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In Response to Trump, Another Dangerous Movement Appears


In Response to Trump, Another Dangerous Movement Appears

Matt Taibbi

The "too much democracy" train rolls on.

Last week's Brexit vote prompted pundits and social media mavens to wonder aloud if allowing dumb people to vote is a good thing.

Now, the cover story in The Atlantic magazine features the most aggressive offering yet in an alarming series of intellectual-class jeremiads against the dangers of democracy.


Taibbi appears to have a few things backwards. The old political machines, with ward heelers and all, were a way in which the working class, Irish, Italian, German, Polish immigrants as well American born workers, attained some local and even national political power. The modern weakness of such “machines” has hurt the ability of the working class to mobilize in its own defense and left it more vulnerable to hucksters. Not naming any names here.


Those “old political machines” were defacto PACs of their day.

With today’s PACs exclusively run by the 1%, the 99% are offered only candidates who are various flavors of sociopath.
With those kinds of choices, only dumb people vote. Anybody smart enough to recognize a sociopath under the make up votes third party or stays home.


There is only one rule in today’s politics “the Golden rule” those with the gold ( $$) make the rules. Everything , and everybody is for sale in our political circus.


The most interesting thing in this article is Taibbi seeming to say that the Democratic “super delegates” will flip to Sanders at the convention. That is the only way possible for Trump to lose the general election that I am aware of.


It’s very unlikely the Supers will do such a thing under the present circumstances. The Convention is next week so I wouldn’t hold my breath hoping for that to happen.


Et tu, Mattie?
All of that, and zero mention of the one political party devoid of the machine politics and absent the unsavory?
What gives? Some veiled Hillary Clinton endorsement via extrapolation?


Taibbi exposes something that has never changed in the elite culture of the US. A deep, deep aversion for democracy. Anti-democracy attitudes are masked behind such condescension as ‘the population aren’t capable of self-governance’. The very people who make society work, who grow the food, build the infrastructure, manufacture the products used daily, treat the ill, educate the children, aren’t able to govern. Prior to WWII the the cultism of the self-serving class described it as being necessary, indeed an obligation, to exercise propaganda. To openly deceive and lie. But as the Nazi gave this kind of behavior a bad name it is since being done more covertly. Except during times of extreme necessity, as with this election period, where the propaganda is sung more directly. Societies have a collective memory. The elites, the greatest class of leeches in human history, have a primary fear. That the populations they so vulgarly exploit will one day reach out and grab them and their obedient commissars by the throat.

No need to mention names, isn’t that right, BWillianson?


There is a historical precedent for this coordinated smear campaign among the so-called elites who want to rule over their underlings, that is, namely the era of the Vietnam War. They want to govern this country in the same way they do in foreign policy: Listens, you stupid unwashed proles. it’s either our way or the highway. Unfortunately, they can’t - at least now - have drones buzzing overhead on election day as they do in, well, pick your own countries or rather countries in the Greater Middle East and the Maghreb in North Africa. And it’s less than a surprise this article was published in The Atlantic, It’s the last bastion for hawks such as David Frum, the speech writer who is famous or infamous depending upon your point of point for the phrase “axis of evil” phrase, in GWB’s state of the union speech; and Peter Beinart, then executive editor of The New Republic, who was one of the “liberal hawks,” who endorsed GWB’s Iraq War resolution. Of course, the real public intellectuals, such as Noam CHomsky, Chris Hedges and Tariq Ali on the left, and Andrew Basevich and Lawrence Wilkerson on the right, have been marginalized by the MSM in this country. The vultures have come home to roost as Chalmers Johnson. historian famous for his Blowback trilogy od history books, predicted a year before the 9/11 attacks. The empire is crumbling from its own internal contradictions and stresses. They tried to bomb the proles into submission with their neoliberal dogma by their deindustrialization of the heartland into the Rust Belt just as they did overseas in the long war on terror. But the proles have had it. And I can’t blame them. I live in the Rust Belt. Can it get any worse for the working class in our country? Which is how I interpreted the vote for the Brexit in the United Kingdom. It was the cosmopolitans in the London who heaped scorn and derision on the British voters north of London, who have been abandoned by the Tory and Labor Parties, just as the Democrats and the Republicans have abandoned the working class in this country. My answer to this jeremiad would be the famous rock 'n roll song by The Talking Heads, “Burning Down the House.” To all the so-called elites in this country, especially those living inside the beltway bubble, this is only the beginning. So as Betty Davis said to the party goers in “All About Eve”: “Fasten your seal belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” This is the way all empires crumble.


“Brexit Is Why We Don’t Put Decisions in the Hands of the People” This headline from the Observer in London echoes UK’s elite reaction, blaming the working class for all that is wrong with the world the elites created. In the UK it is called Oxbridge, in the U. S it is the Ivy League, those institutions leading the new professional and creative classes to their rightful place as Philosopher KIngs, that is the New Democratic Party as Thomas Frank has so billiantly delineated.


“You see, we would never have to risk these Trump/Bernie Sanders episodes at all, if only there was no voting and we turned over the process to insiders sipping highballs in a Pan Am executive’s basement!”
This seems like an outrageous statement but I believe it is the feeling most insiders, like HRC, share. I’ve said before that this primary was supposed to be a slam dunk for her, until they showed up. To her, this is all an inconvenience to reaching the levers of power. Her speeches, her never ending entitlement attitude, everything about her screams inconvenience. She knew she would get it she just didn’t know there would be a fight about it.
Johnny Depp recently said this would be our last election and it rang so true to me, I still think that’s coming. Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama have broken our laws, international laws, and constitutional laws at will. They have little regard for our constitution or they wouldn’t be pushing TPP down our throats. To give up our sovereignty so easily is shocking and treasonous. Hillary could easily declare Marshall law or some other “emergency” measure and put elections on hold, never to be returned to. Sounds crazy but to me it is the next logical step.
They spy on our every move, do war drills in this country calling it “terror drills”, they P.R. us to death and go after whistleblowers like they are the devil. To me it is all preparation for the control of a citizen’s revolt. Climate change may very well be the catalyst.
Did Bernie make this run now because he knows what’s coming?


In addition the business coup that happened in 2008 with the collapse of the economy and robbing of the treasury has never been prosecuted.
Also, I read today that a judge said HRC can’t be prosecuted for her private server because Obama knew she had it and that would make him a witness and cause a constitutional crises.
Just another day in paradise.


Yes and Smedley Butler reported it to Congress. It was stopped but never prosecuted.


Indicting Obama AND Clinton would avert a constitutional crisis.

There are enough empty cells at Guantanamo to house Obama, Clinton and their Congressional rubber stamps.


Well, thank God we still vote to elect our President and don’t have to go through privileged intermediaries! Our fore-fathers were for the people, not the elites!

What? White landowners?

Electoral college?


Thanks for the links, Sr. Historian, I’d never heard of Wallace.


FDR and Wallace were getting close to pushing through the second bill of rights in 1944, a primary reason the Party bosses determined that Wallace needed to be sidetracked during the 1944 election.


I appreciate your passion. I checked out Wallace’s biography
on Wikipedia, and realized that my passion is less about the political
maneuverings at the time but more about the moral impetus behind those
political ideas.

I did note that Wallace left the Theosophy Society after
having been a member – and I can only surmise that he did so because of their
supposed stance against political involvement. (Looked that up on the wiki too).

What I really appreciate about his essential nature is the
pursuit of truth, and his embrace of science toward that goal. His religious
beliefs seem to be rooted in a sort of humanist spirituality, which I too
embrace. But temporal religious factions don’t give up their power willingly, nor
do capitalists.

That’s why he was doomed. Humanism is directly opposed to capitalism.


I’m going to check that out right now! But it would have been nice to have a link…


I don’t know, maybe if the main stream media wasn’t so corrupt an institution, and actually reported the news instead of endlessly droning on and on with blathering commentary and speculation, the ‘masses’ wouldn’t be so dumb and could make intelligent choices given the whole range of information, instead of being force fed one side or the other.