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In Rebuke to Trumpian Division and Authoritarianism, Bernie Sanders Champions 'Unity' and 'Common Humanity' in Visionary Speech


My GAWD! Do you create your “facts” from whole cloth?! That was NOT a simple situation. Do you know the details beyond “He won,He lost”? Short answer: Nixon went into the dirt! Mcgovern didn’t.


Bull fucking shit. The political system has, those in power have, and there is a huge gap between the people and the government. Countless studies show this. I mean, you could make the same stupid comment about modern Greece, cause isn’t Syriza implementing a far right program, far to the right of where Greece was before the crash? Is that evidence of the population moving to the right, or the system and how it is structured? How can you tell me to “get out of my enclave” then say something so utterly tone deaf?! There are, once again, no facts to back up your claims. None at all. Everything you say is anecdotal and based on wild speculation. I am sad to see your McGovern nonsense return though. You seemed like you had moved on from that. My last comment to you. Think what the hell you want.


And Trump would go for the dirt - and would won with it. Or do you think human nature has totally changed?

You are in deep-deep denial - and denial is a very poor strategy for ever winning. Assuming we still have presidential elections moving forward, we need to expect to lose, lose and lose before we win. it is going to be a long struggle that I don’t expect to live to see the victory.


Enjoy Fantasyland. I give up…


So I guess you are not interested in the news that Israel was working to influence the election for Trump too, right?


For all the crying and gnashing of teeth about who was “responsible” for why Trump was elected (and avoiding the mess we are in), this man should have and would have been the POTUS if not for the obstruction of the democrat establishment…


In a word: Bullshit! Show me the facts.

Also: You don’t think your fucking Corporate States of America doesn’t “meddle”???!!!
Grow up!


Sorry, but what you are saying is simplistic and not based in reality. For us to just focus on population, your argument would rest on the idea that there would be no difference in regards to an environmental impact if a person was born into a Vietnamese peasant village or an average American household, forget something like the Koch family. Go look up how much more carbon will be generated by the average American (again, not even a rich American) over the course of their life versus the average person in poor countries. Look at how much of the carbon in the atmosphere can be traced back to Bangladesh, Guatemala, Haiti and the like versus the US, Japan, Europe, etc. since the industrial revolution. And, one last time, you are welcome to actually consult the data and to think about the implications. If we got rid of the bottom half of humanity there would still be an environmental crisis. Period. So, to say that population should be THE area of focus is absurd and dangerous in the world we now live in.

In a few weeks, an outright fascist is likely to win the presidency in Brazil. He denies the environmental crisis, in ways similar to the right here. Eventually though, people like him will get around to dealing with it, they will have to. How will they? By focusing on population, cause they have no interest in dealing with inequitable consumption of resources and pollution generation. Kind of obvious. Well, guess how fascists deal with population? In Greece, there is a video of someone in the Golden Dawn joking about making soap out of the fat of dead leftists and foreigners. In Brazil, they’ll reduce population by going to areas where people of African decent are living, especially those getting all uppity, and they’ll mow people down. Did that in the decades after the coup there in 1964. Fascists will target and kill leftists and pro-democracy protesters. They will deal with population, especially when resource wars break out, and it will be brutal. Think that the far right will deal with population by focusing on those that actually consume lots of resources and generate lots of pollution? Of course not. Just realize the waters you are swimming in.


Thank you, Ditton, for highlighting Humanity’s Top Two Urgent Priorities:

  1. Fighting Fascism (Saving Democracy)
  2. Fighting Global Warming (Saving All Life on Earth!)

I absolutely agree with your Top Two Emphasized Priorities –
That’s why I chose my name: SaveDemocracy_SaveLife!

Humanity needs to focus & prioritize its collective efforts on our top two priorities –
or we will not have time or ability to work on anything else (because of total tyranny & then total extinction)!!!


I guess whether Sanders could have won or not cannot be known for certain, what we do know is that Clinton, (and the other democrats), lost big time! That is a matter of record. We also know that The democrats sabotaged Sanders, and we also know the democrats have not presented any vision of a forward looking direction that will even start us in the right direction. Climate was never mentioned as a possible priority, and little criticism could be found for their colleagues on the right. Not finding fault is fundamental to my perceptions of them as a group. I guess it looks too much like agreement.


I thought your position was stop having children period. Which is it?


I work with a clear majority of Republicans. I heard quite a few of them say they’d consider voting Sanders over Trump but never ever would they vote for Clinton - doesn’t matter who the Republican was - could have been David Duke and they’d vote for him to make damn sure Clinton didn’t win. Now maybe that doesn’t matter since I don’t know how much of that was just talk and they wouldn’t have come over to Sanders anyway. What matters more is how independents would have voted and as Joan says, how the Democratic party would have supported or undermined Sanders (which would have an effect on how many Democrats actually came out and voted in-party). We’ll never know for sure (or maybe we will if he runs and wins the nomination for 2020), but to say for sure he would have lost is by most accounts I have read (including some on the Trump campaign team) unreasonable.


"Instead, he said, what the world needs if it wants to defeat “the forces of global oligarchy and authoritarianism” is a powerful and organized “international movement that mobilizes behind a vision of shared prosperity, security and dignity for all people, and that addresses the massive global inequality that exists, not only in wealth but in political power.”

In the end, Sanders observed, “Authoritarians seek power by promoting division and hatred. We will promote unity and inclusion.”

Authoritarians, conservatives and centralized oligarchy promote division and hatred. They follow Machiavelli.

Liberals, progressives and decentralized people power promotes unity and inclusion. Then armed oligarchy conservatives subvert and take over the government .

One way to prevent conservative takeover is by using online Blockchain secured self government to revolutionize democracy and let all the people rule.


You might enjoy my website or I hope you do. Please watch the video’s on the front page. Start a blog, speak out and spread the word.


Thank you for the intelligent and refreshing comments on Mr. Sanders words.

After reading the entire speech, I see that Mr. Sanders is giving a global perspective on the damage of global economic policies and their control over governments that use hate, fear and division to foster their policies. He did not emphasize endemic racism but instead covered our perpetual war economy, catastrophic climate changes, censorship of media and worldwide corrupt governments.

On Corruption

“The return on investment was less than impressive.” The idea that political donors expect a specific policy result in exchange for their contributions – a quid pro quo, the definition of corruption – is right out there in the open. It is no longer even seen as scandalous.

Our job is to support governments around the world that will end the absurdity of the rich and multinational corporations stashing over $21 trillion dollars in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, and then demanding that their respective governments impose an austerity agenda on their working families.

In terms of the global economy, we see today massive and growing wealth and income inequality, where the world’s top one percent now owns more wealth than the bottom 99%, where a small number of huge financial institutions exert enormous impact over the lives of billions of people.

Further, many people in industrialized countries are questioning whether democracy can actually deliver for them.

Global bankers are in charge of our planet and all life on it. Mr. Sanders is asking us to consider the necessity for changing the way the world works.


Sen. Sanders’ speech was not covered by any of the major MSM networks, or cable stations, live. But, Joe Biden and his sound bite jargon and old general foreign policy bromides, were.
That’s where we stand right now.


What you seem to be saying is that we will be overcome or destroyed before we actually do something about it. I can’t disagree. The greed of some could destroy us all.


Okay it’s simple Joan.

Capitalism requires resources to exploit to maintain the growth of the markets. As demand increases, more resources from the habitat must be used to keep the market growing.

Socialism requires a surplus of those commodities to share with people for the good of community, out of charity or compassion, or just because community makes life easier.

NEITHER system works if the habitat gets depleted or destroyed, or if the resources have been used up.

And once again, you’re simply using old data. Every city in the world today uses the same resources. We all pretty much wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, have the same buildings. The top largest cities in the world are mostly outside of the US. New York comes in at number ten.

I don’t have to argue that capitalism works better than socialism. People on the cost of Florida tonight are not arguing about capitalism versus socialism. They are running for their lives.

And if you have more kids, those kids will be doing the same. And the more kids, the less habitat, the more resource depletion, the more ecological chaos. Capital and social values are secondary to habitat.


We are being overcome and destroyed and no one is doing anything about it: it being the cult of having more children even knowing the world’s habitat is collapsing.

Instead people argue endlessly about the merits of capitalism and socialism. Neither system works if you have no clean water, or a fire just burned down your city, or a major hurricane ripped everything to shreds.

At that point, people simply run away to survive, hoping that wherever they end up is kind enough to allow them space to live.


And Joan, calling me right wing is pathetic.

What wing are the people running for their lives tonight in Florida?

Just curious.

And when you see that most of the worlds cities are larger than the ones in the USA, do you ever consider that maybe your data is incorrect. If every city is using the same resources all over the world, which they are, then you’re simply wrong. You want so badly for the USA capitalists to be the bad guy of the world you totally ignore real time evidence to the contrary.

Brazil, China, India, Russia, they all use the same resources. Same clothes, same cars, same buildings, same WEAPONS to gather more resources.

I’m not right wing Joan. I’m a human being terrified at what’s happening RIGHT NOW to the ecology of this planet. I’m too old to run for my life and I expect that someday, probably sooner than later, I will die from one of these disasters.