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In Rebuke to Feinstein, Progressive Challenger Kevin de León Receives Landslide Endorsement from California Democratic Party


In Rebuke to Feinstein, Progressive Challenger Kevin de León Receives Landslide Endorsement from California Democratic Party

Jon Queally, staff writer

In the latest sign that many in the party are ready for new blood and a bolder, more progressive vision, the Democratic Party in California offered a stunning rebuke to the state's senior U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein by endorsing her primary challenger Kevin de León, the former State Senate leader from Los Angeles.


Now That’s what I’m talkin about! GO Kevin! Run ALL the sellout DP out of the party and institute REAL reforms and end the stacked-deck mechanisms! Are you listening, you DP establishment big-money sellouts? The answer is not freakin likely, because they do not serve the people, common sense, a winning strategy, and are entirely tone-deaf to what is needed to oust the despicable mental trump -R’Con regime!

The only problem is the entrenched DP mechanisms have a way of changing people to maintain power and the status quo. Reform must be comprehensive and top to bottom to make a real lasting change we CAN believe-in!

Feinsteie, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, Menendez, all the corrupt, self-serving, arrogant, big-money tools who betray the people’s candidates and issues to serve big-money must go or be swept-away!

Feinstein and her husband are profiteers who are not serving the people or progressive/“socialist” issues!


With Ocasio-Cortez bumping a worthless, long running Democrat on the east coast and now Feinstein not receiving this support it looks like the Dems are finally starting to get smart. They have to get rid of the dead-wood, the collaborators in their party who seem to be half Republican.

Now would someone please get rid of that sorry excuse for a Democrat and a human being, Pelosi.


Both major parties saw populist uprisings in the 2016 election cycle. The GOP embraced theirs, and won. The democrats of course shunned theirs and lost so badly as to make their party nearly irrelevant on the nations politcal stage.
It’s been over 18 months since that debacle, yet the Clintonites still run the DNC like a sorry old mafia family. However, fate has now delivered them yet another second chance. The nation is faultering horribly under libretarian rule and it appears that the great pendulum may be swinging back. The problem of course is that Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer and the zombie that is Hillary Clinton, believe that the party needs to stop the pedulum in the middle. Hopefull, people like DeLeon and Cortez are able to send these tired OLD politcal hacks off to histories dustbin, along with their failed third way philosophy and let the thing swing all the way back to the left.
I personally don’t see it happening. I beleive we are too far down the rabbit hole now. But hey, we can dream…


I do believe that Californians are SICK TO DEATH of the State Democratic Party which has dropped the ball multiple times this year. I think grassroots are ready to throw the bums out, god bless the grassroots, because the Talented Tenth hates the rest of us…



Throw the bums out!


Feinstein is an anomaly in a state like Ca. She is way out of touch and old as dirt.


If corporate banking, corporate health care, initiation and continuation of global war, deregulation, income inequality and slow but inevitable destruction of the social safety net is “centrist,” what in the name of God is right wing in these confusing times?

If Bernie Sanders and former Republican Elizabeth Warren are “leftists,” what does that term even mean, if anything?


You’re right. Were FDR’s and LBJ’s domestic policies right wing? I don’t fucking think so. Those policies helped the poor, blacks and working class people “bigly”.


This is how it has to be done! State by State, putting new people in and tossing out the old dogs. Curious to see if the Dems will truly rebulid as they are preaching. Putting people before money has been said by many and have turned to Lies. We shall see.


Names and Parties mean nothing. Keep it simple… follow the Leaders who want change and are making it happen. It will be a slow go, but could be done.


Absolutely. However, that was the plan all along. While unions were being eviscerated, people like the Kochs were moving the GOP to the right. The democrats, seeing their union money disappear, went begging to Wall Street and all manner of wealthy Cadillac liberals, who had but one request in exchange for their support, the DNC could still be socially liberal, but you now must be fiscally conservative as well. That agreement has caused the power center of the Democratic Party to match the GOps move to the right with their own. That’s why people like Warren who can be best described as a Jimmy Carter centerist, even though to modern democrats they seem like Robert Follett.
That’s why modern Clintonite democrats can be best described as Nixon republicans. All the while modern republicans now have more in common with 1930’s fascists. It seems that Prescott Bush’s dream of overthrowing the FDR led government has finally come to fruition.


Some hope is better than None. If the Dems want any credibility, they must toss out names like Clinton, Wasserman, Schumer, Pelosi… or it will be Rabbit hole!


Tell it like it is Big B!


It’s just time.


Start the toss with DNC chairman Tom Perez.


I agree with your comment except the term "Talented tenth’ which is problematic to me and I’m not sure how it accurately or figuratively relates to the CA DINO’s, Feinstein, or the progressive/radical/socialist grass-roots reformers. Keep the faith!

The Talented Tenth is a term that designated a leadership class of African Americans in the early 20th century. The term was created by Northern philanthropists, then publicized by W. E. B. Du Bois in an influential essay of the same name, which he published in September 1903”


add the PR monsters like Wasserman Schultz and her ilk


Only in California, Feinstein in her 80s won the voter primary, this is a delegate decision.