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In Ruling on Coal Mining, Federal Judge Issues Latest Rebuke of Trump's Attack on Public Lands

In Ruling on Coal Mining, Federal Judge Issues Latest Rebuke of Trump's Attack on Public Lands

Julia Conley, staff writer

Green groups on Saturday celebrated the latest federal ruling aimed at preventing President Donald Trump from rolling back environmental regulations that were put in place by his predecessor.

Judge Brian Morris issued a ruling late Friday stating that the Interior Department broke federal law when it lifted former President Barack Obama's moratorium on coal mining in public lands.


One of my Fathers favorite songs. It was written in another time . I doubt the picture of the mine above would have inspired Karl Davis to write the same song.


This is how you “resist”. Instead of creating conspiracy theories that, because of their idiocy, actually empower Trump you fight on the issues. But, I must remind myself, because the two parties share the same corporate/corrupt agenda, it is left to the “legacy judiciary”–that still has integrity–to resist. If the DNC succeeds in getting Trump his second term, there may not be a legacy judicial branch left to hold the last lines of defense.


Meanwhile, while the “news” has been focused on Tweetle-Dumb’s many criminal acts, he has – perfectly legally – been nominating, and the RePoopLicken Senate has been confirming, record numbers of far-right judges to the federal bench.  Even if he is impeached, or not impeached but eventually imprisoned for money-laundering and obstruction of justice, his legacy will continue to undermine democracy and rationality for decades . . .


Which raises the obvious question. Why is the DNC assisting him? The answer being–they are following the same script.


“Frankly, we need to get rid of judges.”
~Donald Tramp

So does that mean the coal investors fake some “necessary” precautions and try again. Or leave the public lands alone as was the public’s intention.

I understand Pelosi and others of her ilk are going to dinners and such, explaining to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Gas, Insurance executives, etc. that this is all just election fooferah. Be patient, nothing is going to change and your incomes will all continue to increase after the dust settles, and so will ours.
*And remember, all of these gains and protections of the environment we are cheering will work their way up all the way to the “Supreme” 5-4, where they will be dismissed.
We the People are going to have to work hard to support the progressive people who are working to get this reform, and we are all going to have to do what is necessary to clean out DC, the MICC and Wall Street, cancel out the criminal and immoral acts of this rogue government, get rid of their minions and restore this nation to a Constitutional Republic. Otherwise, we’ll just have to try to live in the midst of all of this obscene crap the Oligarchy has trumped us with, with the “Supreme” 5-4 at the top to take care of anything that might slip through.


In one sense Trump is right. If people were reasonable and used common sense and left money out of the decisions we wouldn’t need judges. We have them to protect the innocent.

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As a native Kentuckian, it’s one of my favorites as well—minus the reference to singing “darkies.” I suspect that Karl Davis, had he lived long enough to witness mountaintop removal mining, would have protested.

Frankly, Mr. Trump, we need to get rid of YOU.

Huh?  Assisting him with what??   In this case Tweetle-Dumb doesn’t need any assistance at all from the utterly corrupt DNC.  The 'PoopLickens in the Senate are confirming his judicial nominations at a record pace, and there’s nothing the House can do to stop them.