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In Resistance to Trump, “Community” Should Be a Verb


In Resistance to Trump, “Community” Should Be a Verb

Norman Solomon

Against a Trump regime that is totally unacceptable, we’ll need resistance that’s sustainable. Like a healthy forest, the resistance will depend on great diversity to thrive—a wide range of people engaging in a vast array of activities. And our resistance will need community.


Trump has insulted (and threatened) the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of many in the military (along with themselves) with his vitriol. Could get interesting if he keeps it up.


Trump WILL keep it up because it works with his base.

After keeping millions of voters engaged in his 100% false Obama birther movement for the better part of a decade, concurrent with ignoring hundreds of opportunities to constructively question and criticize Obama for genuine populist concerns, Trump continues to be embraced by many voters as a populist despite his first round of appointees being solid evidence that his thin populist veneer will be completely worn off by inauguration day, probably sooner.

Trump supporters are all about sound bites and hyperbole and wear their disdain for facts and evidence as a badge of honor.


Another call to action article, long on generalities and short on specifics, by one of the prominent lesser of two evil voting advocates. Solomon, for all his progressive trappings, is, and always will be, a loyal Democrat. Beware! These authors, by default, are now sheep-dogging grass roots activism for the Democratic party, because in many areas, the party has a stranglehold on local progressive activist organizations. By all means, get active, but know that the Democratic party has a long and ugly history of co-opting local movements, then replacing local activist leaders with their party hacks. The surest way to kill any activist momentum, not to mention any possibility of getting support from some Trump voters, is to turn a movement into the same old dreary Republican versus Democrat game.


Indeed. Right now there is proof the election was rigged. Greg Palast has figures and tactics after years of real investigation. All of this has been presented to AG Loretta Lynch. If nothing is done by the Dems to stop this nightmare, they are in on it. Or at least willing to look the other way. I'm not hopeful.


What’s at stake for U.S. society includes basic social decency, human rights, economic justice, civil liberties, rule of law—in short, democracy. Also at stake: climate change, nuclear weapons, the fate of the earth.

These same things would also have been at stake in a Clinton Presidency and were all eroded under the Obama and Bush Presidencies. Where was Solomons call for Community for the past dozen years and would he make the same calls had Clinton won?

This more of that "When they do it , its bad when we do it it good" type nonsense.


Question about an idea in relation to your comment (in this very good article) "nurturing and growing the social, cultural and political strength." Wouldn't a worldwide petition give strength in a peaceful way to all the groups that seriously and sincerely serve the interests of all people and the planet? You can find a petition on our Golden Rule Project website. If millions signed it around the world (like the petition to keep it in the ground was quite successful) wouldn't that add volume and voice to all the good and equitable efforts people are making worldwide? We started the petition over a year ago and only have 600+ signatures. We are hoping for more.....


Community of whom? And for what, exactly? As they say, we'd all love to wage a revolution, but can't get enough time off from work. Few can afford to risk losing their jobs by "rising up," knowing that there's nothing to fall back on today.

We're 20 years deep into one hell of a war on our poor, and it defies all logic to ignore the consequences. We're more deeply divided by class and race than we were a decade ago. In view of all this, how is it possible to now pull people together to... what? Overthrow Trump?


It was the Clinton administration that took an ax to human rights and economic justice. We are 20 years into our war on the poor. The overall life expectancy of the US poor has actually fallen to age 60-62, below that of some third world countries. This is the result of a society that lacks human decency. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). The US lost a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s.

I'd ask you how you would describe "economic justice" for those who can't work, and those for whom no jobs are available? In violation of the UN's UDHR, we decided back in the 1990s to strip our jobless poor of the most basic human rights of food and shelter.


There certainly was social revolution, in the 1960s( yes I was there) and it was not all young people. How about people in the women's rights movement? I understand not getting off of work, but do you work seven days a week twenty four hours a day? Community of whom???How about your own community such as giving back even an hour a week. You do not have to rise up. That does not have to define community. Community is belonging with a larger sense of purpose than yourself and your family. I am not lecturing. Read a book called Tribe. The loss of community is what caused this rift in the first place. People forgot about a bigger sense of purpose. Talk to your elders before you answer all of your own questions. And yes, I work and volunteer like many others. Revolution??? Believe me you do not want to see a real revolution. These days too many people are crazy and own guns.What you are asking for is change right? Change starts by listening. As a society we forgot how to do that. I work in schools and there is a big emphasis on social skills and listening now. If we want to form a bigger purpose how about a clean environment, or jobs with justice? In the sixties there were many protests - they were not all in one place, and there was planning and organizing, and there were people of all ages. And yes, people attended school, worked and had families too. What about Dr. King? Do you think he said " I'm too busy ." If you have to ask what community - come on. No one is asking you to cross the country or get violent or even arrested. However, we can talk about a common purpose - like not separtating elites from other workers. Here's one for you. I recently heard a one per center say that low income people made 50000. Clueless??? I would say so! What kind of work do you do? Remember the anti war, environmental , civil rights movements never went away- in fact they might just wake up again in a big way. However, they won't be attached to the neo liberal democratics that sold out working people.Would like to talk to you furthur. Sounds like you have a good head, but wonder where to go. BTW, last year AARP of all things state in so many words that generations could unite instead of divide. Isn't that fun? The article suggested that we "boomers" had been there and done that, and may I add ( if you look like your picture) we could learn from you younger people too.Glad I was there in the sixties and early seventies. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Hey, how about the Revolutionary War? I doubt that they stopped to think "What if?" Also, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. The late great President Kennedy ( old style dem) had a real vision , and he was from MA. Yea! He said in so many words Ask what you can do for your country. During his short time in office, the Peace Corps started. The good part though is that you are asking questions. I am trying to start online an interest for a no buy Fri. Its intentions are not to buy anything in order to make a dent in sales for big box stores. Especially focus on oil and oil based products in solidarity with those tribal people who are protesting the pipeline in North Dakota.
I also just heard of Voices for National Service. The telephone number is: 202-742-7374. I left a message.


Where is your petition? I'll sign.


Of course the corporate dems are in on it. They ARE the one per cent. Why else would they not have put Wall Street in jail? Let's demand that they do. Call the department of justice in DC. Yes, I have.


I agree, but any movement needs leaders( not egos either). You are associating these modern dems ( neoliberals ) with corporate US. The real older dem part ( of FDR, Kennedys, Truman) would not recogize these people. Dems for corporations, Wall Street, privatization??? Are you kidding? Real dems need to reframe the party of Clintons. I doubt that people who are revolting against a system need to associate with insiders anyway. ( Maybe Sanders) He's an independent. What is sheep dogging? Sheep dogs are wonderful( I had one) and they are leaders.


The no buy Friday is this Friday BTW -black Friday- big sales day. Already have some local interest.


Don't forget: your own local community. That's where you can and do make the most impact. You actually see the people, environment, etc.


One more thing: How about if we had required community service ( even one hour per week let's day). We could meet more people of all walks of life, and get more done. People might do that already, but it would be built into our system the same way that we have to pay taxes etc. Think about this: While hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians ( and more) were sacrificing in war, the Wall Streeters were stealing from people and crashing the economy? How do we even connect that? Imagine if those pieces of garbage( Wall Street) actually had to do for others?


What you are all doing is good. It is a revolution, but not one where you are all fighting in the streets, you are
doing it collectively and that is great.
Here's another alternative as well.
It's all set up for you, has a website, and it's called "Our Revolution."
I have been working with literally thousands of people across the
country. It is purely ours.
You can visit the website by going to www.ourrevolution.com
We have set up, at the top, three major things we are all working
on, plus we do other things amongst ourselves in our communities.

At top, we have a petition you can sign for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Secondly, we have the telephone number of the White House that
you can call, and I'll give you the number: 202.456.1111. Tell them
your feelings about the pipeline. We suggest you include that they
should call off the National Guard, send DOJ (Dept. of Justice)
observers, and stop the pipeline.

The third thing is to tweet the President, and it has all info as to how
to do this.

Our focus is on Progressives and putting as many of them into
office and we show you their pics, each state their from, their
titles i.e.,State Senator, etc.

I've been suggesting this ORGANIZATION for a while but no one has shown any
interest it appears.

I fear that you will show a lot of interest when Donald Trump
shuts down your insurance and according to him it will take as
he puts it, only two months to get his health program started.
Well, what do we do in-between then for health insurance.
He says, "Oh, it will be grrrreeeaaatt, just greeeaaatt insurance."

So, it's a lot of work, we all work on all of these initiatives of
telephoning people before elections and in-between, and there
are thousands of us .. it's a big organization. When one of our
Progressives is up for election we help him/her out with money
to work with to get into office.
Remember we are not an organization that accepts
money from super pacs. We accept all separate donations and
we handle quite a bit.

Yes Independent Sanders had the idea for it, but we run it
basically. The Senator tells us who is on the horizon for
supporting 15 DOLLARS per hr., and other things that we
desperately need such as health insurance advocates,
reps, interested in family leave for mothers and fathers,
and basically all the programs Bernie Sanders would have
introduced had he been elected President.

I suggest you at least visit the website. If you still feel you
want to do everything yourself, I wish you the best of luck.
It requires thousands of people and money, with each
volunteer working possibly three to six hours a day in
order to get anything done, and remember you don't get
paid but you do get paid in many ways and you'll meet
a lot of good people who are struggling with you and
understand your feelings and efforts.Only after working
in an organization like this will you appreciate what Sen.
Sanders has set up for us and how many things he has done
for the middle class.

Therefore, I wish you well. Don't forget to elect a person
who is in charge because you need an organizational
leader who is on call for problems and you need a
fundraiser because you can't do anything without money.


You're right mealouts, the 60's were a difficult time. I was there, too.
I know I will sound like an old woman, but these younger people
have no idea how really wonderful the Democratic party was.
They were the party for the poor and instigated all the social
programs that helped the poor.
My family and I stood shoulder to shoulder for over four hours
waiting to meet John F. Kennedy in a shopping mall, with thousands
of people. Kennedy always ran late, and I remember his entourage
stopped right in front of us where we happened to be standing on
a medial strip that separated the parked cars. He always wanted
access to the people and arrived in convertibles. His car slowed down
and stopped right in front of us to our delight, and he flashed a big
smile and slid onto the back of the car, on the trunk and started
shaking all our hands. He was very down to earth and got right
in with the people. He had no fear, it seemed but drove his
handlers crazy.
The Dem. party is heading back to those times, but we need to get
rid of many, Loretta Lynch is one of them who really messed up the
party along with Debbie Wasserman and so glad Bernie got rid of her.
She was horrible and favored Hillary greatly. The two people who
instilled hate and corruption were Bill and Hillary. Up until that time
the Dems. were an O.K. party. James E. Carter tried to take on
way too much. He was a peanut farmer and as down to earth as
you could get. He refused to ride in a limo to conserve gasoline,
and encouraged us to use solar and wind power, and he was sure
right about that. After being out of office, he was the one that started
Habitat for Humanity, and he and his wife actually rolled up their
sleeves and helped build houses for the poor. He was more
popular as a citizen than he was as our President. A good Democrat.
Well, we'll see what happens. Bye for now.


I like the idea of a one hour of community service requirement. And, it is easily done through the education system. Start youngsters out early in community service and they grow to be adults performing community service. Programs like this exist on an elective basis, but they should be requirements for advancement to the next level.


Good idea but I think the Clinton campaign needs to be the one to bring an investigation and it has to be by this Fri.