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In Rare Turn, New Mexico Police to Stand Trial for Murder of Unarmed Homeless Man



New Mexico has shown us the way, now all states need to follow their example by putting the murdering [cop]terrorists on trial for the murders they have most definitely committed!


James Boyd was targeted and executed by depraved (more common than not in today's police mindset) police that treated him as a criminal and threat rather than a person just trying to survive without harming anyone - he was "camping without a permit"! The video of James Boyd's execution is very disturbing but shows clearly how citizens are treated by police - with hostility, contempt and violence as the first, last and only response - the "I was afraid for my life" is a transparent lie 90% or more of the time. The indictment of only two of the cops involved is the very least that should have been done.

The training of cops reinforces abusive tendency's in people that chose to rule others and dominate. Instant submission to any command is demanded and if compliance wavers for a second, anger and violence follows. we have seen that pattern from coast to coast and in virtually every police department. people of color are the usual victims but police violence that affects everyone - James Boyd was white.