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In 'Repugnant and Dangerous' Tweet, Trump Ignores California Wildfires' Link to Climate Crisis and Promotes Right-Wing Talking Points


In 'Repugnant and Dangerous' Tweet, Trump Ignores California Wildfires' Link to Climate Crisis and Promotes Right-Wing Talking Points

Julia Conley, staff writer

In his first public statement on the wildfires that have ravaged over 150,000 acres in California, President Donald Trump confounded and frustrated many on social media with a tweet blaming California's "bad environmental laws" for the blazes.


Most firefighters are republicans. SO MANY victims are republicans.:broken_heart:


Memo to POTUS:

A closed mouth gathers no feet—but by all means continue to disillusion your base.


The dumbest kid in third grade could come up with smarter tweets.


Just take a look at the devastating wildfire in Dufer, Oregon. It is dry rolling hills for grazing and grasses not forests.

All the descriptions of Trumpf are accurate.


and the whole republican party.


The idiocy of this comment is on multiple levels - the most effective wildfire fighting methods don’t use water, and when they water in pumper engines or aerial tankers the water is scooped or pumped from any available source including salt water from the bay.

But this will all go over Trumps follower’s heads.


Dumbest tweet yet by probably the most repugnant and dangerous President in US history! Saying environmental laws are SOLELY to blame for California wild fires, is as bad as saying global warming is a " CHINESE HOAX!


Could Trump be any more Ignorant?


That would require an intellect.


The whole country seems to be engaged in responding to Trump’s nonsense tweets every day. I would assume his motive involves establishing an autocracy. I guess this is what autocrats do. This is all pretty new in the US but it is probably old hat in many countries except everything is now tweeted.


One of my sisters is in CA about 2 hours from Yosemite and about 45 minutes from
a fire which began in Ferguson which has reached her area with smoke and cinders
in the air causing eye irritation.

She has been reporting 100 degree weather in past summers – and this year
104 degrees – and recently 110 degree days.

My sister in Ireland is reporting something of an end to their drought there but with farming
still being effected and additionally that Irish vacationers have generally stayed home this
year due to a European heat wave – with some areas of Spain and Portugal suffering
temperatures as high as120 degrees F.



California is as anti-Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump as possible. The President might be the anti-Christ, and his supporters Satan worshippers. How else could a f-cking degenerate POS bass turd like The Mango Mussolini Chump trump win an election!


Trump doesn’t realize that in a healthy environment, everyone is rich.


Why not get it over with? Round up Trump and his Posse and throw them in there. We can have a Pig Roast.


A lineage of supposedly “superior genes” cannot make up for a sub-par education in the physical and biological sciences, in critical reasoning, and, in empathy for others.


He DIDN’T win the election. The Electoral College put him in office.


Why isn’t it against the law to be a flaming asshole in tinder-dry conditions!?


And Putin. Check out the book The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies are Undermining America and Dismantling the West .by Malcolm Nance.