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In Rebuke to Trumpian Division and Authoritarianism, Bernie Sanders Champions 'Unity' and 'Common Humanity' in Visionary Speech


In Rebuke to Trumpian Division and Authoritarianism, Bernie Sanders Champions 'Unity' and 'Common Humanity' in Visionary Speech

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Donald Trump took to the editorial page of USA Today on Wednesday to spew new lies about key social programs like Medicare and sow fresh divisions with unhinged rantings about the "radical socialist plans" of the Democratic Party, Sen.


Let’s just take this part of Bernie’s speech.

He says, “Here in the United States, in the UK, in France, and in many other countries around the world, people are working longer hours for stagnating wages, and worry that their children will have a lower standard of living than they do.”

Yeah, well, how can you in one breath say that the habitat of the planet is collapsing and then wonder why you work longer hours and your kids will have a lower standard of living?

Why is it that even Bernie Sanders won’t bring up overpopulation and the root cause of habitat collapse being too little resources for too many people?

This myth that if we just redistribute wealth people can continue to have children and have everything they need is what’s causing the habitat to collapse! Hello! Is there anyone out there?

This myth that we can return the planet to a simpler time where families could live in harmony with nature, and not have to worry about their children’s future, if only those bad people would stop being greedy, IS THE CAUSE OF HABITAT COLLAPSE!

It’s simple math.

And it’s always someone else’s fault. Yes there are greedy people. Yes Trump is an idiot and his minions want one more day of oil profits. No there is no clear alternative right now. We all use oil, around the world, every city, every person. Every city looks the same now. We all wear the same clothes and drive the same cars. Oil runs the entire thing.

And Yes, we should share resources. But if you do not have resources, if the ecology has been disrupted, then you can not share. The more people, the less habitat. The more habitat chaos, the more people die.

See Hurricane Michael for details. And look at the details of that hurricane. Just awesome and radically different from other storms.

Those children in front of that hurricane not only do not have a future, they do not have a NOW!

Stop having more children! Unless you don’t mind them running for their lives.


I purposely chose to eschew having children even though–although not always–I like the little buggers. As a result of my choice, I get labeled as “selfish” by the crowd that pops them out like pez.

And now, for something completely different:


Yes, selfish. When their children are running for their lives from something like Hurricane Michael, please send them a note and ask about who’s selfish now?

Selfish. They KNOW this is happening. They KNOW the climate is changing chaotically and habitat is collapsing. But they still have kids. Then blame everyone else when they can’t find a good job, or they have to move because the rents too high, or there are too many immigrants, (aka refugees), or their kids can’t find food and shelter.

I just can’t even anymore… Parents know this. It’s an abuse to have kids knowing this.


Monty Python recently said they did not mean for their comedy to actually come true! Yet, here we are.

I just listened to a woman on the Outer Banks of North Carolina argue that they can fix the flooding problem by moving the island.


But wait there’s more! Sunday School…


Easier than fixing stupid…


And then there is Trump’s cozy relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose intervention in our 2016 presidential election Trump still fails to fully admit.

Laughable that anyone would promote this BS after what the US has done in the Mid East the past 20+ years. The place has been destroyed.

Bernie, have you no shame.


There are 2 things to fight against. Fascism and Ice-Melt. Are you up to the fight or are you going to fight the messenger?


From another thread


It’s the Cultural Story of humans that needs to change not the government .

The Culture from which we emerge is causing the demise of the culture .
Read some of Neale Donald Walsch’s books …these are gems for humanity ,spiritual books on why we are where we are and what we have to be do to make life function .
Politics is our current spirituality demonstrated ,this is where the work must be done ,and it starts with writing a New Cultural Story for humans .The Old one is a fallacy having nothing to do with ultimate reality .

We Are All One …this is the most important message now ,do we want to continue life on this planet for humans to thrive or do we want to be at all.
To Be or not to Be …that is the question .


In the face of such a destructive government, do you really thing we should abandon efforts to correct it in favor of spiritual evolution. That sounds to me to be a generation or two in the making, and right now we have probably less than 12 years to reverse the climate catastrophe from passing its tipping point, after which there isn’t any point in anything anymore.

Sanders means well, and is more grounded than anyone else in mainstream political discourse, but he isn’t fully cognizant, it would seem, that the whole world cannot become like the former American middle class, the climate change would dramatically worsen, and our place on this Earth would end long before we even got close to accomplishing the task.Maybe an economically scaled down model of human success is needed - one where wealth means fewer possessions, but more cooperation, community, and a strong emphasis on low impact economics.


Indeed, especially as to this day Bernie doesn’t address the corruption in the DNC that cost him the primary and ultimately gave the presidency to Trump


Bernie emphasizes economics a little too much and doesn’t give enough attention to racism. I don’t think he even mentioned white supremacy and he didn’t mention tribalism. I don’t think he is the best politician to lead the charge against fascism. But like many Democrats he is speaking out about authoritarianism and that is critical with the election coming up. Hopefully many people who are against fascism but usually don’t vote in midterm elections will take time to vote to stop the Republicans who basically have morphed into a fascist party.


Where did people think this was all going to end up decades ago when the international economic system was being set up? The alter-globalization movement pointed out the dangers of mass privatizations, deregulation, the commodification of nature, the hallowing out of democracy, investor rights agreements like NAFTA, the WTO, etc. There were radically different ideas as far as how to design the international economy and how to integrate the international economy, going back decades, the left had lots of great ideas. The left lost. The corporate lobbyists, the war profiteers, the chemical industry, an inequitable economic system based on endless growth in throughput and pollution generation, an economic system in which non-market impacts increasingly dominate, that’s what won out.

The far right is winning in many countries, and each country is different (sometimes radically different), but the commonality in all of these situations is a total collapse in the left, governments that are increasingly responsive to capital and ignore their own populations, and a group of elites that simply do not care about anything but maintaining their own power and the power of those funding their campaigns. Again, where the fuck did those that designed the international economy (those in charge of both parties here) think was going to happen at the end of this road?

The left, by the way, once again called this. The “adults in the room” not only have no solutions, they are responsible for us being here and their policies are actively making things worse. The very radical changes that are needed to address global issues and issues in country after country are barred from being implemented, and so things are getting progressively worse. So, in this situation, who wins? The groups that will for one just promise to burn the whole thing down, and people that can provide some avenue for anger and frustration, and those groups get lots of financial support form those that actually have benefited from these policies. Cause it’s far better to focus anger on those with no power than to focus it on those that do and to seek to challenge that power.


Bernie would not have beaten Trump either, unfortunately. In fact, he would have done worse than Clinton. Trump and his media agents would have simply said over and over again “Bernie is a communist who will raise your taxes and give your money to the lazy poor and turn the USA into Venezuela”, and that would have been that…

See how well it worked in Brazil - only 4 months ago, Lula was by far leading the polls. But all it took was “the PT will turn Brazil into Venezuela!” and the Brazilians fled into the arms of Fascist Bolsonario.

As much as we wish it were so, outside of major cities, the US has few people who are receptive to social-democratic visions such as Sanders’.


Nonsense, you act as if appeals to racism happen in a vacuum. How did Germany go from being such an advanced and cultured country to having Hitler in power, within a few decades? They lost WWI, they were economically utterly destroyed and looted, weighed down with debts they could never pay, and their society broke down. The left at the time was strong and threatened to radically change things, there was a revolution (which the center-left helped to put down) and so those in power supported groups that would not challenge their power but would divert attention to relatively weak groups that could be scapegoated. If you think economics isn’t central to this, point to a single country where far right wing authoritarians are gaining power where the economy is performing well for most people. Show me a single country where the far right is growing where the government there is responsible to the people and is not entirely corrupt and under the control of the type of people you support here in the US. The fact is that it was obvious decades ago when this particular “globalization” was created that we would eventually get to this point, and the people you support have absolutely no solutions at all to any of our problems, and don’t have any interest in structurally changing the system to make it less corrupt, more democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable. What do you think will happen when you make government what it now is in the US? What do you think happens when people are massively struggling and the system actively making things worse and is as undemocratic as it is? You have a situation where a good portion of the country gives up on things like voting, which means that groups like the far right will have more power in government than support they have in society at large, and those that do vote on the far right will vote to burn the whole thing down. The left has actual solutions to our problems, but it is extremely difficult to win in a system as rigged a this one, and even when it does (say in Greece), there are institutional barriers put in place to actually implement a program that would benefit the very people that are now turning to the far right. And the far right in some instances, say Le Pen in France, are at times using some leftist-like economic policies (at least for some segments of the population, certainly not foreigners), and is focusing anger on the neo-liberals in power. Yeah, her program is horrific, but so are the people in power in Brussels.


Just because we have done the same awful thing, doesn’t mitigate the reality and awfulness of the Russian’s screwing with our elections. Unless you prefer Israel, Russia, and hey, why not China coming in to nullify the voice of Americans? Such righteous indignation! Being so high and superior in your elevated perch, how about running for Mayor? Governor? President? Then you can show Bernie a thing or two about smarts and enlightenment since you seem to have a corner on it.


This is typical post-Dim Convention-Sanders. Lots of great sounding words interspersed with omissions and outright lies. Meanwhile, it is dressed up in the obligatory “Trump’s responsible for all of the world’s problems…” pap to distract from looking at the duopoly pols who are puppets that Sanders so eloquently derides (except when he praises #1 oligarch Bezos for "doing the right thing).

But there’s this: This “visionary” speech was delivered at the Johns Hopkins School of International Studies – a vital organ of the US empire’s national security apparatus.

And this gem:

For example, Saudi Arabia is a country clearly inspired by Trump.


The last time I looked, Saudi Arabia was a monarchy created by imperial UK/US governments (on behalf of oil corporations) to control local populations to not interfere with the corporate “right” to “own” and steal petroleum.

The Saudis turned out to be a little smarter than their masters because they’ve taken enough of the skim to gain some independent power. Well imperial frankenstein states do tend to do those kinds of things on occasion.

But clearly Trump inspired a history that effectively began when Western imperial powers began carving up the spoils of WW1 - the war to make the world safe for corporatocracy.

Never mind…Bernie said it’s Trumps fault so it must be true.


Well, as predicted, the useful stooges for fascism are all turning out to denigrate Sanders here in the comment section…


There’s literally no facts to back up your claim. None. All of the facts as of the spring of 2016 showed that Sanders was the far better candidate. In fact, given how historically unpopular Clinton was, given how horrible of a campaign that she ran, given the bore she chose as her VP, given her corruption and baggage, and given the mood of the country then and now, you could make a pretty strong case that she was the worst candidate that ran in the Democratic primary. Not only was Sanders clearly the better candidate, you could make the case that everyone else that ran in her party’s primary would have been the better candidate. And Trump was the most unpopular major party nominee in history, someone that got support from a quarter of the voting age population in a presidential election that saw turnout lower than it has been in decades. He was the most beatable Republican nominee in history.

If Sanders would have lost, the truth of the matter is that it would have likely happened because the Clinton types wouldn’t have supported him and the establishment would have done everything they can to prevent him from taking power. There would have been a bi-partisan campaign to make sure he and the policies he supported would not be implemented, cause most of those in charge of the two parties and most people you see on TV would lose lots of power and the benefits that power brings them. No one else that ran threatened that.


No proof has ever been offered that Russia meddled in US elections in any effective way. Before this election tyhe talk was about internal meddling.

The D candidate was calling for regime change in Russia and a no fly zone in Syria. The D candidate said we would never have medicare for all.

Don’t vote for Ds unless the are virtual greens. Write in None of the Above. Not very many people like war monger democrats. Note it was a republican president who Bernie quotes warning us about war mongers.