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In 'Remarkable' Rebuke to Monsanto, California Adds Roundup to Cancer Watchlist


In 'Remarkable' Rebuke to Monsanto, California Adds Roundup to Cancer Watchlist

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move celebrated by scientists and activists, California on Monday announced it would add glyphosate—the active ingredient in the Monsanto-produced weed killer Roundup—to its list of chemicals known to cause cancer.

"California's decision makes it the national leader in protecting people from cancer-causing pesticides."
—Nathan Donley, Center for Biological Diversity


Excellent development--particularly because it's a win for environmental justice (EJ). Everyone's health matters, but the health of communities most impacted by toxics needs to be prioritized.

This follows a critical victory for environmental justice in Kettleman City, a Latin@ farmworker community victimized for a generation by contaminated drinking water next to the state's primary toxic waste dump (a classic case of a wealthy state siting its most toxic facility next to a poor community of color). After suffering years of horrifying birth defects and cancers, which ultimately were covered by the press, the community and EJ allies finally forced the state to commit to replacing the toxic water and building a new water treatment facility, which is in process now.

Congratulations to all those who helped make this happen!


For details on the Kettleman City victory, visit Greenaction.org.


The below direct quote is from Neil Young on stage - August, 2016 at Farm Aid 31
"There's a [Green] Revolution starting. It's called eating
good [non-gmo] food that your your neighbor made for ya.
Not goin' and buyin' the stuff from the corporations that's got
all the chemicals on it and everything. It's a pretty simple thing -
HELPING YOUR NEIGHBOR. Let your neighbor help you.
Let the Earth bring us all together, so we get back to the roots.
So we eat good food. We don't need the drugs anymore. Took
us a long time to get this far. We got a long way to go!
But with People like you, we're gonna make it!


That shirt says 'Fuck Monsanto'! Fuck it!"(10,000 people applaud)

Just before he and "Promise of the Real" did this tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQg8Kwu1_NA&list=RDhQg8Kwu1_NA#t=58


Monsatan shows contempt for people, animals and our planet - they are individually and collectively killers guilty of uncounted human deaths and diseases, and the poisoning of nature and our critical pollinators!
FUCK Monsatan is right!......and all who run that death factory and all politicians that remain silent for their bribe money!


Perhaps Monsanto and the GMO cartel need to deploy scientist for sale Neil Degrasse Tyson to California to smooth things over ?


It's worth noting that 'godzilla' edited-out the quote shown above, and then went farther to cut the shout out to the Sioux at "Standing Rock" amongst the final audience applause.


It's good and everything to put this carcinogenic poison on a list (that regulates a handful of the more than 60,000 chemical compounds produced during/since WW2), but it doesn't mean jack if it is not banned. Once you put shit like RoundUp/glyphosate into the environment, a label or regulation is not going to protect any of us. It's like labeling guns, bullets and tobacco products. How's that working out?


Correction: This Farm Aid Benefit was September 17, 2016


Neil is THE BEST. Congratulations to CA for this brilliant decision.
Now, Californians, vote out that creepy corporate toady who put the kabosh
on single payer there. The rest of us, living in benighted, backward states
like So.Carolina, who are cursed w/the likes of Lindsey Graham [gag]
look to the likes of Kamala Harris and Jerry Brown to lead us to The Promised
Land !!


Since Roundup is used pre-harvest to help dessicate crops like oats that are used to produce products such as Cheerios; a reduction in the amount of time and energy being the monetary benefit to companies producing processed foods, will this decision mean either a warning label will be required on the box describing the cancer risk, or will the manufacturer be required to clean up it's act and stop using oats harvested with this material for products sold in California? And hopefully everywhere else.


While talking bans... you know what's on the same level with glyphosate on the WHO "probable carcinogenic" list? beef, pork, veal and lamb. But, all of these are are not as bad as bacon which is one level higher.


I live up the road from a farmer who now raises pigs in his fields. These fields several years before were planted with roundup ready corn and sprayed. For two years he noted significant birth defects in many of the pigs. Too gross to describe here.


Maybe if they listed the side effects on the label in bold type. Ultimately, people have to start taking these warnings seriously. I know people with cancer or a history of cancer that still use this stuff. When you go to a doctor they never examine environmental factors that contribute to disease so overtime people consider their illness inherent to physical debilitation without making the connection. When everyone in your building, neighborhood all start having the same cough, pets with cancerous growths or worse it is time for a different conversation. Hey, just say no and let the native plants grow (weeds). They won't kill ya.


Not only oats. It is used extensively on pulse crops as well. That practice is criminal & should be outlawed.