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In Russia with Love


In Russia with Love

David Smith-Ferri

Here in Russia, where I have been traveling as part of a small delegation organized by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, the people with whom we have spoken have no illusions about war and its effects. “We remember what war is like,” Nikolay, a scientist and businessman, told us.


Russian immigrants have been some of the best neighbors I have had in several US cities in which I have lived during the past four decades. When my wife and I reminisce about what we miss about our former digs, the former Russian neighbors always rank high.

My center-right retired US military neighbor was a high ranking officer who was part of a group of military officers who toured the former Soviet Union (USSR) after it collapsed to determine the actual extent of threat the USSR presented during the nearly half century cold war. His assessment was that the threat to the US was overstated to enhance the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenues.

Part of the overstatement of threat is pushing Murkins fear buttons by demonizing all things Russian.


I envy the Russian people. :)Putin is the kind of man other men want as a buddy. He’s real. He has a clear mind. He has a sense of humor. He’s not full of himself. He knows where he’s going. He loves his people. He’s a standup guy. He can’t be bullied. He’s a rugged individual. He loves animals and abhors criminals. He’s been a good father. He’s a patriot. He’s a fast thinker. He’s a good communicator. He says what he means. He means what he says. He’s generous. He’s polite. He’s responsible.Those attributes used to be what Americans cherished as ideal qualities. What I do know is that Putin is authentic, the type who wins wars, a courageous leader who has shown up the West as a paper tiger. The representatives of America are anathema to me. I envy the Russian people.


“We remember what war is like,” Nikolay, a scientist and
businessman, told us. “We have a genetic memory,” referring to close
relatives – parents, grandparents –

That says so much. One of the reasons USA is so dangerous is that there is essentially no widespread understanding of the daily horror of war, much less memory.

It amazes me that liberals call out Donald Trump's rapey comments caught on tape, and ignore the fact that rape is a daily, routine occurrence for women in war zones like Iraq, Libya, & Syria. Places where Hillary has made war under the pretense of 'regime change.'


What a great pierce of writing! I have, unfortunately, never been to Russia but it is a place I have always wanted to visit. I have had friends who were Russian immigrants and they were very kind, very intelligent people who I was proud to call a friend. I recently read another article by an American citizen who visited St. Petersburg and Moscow. One of the common comments he reported being asked by the Russian people is why do Americans hate us so badly? Unfortunately I have an answer to that question. We have been propagandized by our "exceptional" government ever since we were children growing up during the Cold War. Does anyone remember the cartoon "Rocky and Bullwinkle"? If so you will also recall the good Canadian R.C.M.P. Dudley Doright and the villains Boris Badinov and Natasha the evil Russians. Yes, until I reached an age where I was able to develop a capacity for critical thinking I thought Russians were evil as well. Well the bottom line is they aren't. They are good and decent people just like 99.9% of the rest of the people in our global community are. In fact, if there is someone who deserves the label of the bad guy it is the U.S. corporatists who believe it is their divine right to pillage and plunder the rest of the world for their own enrichment. That is what the neoconservative's agenda is in a nutshell. They believe the U.S. and it's multinational corporations have the right to overthrow any government that stands in their way of more corporate profits and thus more money in their own pockets in order to temporarily satisfy their insatiable greed. I'm just one member of the unwashed masses in the U.S. that the ruling elites have as much distain for as anyone else who tries to stand in the way of their continued pillage.I wish there was a way that I could extend my hand in friendship to all of my Russian, Ukraine, Iraqi, African, and other global friends and let them know that I do not stand with the corporations and their greed but rather with you as your neighbor. Unfortunately, all I can do is express my solidarity with you and hope you will realize that not all Americans are greedy and power hungry imperialists. Peace my friends!!!


B/c far too many uh-merikkkans are cognitively one standard deviation below the mean, thus making it so easy for the propaganda to seep in and take hold of them. On the other hand, there are still a few intelligent human beings left on this planet that are capable of thinking for themselves and refuse to hate anyone! Thank you for a well thought out comment.


If you do, like I often do, skim over the article until you get the gist of it and then comment, Do yourself a favor and go back to it and read the last two paragraphs.
They are worth reading over and citing to others. I wish they would go viral.

Note: Sorry, Wolfess, this post was not intended to be directed specifically at you, but got there bu my hitting the wrong "Reply" button


Nobody, whom I might hate is worthy enough to merit that degree of my attention. Thus I go through life sometimes resenting and often despising, but without hate.


Russia very good. Putin very wow.


AHA! Yes, we all must decide how much attention we are willing to give to someone who probably in the end, isn't worth our time or effort. *When I was in junior high and certainly high school I used to tell people who ragged on me for whatever stoooopid reason that I really didn't care if the attention they gave me was positive or negative as all I really wanted was ATTEN-SHUN! Amazing how quickly they changed their behavior :smirk::imp:


Good one, thank you ! :slight_smile:


This kind of personality cult and self-aggrandising of a “leader” does not do anything for me. I like and respect Putin a lotmore as pragmatist like in this video:


External debt per Capita for Russia about 4000$$
External debt per capita italy About 40000$$
External debt er Capita the USA about 60000$$

The bankers all but took over the Country of Greece dictating to that Countries Government its Policies and how its money should be spent. The people of Greece labor to pay off the bankers and will do so for as far as the eye can see.

The Citizens of the USA are debt slaves as well with Bankers sending lists to potential Presidents as to who should serve in Cabinet and Bankers immune to prosecution for any crimes committed.

Russia is the "enemy" only because when Putin saw what the Bankers were doing to Russia during the yeltsin period, he decided to kick them out. The bankers want the peoples of Russia to be as deeply in debt as in other countries of the world so that the fruits of their labor go to the 1 percent.

End of story.


Yup - it is all about the spooky Big Bankers, and Putin will save us from this Evil Cabal!

Back in the days of the Iraq Sanctions and Saddam, we vigorously protested against the sanctions that were hurting Iraqis terribly without EVER feeling we needed to somehow defend the brutal dictator Saddam. So why is it that the left - a left that once was was nothing if not for deep democracy - defending the dictator capitalist gangster Putin who has actually suppressed the Russian media, and jailed and murdered dissidents and political opponents? You do know that our fellow Russian socialist brothers face deep oppression from Putin, right? Whose side are you on?

One can oppose the sanctions without praising dictator thugs who stand against socialism and worker solidarity.

The US left has become little more than a form of cultist tin-foil-hat fascism - they no longer stand for socialism, solidarity, or any recognizable ideology that can be called "left".


Oh please. Who is this "we" that vigorously protested the sanctions on Iraq? Saddam Hussein was a Dictator your CIA put in power. Your attempts to ignore your own history are puerile to the extreme.

One of the things your CIA did when it put Saddam Hussein in power was provide him a list of Socialists and Communists to eliminate. They did this same thing in Greece and in Indonesia. They did this in Chile and South America. They did this in Korea and in Vietnam where millions of Civilians slaughtered.

The US Governmnet bombs people in Syria and aids the saudis in the slaughter in Yemen. They supply arms to Israel that bombs the peoples of Gaza. The US Government killed millions in Cambodia and in Laos and In Iraq. Police goons shoot dead over 1000 people a year and in South Dakota. a people who once numbered some 20 million until the US Government got through with them having locked the 2 percent that remained on reservations are met by Government goons with tanks and guns simply because they want to defend what little they have left.

All that said to pretend that the US Governments villification of Russia has nything to do with how Putin treats the left or treats his own people is beyond naive. That same Government supported Pol Pot. It supported the Shah in Iran. It supports the Saudi's and the Wahhabists. It supported Marcos and Pinochet and Sukarno. all of these leaders slaughtered people considered on the left and who worked for workers rights.

The US Governmnet has no interest at all in human rights. That just something people such as yourself trumpet because you can not face the truth.


Under that "brutal dictator" people could live in reasonable prosperity and security as long as they sang his song. Women went to university until we came along with that pack of lies about Al Qaeda and WMD and created a mess there .
In Libya under another "brutal dictator", Gaddafi, post secondary education was free, each newly wed couple got a nest egg of $50,000.- until we and our new 'President in the making as we speak',came along with another pack of lies promoting and executing another "regime change".

What are Putin's "sins" by comparison? He took over the Crimea for Russia,
which Khrushchev, himself a Ukrainian, "gave" to the Ukraine, AFTER holding a referendum, which the predominantly Russian population approved by a high margin.


This is a daily thought to me. A very good point on your part. My sincere gratitude for laying it out for us to read and hopefully give it rightful consideration. Thanks.


If we, US citizens, we're really good and decent, we would put a stop to the carnage being perpetrated on many millions of people around the world and in our own country by the Military Industrial Media Infotainment Complex. Without truth power grows; with unchallenged power people are never free. A very good, and one day historic example in our own country is DAPL.


I think you mean Suharto.


I have to wonder just how many actual Americans hate the Russians. Perhaps many hate the ridiculous way the country and Putin are portrayed in the media because they don't really know better. But I wonder then why they are not more curious.

I remember during the time of Reagan when Gorbachev came to visit the US. He came off so different from past Soviet Premiers. He actually got out of his limo from time to time and waded into American crowds who had come to see him pass by. He surely surprised and amazed many Americans who were only too happy to do a quick meet and greet. Everything was smiles and laughter.

At that time, the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears" was Russia's entry into the Academy Awards and was chosen as best foreign film. It's a wonderful film and was received enthusiastically by American audiences in theatres playing foreign films all across the country. I sat in the audience for that film in San Fransico and I can attest to the warm feelings expressed by the audience as the final end credits rolled. There was a collective sigh. People recognized a lot that is universal to Russians and Americans in that film. (It's a beautiful film, highly recommended)). Even Reagan requested several viewings of the film before his meet ups with Gorbachev to "get into the Russian soul".

Today, MSM throughout the West continuously pumps out disinformation and outright lies about Russia and refuses to look at anything else about the country and its people. Americans as well as Europeans have far more in common with the Russians than we do with Saudi Arabia and other Middle East dictatorships.

And besides all that, where is the gratitude for the Russians defeat of the most brutal of all dictatorships: the Nazis. After WWII, the US rushed in to help rebuild Germany and Japan and Europe and left Russia to rot. Why? That nation lost somewhere around 29 million human beings. Many were civilians. Why no sympathy and help for people the US called allies during the war?

In my lifetime I hope to see far better relations with this country and its amazing, resilient people. There is much to share and much to discover. This is a great country and a great people.