging DEA. Then I’ll start working on my steve bannon statue made out of melted Milk Duds (apropos, eh?).


Keep it short Mr. Bannon, “We aim to reverse every single bit of progress working people have gained in the last century. Our ideas have been progressively put in place since Reagan, they’ve been absolute failures for most of the country, so we’re naturally going to go further down that failed path. Let’s all stand and cheer for an economic model that has made everything worse! Oh, and freedom!” The audience erupts. I wonder how many people under 40 were there cheering, since their generation is utterly screwed, unless they were born into wealth, which most there probably were. How many of them inherited lots of money from mommy and daddy?


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Fascist Dictator ala Corporate Personhood Lie:
that we’re a nation with an economy…with a reason for being, I think that’s what unites us."

This putz has to go. And any Vichy Democrats and Republicans with them.

What happened to Statesmanship


Ever since Trump announced his first appointee short lists on November 10 and 11, 2016 it was apparent that all of his candidates had been selected for their deconstruction skills, not their governing skills, or any skills previously considered germane to their respective offices.

Bannon’s announcement dispels any shadow of doubt that any body may still harbor that deconstruction was not the mission. The only things that won’t be deconstructed are corporate tax cuts and corporate welfare, most of it for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC),


You meant “regressively,” right? (Re Italics: redundant pun not intended)


I believe she meant “progressively” in a boiling frog context, whereby sinister changes enacted rapidly will elicit a reaction and push back from the electorate, whereas gradual, metered implementation of sinister actions breeds tolerance in the electorate so they don’t react, like turning up the heat slowly so the frog doesn’t notice how hot the water is getting until its been boiled.


Will someone please get this nutty anitsemitic character Bannon out of the White House.


Yes, you are right, of course. I was just attempting a little gallows humor while we and our government and society are being frog marched to the guillotine.


Hasn’t this been obvious from the beginning? Just look at his cabinet picks and executive orders. No news here, move along.


Conservatives will swoon while Bannon and Miller suck the life out of the press, the courts and Congress. They’ll be the last group cheering, unless they wise up.


I agree that media moguls won’t give up without a fight along with Rex of Exxon, pharma, medical industrial complex, checmical conglomerates along with big AG Monsanto and Dow and Dupont and of course the military industrial complex and it majors and generals that wants continual war and bombing and drones.

They are all the same and Trump’s media campaign that they are the enemy of the people is just a distraction for his supporters to take their eye off of him and his shenanigans.

They meaning all of the above oligarchs have almost won w/Trump at helm. But not so fast as we have vigilant people on both sides of aisle who will fight for our democracy.


I don’t know the count. Frankly, if you watched or read any political media in 2016 you couldn’t avoid it. At any rate, I watched or read enough to know the general outline of the content. Yes, he complained about regulations – all Republicans and a number of Democrats do. But he never suggested he’d turn over the State Department to Exxon, the EPA to the fossil fuel industry, DOE (Energy) to the fossil fuel industry, DOE (Education) to someone who wants to get rid of public education, HUD to someone who thinks poverty is a choice, and I could go on, but you get the gist. Oh, and he also explicitly promised to protect Social Security and Medicare, but gave us Tom Price who wants to get rid of it. To suggest that he gave the electorate a fair notice of what he would do if elected is laughable. One need only look at the public reaction to his first month in office to see that, although I’ll grant you the notion that anyone who was paying attention knew he would be a nonstop clusterf*ck as President.

I’m trying to find where I said or even suggested that I’m OK with the way the press handled its coverage of him or of the election in general. And as to what I complain about or don’t, you’re now beyond even the alt-fact world into pure fiction (kinder souls might call it speculation). I thought the Brazil episode should have been a major story and should have put a large torpedo in the Clinton campaign. The fact that it didn’t is an indictment of the press and of the duopoly we call our political system.

If only that were true. There far too few places to get reliable news, as you seem to point out earlier in your comment. CD is one of the places I choose.

Save your ire for someone that deserves it, based on observable facts.


Trump is just a lackey.

He will as all Presidents of the last 30 -40 years be the poster boy for continuing our various wars and confront the trilateral axis of the Eurasian powers (Russia, Iran, China) , while smashing the Euro so it can no longer threaten USD supremacy.

Meanwhile at home he will enhance the national security state and take it closer to a police state, starting with non-citizens. He will escalate the policy of divide and rule like no other President. The latter may be his most important role.

His war on the Deep State/MSM is pure theater, perhaps to improve their credibility to the unthinking people on the left and middle who distrusted both long before Trump. Both continue their fake news to gain support for Kissingers foreign policy initiatives outlined above.

In addition, he will continue to make the 0.1% richer with tax cuts paid for with cuts to social programs
( health, education, welfare) and deregulation. Have to keep the Koch Brothers happy since they have a lot of influence on his supporters in Congress.

By the time they are done with Trump, and it may be after 4 years unless there is a major disaster, everyone can sigh with relief and go back to sleep and support the next Democrat who will continue the same policies , but who will make you enjoy it like Obama and Clinton did before him.


I just don’t understand how this cannot be construed as treason? They are obviously moving to close each department and remove checks and balances and those that enforce them.
They should all be arrested for trying to overthrow the government of the United States. No votes, no questions, just take over.


Could it be any more obvious that between them Trump and Bannon know zilch about economics. To be for economic nationalism is like being for the horse and buggy. Economic globalization here to stay. Any country leaving is a country headed for hard times. There is no way to undo globalization. Economies have become globalized. This is not something you can shift into reverse. Bannon apparently likes fighting lost causes. He has to be the underdog. Multiculturism is here to stay, Economic globalization is here to stay. And Americans are not going to believe Russia is the new good guy on the block. This guy is delusional just like his boss.