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In Response to Condescending 'Listen and Learn' Comment, Tlaib Invites Fellow Democrat to Meet Her Grandmother in Occupied West Bank

In Response to Condescending 'Listen and Learn' Comment, Tlaib Invites Fellow Democrat to Meet Her Grandmother in Occupied West Bank

Julia Conley, staff writer

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) late Wednesday night responded to the condescension and criticism by one of her Democratic colleagues regarding her planned trip to the occupied Palestinian Territories by politely suggesting Rep.


AIPAC should be declared illegal due to encroachment on US sovereignty.
The only reasons they are allowed to exist are bribery and blackmail.


Please, there are no Israeli citizens in office in the US government. Seriously, there aren’t.

There are very real and serious problems with US policies and Israeli practices, and the intertwined interests of the US and Israeli regimes. But there are no “dual citizens” in Congress. Except for Ted Cruz, dual US-Canadian.

Talking about imaginary “Israeli citizens in office in the US government” only distracts and detracts from accurate and necessary communication about real matters.


You can not inform those who do not want to be informed.


You “thinking” something, is not evidence of something. You are wrong. There are no “dual citizens” with US-Israeli citizenship in the US congress. There are very few “dual citizens” of any kind in the USA.

If you have EVIDENCE, please share it. No one ever has.


The efforts that will be rolled out to demonize and discredit Tlaib will need to be confronted and refuted publicly. She will need people standing by her, when the mud is being slung at her. Who will stand with Rashida Tlaib?

And will any US Congressional reps dare to travel with her to the West Bank? We will see.


It must be a great feeling, not bought by some company, lobby group, or consortium. And thereby free to be fearless. Repercussions will be in order, in some fashion, pretty soon. Those powers that be will not go silently into the night.


If Palestine had the opportunity many, many years ago, they and Israel could have had their “Alamo.” Now the balance of power, even with support from Iran and others, is so lopsided that there is no military solution. Palestine needs a trusted leader and it’s own nuclear deterrent.
It is the only thing respected as a deterrent.


I checked one of your links, the Facebook one. 2011. Out of order.

Thanks Dive.

Your first link confirms that there is no evidence of “dual citizenship” for anyone presently in Congress outside of Ted Cruz. It also speculates about the Israeli “Law of Return,” without clarifying that the Law of Return will provide a fast-track to citizenship for any Jewish person who moves to Israel. The Law of Return does not apply to Jews who do not move to Israel. It is disingenuous of the author to cite this Israeli policy in this way without honestly explaining the law.

Your second link provides selections from the same “cut-and-paste” list of Jews that was once posted by someone on the Internet, that i always receive when i ask for actual evidence. Please note, on reading this list, it provides no evidence of “dual citizenship” for any of the persons on this list. In fact, it is a list of Jews. That’s it. Note that above this list, the author does note a few persons who actually have had Israeli citizenship, like Jonathan Pollard. Note that Pollard received Israeli citizenship only in 1995, long after his imprisonment for espionage. Rabbi Meir Kahane did indeed actually move to Israel and then moved back and forth between Israel and Brooklyn NY. Alan Goodman also moved to Israel and served in the Israeli army. These examples confirm that the Law of Return applies to people who move to Israel, or in Pollard’s exceptional case to a person who was imprisoned in the USA for espionage on behalf of Israel, and unable to move. Upon release from prison, Pollard’s parole agreement requires him to remain in the USA for five years, so while he is out of prison he cannot yet move to Israel as he intends. The rest of the list of supposed “dual citizens” is, to be blunt, phony. It’s a list of Jews, none of whom qualify for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.

Your third link provides the full “cut-and-paste” list of Jews. Seriously, that’s what it is. It’s designed to promote the belief that all Jews are de facto “disloyal” to the USA. It’s a fake list, and it has ugly intentions.

i wish this “dual citizen” distraction would not always come up, but i refute it when it does because letting it go is also a bad option.


Wow. I love her. Rashida Tlaib has far more grace and poise than I might have had toward that guy. The established hires need to wake up. The “new hires” are really, really good. AOC, Haaland, Davids, Omar, Tlaib. They don’t all get the coverage of AOC but they are really worth hearing and Tlaib has impressed me every time she’s said anything. And clearly she can work WITH people, even if difficult.


Emanuel did go to Israel during the Gulf War in 1991, and while he did not “serve in the Israeli army” he did serve as a civilian on an Israeli truck repair crew. He did not move to Israel, he did not receive Israeli citizenship, and he certainly never was elected to any office in Israel.

i certainly have no Zionist notebook to stick anything in. i’m a strong critic of US and Israeli policies and practices. Settler colonialism is the founding basis of both countries, and horrific crimes are carried out by both countries. Why do you think that my refutation of false “dual citizen” claims, makes me a Zionist?


What @webwalk said. What I meant by “out of order,” as in rules for good discussion. Plus that business of being eight years old.

You sound like one of those America First trumpanzee’s. I am Jewish and have no love for the Likud government, they are nothing but right wing Jewish fascist. I am all for a peace process and for Palestine to have a self sovereign nation of their own. I felt you rant was the same crap I hear from the America First crowd.


Tlaib sez:
“I hope you’ll come with me on the trip to listen and learn. My sity (grandmother) will welcome you with an embrace & love. Please feel free to call me if you have anything to say. I am your colleague now.”

Her response was handled with class and restraint.

Wonder if anyone translated it for Engel.


i recognize the names, certainly. None are Israeli citizens. Why is it important to you to repeat this falsehood with no evidence?

And the Afroyim case is not evidence regarding anyone else’s citizenship. Does the Afroyim case “prove” Al Franken is an Israeli? Nonsense. Franken is on the cut-and-paste list of Jews, along with every other Jewish person the list compiler could find. That’s how they put the list together, they identified every Jew they could and they added them all to the list. The list compiler has NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE of the citizenship of ANY person on the list. They just want to use the list to demonize all Jews. As, apparently, so do you.

Please give yourself a break and stop digging yourself deeper.


Kudos to the voters of MI for electing Tlaib.


Well, this doesn’t strictly apply to outmigrating citizens. Those from the U.S. who move to and subsequently acquire citizenship in another country (in most cases) remain U.S. citizens — so as to remain on the U.S. tax rolls.

Deleted my previous post response to this, i had thought you were replying again to me.

Why is this so hard? You are making a specific claim ABOUT CITIZENSHIP. That is the SOLE thing i am refuting.

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