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In Ruling Called 'Victory for Everyone Who Breathes,' Federal Judge Says Scott Pruitt Violating Clean Air Act


In Ruling Called 'Victory for Everyone Who Breathes,' Federal Judge Says Scott Pruitt Violating Clean Air Act

Jon Queally, staff writer

Resulting in what environmentalists called a "victory for everyone who breathes," a federal district court in California on Monday ruled that President Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency is violating the law by not implementing crucial smog protection guidelines mandated under the Clean Air Act.


Finally a voice and ruling of Sanity.


There is no sanity in trumpville just more destruction of all that has been built before, even as timid and corrupt as it was - more from the worlds greatest president…the “really smart stable genius”…how can any person that took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution - ie the people - not call for his immediate termination!? - still defend this utterly evil ignorant sociopath?


Only in America, does the institution set up to PROTECT the environment - the Environmental PROTECTION Agency - actually do the exact opposite. Ditto most of the other agencies. Thank God for this one time, when the system of checks and balances actually work, in this particular case. Although you know this will be appealed to another court, and probably eventually wind up in the Supreme Court, which will most likely overturn the lower court’s ruling.

This country is absolutely insane.


I know right?? It blows my mind. Every day that passes, is another dark mark on the souls of every complicit Rethuglican voter and politician that continues to defend and support - hell, in a lot of cases CHEER FOR - this evil, psychopathic, blatantly corrupt piece of human excrement that daily shits on our Constitution and nation. History is not going to treat any of them well at all.


As an educator/researcher of environmental hydrology issues I can attest to a great deal of frustration at watching my efforts and those of my peers continually dismissed by (primarily) Republican shenanigans. Serious environmental assessments were shelved by political appointees at the tops of numerous agencies thus facilitating the corporate agenda of develop, develop, and develop at all costs to Pacha Mama and those of us who appreciate her. I retired early because I simply could no longer muster the energy it took to perform high quality research into matters that would be swept under the proverbial rug for political purposes. Nor could I encourage my students to follow in my career path of academia. I hope to find political chinks in the corporatocracy’s armor and then exploit them. Wish me luck. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.


I applaud this small victory. Any victory against the corporate fascists these days should be appreciated. I find myself immediately wanting to fall into cynicism thinking of all the corporate fascists will do now to continue their attack. They are absolutely ruthless and unrelenting in their greed. Will a higher court in their pocket overturn the ruling? Will they simply ignore the court as if it didn’t exist? Will they change the law in order make it fit with their desires? Nothing is ever settled if they haven’t yet got what they want and nothing is impossible to them. Then I wonder how we can ever overcome such evil…and have no choice but to stop thinking and go walk my dog.


Good luck.


Scott Pruitts actions are shortening the lifespan of every living, breathing thing.

It may be a Slow Death, but it is being done with full intent.

Scott Pruitt is a Mass Murderer.


Even if the ruling is not overturned, watch as the EPA still does not perform its duties. either by delay or funding cuts or … insane indeed. There is no accountability for injustice performed by political appointees. Democracy???


Indeed. He is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the citizens of the United States of America. As such, he needs to be dealt with accordingly. That same description can be applied to most of our current Congress, President, and Cabinet members.


It would take an army of concerned citizens willing to dispense some “Wild West” justice, to clean up Washington DC and deal with the Fascists that are fucking up our country.

I personally know a great deal of retired military that wouldn’t mind seeing some justice meted out.


You’re right. Can you imagine if a million or two “concerned citizens” marched on Washington together to make some personnel changes in “our” government? What a sight that would be. I can just picture Trump’s fat, elephantine ass jogging to his helicopter under guard to escape to his safe haven of Mara Lago, and the hundreds of corrupt, rich, bloated Congress-critters fleeing the capitol as fast as their legs could carry them to similar safe enclaves.


I’ll be there, chasing his fat ass all the way to the helicopter.

I wouldn’t miss that for the world.


Me either.
Ah, one can dream…


Long metal cables and helicopter blades don’t mix- just sayin’.


You’ve just scored full marks from me for your imagination. Kind congratulations ~g