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In "Really Big' Letter, 76 Retired Foreign Policy Experts—Including Generals—Ask Trump Not to Go to War

In "Really Big' Letter, 76 Retired Foreign Policy Experts—Including Generals—Ask Trump Not to Go to War

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

President Donald Trump often says he listens to military generals more than anyone else, and, as the White House prepares to send 1,500 soldiers to the Middle East, that claim is being tested by a Friday letter from the American College of National Security Leaders.

Yes this is big, and I can’t help but wonder if MSM will cover it. Will they be talking about this on The View? Not likely, Ms. McCain would have a meltdown.

This letter contributes well to the notion that DJT should be impeached quickly, lest his crazy and deranged gang of idiots start a war.


That letter won’t work, pResident Bone Spurs has the mentality of a child, the more they are asked not to do something to more they want to do it.


SANCTIONS------ are an act of war! Iran has a right to defend itself----and why are there sanctions on Venezuela??? Because the people believe in sharing the wealth!


Well said, and remember, retired generals are in a very good position to tell the truth.


" 76 Retired Foreign Policy Experts—Including Generals–Ask trump Not to go to War"

.“Seventy— six------76–a beautiful numbers as in 1776. as “When in the Course of Human Events…”
Maybe it is time to reread the Declaration of independence----- It’s amazing some of their 1776 anger against King George is our exact anger too. And too —their truths are certainly . 'Self evident…”
I love this part about governments…" deriving their just powers from the Consent of the governed." I like that.
Everyone should read this as it seems so timely what with What’s his Face imploding the nation. Please google it and read on
Don’t miss these ", mock trials in trials for murderers:
or , ’ cutting off our trade with all parts of the world----oh and this, “… acts of pretended legislation…”.
.I could go on, but you need to read the whole thing, because either we are somehow stuck in a wormhole------or reincarnation really does exist—and HE’s back! : 0


“Will Trump listen to them or to Bolton, Bibi and the Saudis?”

Not a serious question. The answer is self evident.

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John Wilkes Booth certainly could have done more for humanity had he been present 154 years later.


Serious Presidents shave their heads and apply camouflage war paint to their golf shoes before going to war far from home.


Apparently our Constitution has failed us, a long time ago. All we have now is lip service.

The Middle East is destabilized enough as it is, war with Iran would create an even more dangerous scenario. One that could lead to confrontation between the US and Russia – an unintended consequence – that conditions on the ground suggest is likely. Moscow, and Beijing, has rival interests in the region. A Sino-Russian alliance or understanding appears to be forming, with unpredictable consequences: how the worst of wars starts. Historical evidence points to another world war, which will destroy ‘US national interests’ not protect them.


How to create a US-backed government coup for fun and profit!

STEP ONE: Create a strong US-backed “fifth column”

(This is the part where I mock you for lacking knowledge that I myself learned only last week.)

STEP TWO: Undermine the country’s economy

This can be done via sanctions, as we are currently doing in[ Venezuela and Iran]

STEP THREE: Wait for internal protests and/or create them

STEP FOUR: Get violent while accusing the government of getting violent

We’ve seen this tactic in Nicaragua and Venezuela

STEP FIVE: If steps 1 through 4 don’t work, kidnap or assassinate

The time may come when you’ve exhausted other options and simply must whack a dude.
Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can put said target on a US military plane and fly him to Africa against his will—as happened in 2004 to the president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He claimed he was kidnapped by our military and taken on one of the most awkward 14-hour flights one can imagine.

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Actually we failed the constitution, it was our duty as citizens to protect it and the republic, we failed miserably.


That is a good thing; but will the axis of evil ( Trump,Bolton and Pompeo listen to the Generals?)

Hi Shantiananda: Will the Devils of the Troika listen? At least the UN and the English general spoke up although I think the terrible three, are all deaf, which comes from feathering one’s own nest—with horsefeathers ----as the wise old grandma used to say.

WE cannot have another undeclared war–or the draft will be back and anyone not related to a billionaire will be drafted. The First Amendment will disappear and the 2nd amendment will take over-- after taking away all the guns----and the fourth will go too, although I think that’s already happened. Someone will destroy the ancient Magna Carta ---- as if it never happened —and nullify everything that’s ever happened because of that. document .
Destruction of Truth is how people start wars. Didn’t the WW 2 German guy with the weird mustache say, that the Treaty of Versailles was just," a scarp of paper."
But then, maybe Climate Crisis will erase all this badness and bring a new kind of madness. Or ---------maybe this will be the last Memorial Day that anyone will ever remember as we will be warring always. The world is such an incredible place----I wonder why so many want wars? Oh I am getting really depressing, so remember SOMETHING WONDERFUL this Memorial Day. : )

Must see video of long time plan to take down Iran and blame them for their own destruction:

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I posted this also on the last Iran thread, tonights news. It appears Trump may be in Japan for mediation, Abe being personally close to both the US and Iran, as well as being concerned about North Korea.

The only ones they EVER listen to: IS THE WAR PROFITEERS!

That is a video everyone should watch. Thanks for posting.

trump would like 76 trombones for any of his parades.