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In Reality, This Was a Media Convention


In Reality, This Was a Media Convention

Alicia Shepard

More than 15,000 journalists descended on Cleveland to cover the Republican National Convention. But it was an unemployed TV reporter sitting in a Starbucks in Los Angeles, 2,345 miles away, who broke the biggest story of the week.


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I think it was even more what Drumpf knows almost as well as Real Estate: reality TV. And you need some drama. Thus how DJT said he "loved" the Cruz speech, why he stood by to watch it, why he allowed Cruz to speak at all. And, I'm afraid, why he put Melania up there to read a speech written for her by one of his past ghosts, another woman, to prove how incapable women are. I'm waiting for the comparison to Jackie Kennedy. DJT imagines himself and his dynasty the new American royalty. Just watch.


I'm disappointed to see Alicia Shepard writing here at Common Dreams. Her tenure at NPR represented the worst of mainstream journalism - she worked to bring more reactionary views to NPR, defended NPR as a non-alternative news outlet, and vigorously assisted the Bush torture program by adamantly and continuously refusing to call torture, torture.

Here are some of my posts on Shepard back when I ran NPR Check. Looks like as a new user I can't include a link, but just Google NPR Check and then click on the "Ombudsman" label at the bottom of the page.


As a writer, I beg to differ.

Funny how all you Socialists are so cavalier when a person's intellectual labors are lifted.

There WAS plagiarism. Word for word. If her speechwriter had at minimum, credited either Michelle Obama or her speechwriter the intellectual THEFT would not have been so notable.

And it's disgusting to see closet Republicans push the narrative that no harm was done... or that those VERY PARTICULAR (as in verbatim) words just so happened to be chosen from "the common stock."

You sure are a chameleon. More Leftist than thou over pillorying Sanders but then sounding like another one of the Republican appeasers of Trump's campaign?


The news is that there was no convention this year. Anyone care to spin that?


There were no conventions this year. There haven't been any real conventions since around '68 in Chicago.

What there have been are infomercials hoping to sell the particular choices made by organized money for the presidency of the US.


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I wish Melania had talked about how she learned "your word is your bond" in her Slovenian childhood, and about the values that made her seek US citizenship. That would have made a much better speech, but it wouldn't have made Drumpf's point that women are ornamental only.


This is what irritates me about SiouxRose -- the delusion that everything we post on a topic that she is posting on is either done to achieve her approval, which she bestows or denies as if this is above all what is important, or that we who differ with here are part of a paid ( I wish I could get paid by somebody for verbally squabbling with her ) cabal of Deep State trolls who have been assigned the task of propagandizing against her because what she says here is so important,

She had made conspiratorial accusations against me because my screen name has changed several times, she has told me repeatedly that she doesn't trust me, that me and my "pals" are part of a "tag team" assigned by perhaps the president's advisors to get her.

A couple weeks back I was ready to start flagging her comments and had an explanation what because I believe she drives people away from posting opinions here which is a disservice to the ideological solitary that could possibly come from these discussions. Long time participants may remember ezeflyer and Two Americas, two once valuable engaging posters who also bore the kinds of "you are a male me obsessed poster who ought to know better than to be so wrong.

I'm sorry if this crushes people's dreams and delusions, but CommonDreans is not that important. It gives us a place to play mini blogger and helps some is organize our thoughts and compare them to what others have concluded. It's a free speech free exchange of ideas that I will continue saying things on, using the word "we," trying not to be argumentative with anybody but SiouxRose and then only when she uses direct address to insult and accuse perfectly nice CommonDreamers each trying to be thoughtful,


I appreciate your assertion that

But would you take your ad SiouxRose to the moderators and stick to those ideas in the actual threads?


No, I wrote it and it "vented" me, but like it or not -- and I like many things she says except for the personal attacks, accusations of being a Deep State paid anti-SiouxRose careerist "hiding" behind constantly changing screen names which to her proves nefarious motives, the "see, this proves I'm smarter than you" grammatical quibbles -- aside from those I think she is often right and expresses her views with aptness and correct conclusions.

But even if this were not true I am a free speech purist who doesn't want to discourage anyone from writing their mind and would paraphrase Voltaire and say "I disagree with what you post but will not threaten to flag you and have you barred for putting nonsense out there to help the rest of us have some laughs."