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In Rebuke to Trumpian Division and Authoritarianism, Bernie Sanders Champions 'Unity' and 'Common Humanity' in Visionary Speech


It’s really that simple Joan. One of us is wrong. But here is the list of the world’s largest cities. Again, they are all using exactly the same resources for roads, factories, schools, cars, clothes, housing, and everything else found in consumer society.

Why do you think the US is still the only country using massive amounts of resources?

And finally, what difference does it make at this point? The population increases at three additional people per second and the habitat is collapsing RIGHT NOW.

Tell me. How do we stop using these resources, change to something totally different and support 8 billion people, BEFORE this goes totally over the cliff? Show me your plan.



Well, at least it wasn’t a Tweet; we can be thankful for that.

One group that should hear Bernie’s (entire) message…no?

I suppose Trump could inspire the continued efforts of existing evildoers everywhere, couldn’t he?


Medicare for All has to be a priority but we should not stop there. Let’s have a vision for people to grasp!

Our government should be the employers of last resort! No person should go without a paycheck! That fits right in with education/training for life! Make that case and everyone will be on board with Democratic Socialism!

It’s entirely possible that the 2020 election cycle will be the last time we can elect a slate of candidates capable of leading us into a new reality, and turn our society toward a more sustainable future. Climate chaos will not wait. The case for taking drastic action now should be obvious to anyone paying attention.

The US of A is strongly democratic even when the Democratic party is Republican lite! In our latest election, 2016, the voter turnout was 58%! Of the 200 million registered voters, 63 million stayed home. If even 10 million more turned out, it would be huge! There are more registered Democrats (40%) than Republicans (29%) but nearly as many Independents (28%) as Republicans. It should be very clear that our country is being manipulated to help the very wealthiest in our midst get even wealthier!

Are we going to do something about it or just watch our species go down the drain?


Let’s look at your quote. The three main parts I am aghast at are below:

  1. build on our common humanity
  2. oppose all of the forces,…government…or …corporate
  3. who try to divide us up
  4. set us against each other

Sounds like warmongering to me. I’m terrified of talk like this. Bernie is a US leader. I presume that if he says WE and US and OUR then it means inside the US.
—Take 1. Our common humanity. Not other peoples’ humanity.
—Do everything we can to oppose. Escalate, escalate, escalate. No limits to warfare if we blame another entity for getting America sns to disagree with each other. Hey, we are a democracy, supposed to disagree on things and come to reasonable compromises. But Bernie is not having it. Democracy cannot deal with division. Oops.
—Take 4 and 5. So if we are disagreeing with each other, blame another country. This can go anywhere.


Helen, please read Sanders entire speech to understand his words and meanings in full, not just my very small quote out of context. I believe, I hope, your fears will be answered - they are entirely unfounded, IMO. Sanders speaks of “common humanity” that clearly includes other people’s of the world, not just American - not we, and us, and our… His speech begins and speaks of our “foreign policy” and how our actions affect the world’s peoples. You will hopefully see his concern for all people, economic and political justice, limiting wars and conflict, and opposing right-wing despots and opportunists.


Hi Ditton,

Thanks for your reply.
I really like your website!
Good for you and well done!
I’ll explore it in detail this weekend and next week.
I’ve bookmarked it too.

Best regards!


I don’t believe that people in one country have a right to decide who is right and who is wrong in other countries. The idea that we play God, make judgments about which leader they like, and use that to initiate conflict is despicable in my opinion.


“Build on our common humanity”. Is that code for everyone should have a democracy that works honestly without corruption like on the US? so we can bribe the leader we want more easily? Is it code for promote frictions with foreign countries’ minorities?


I hope that Sanders does not jump on the bandwagon that this article suggests the US is on, tearing up the US to fund fighting a big power straight on.