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In Scathing Obituary, Texas Woman Blames GOP 'Carelessness' for Mother's 'Undeserving' Covid-19 Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/scathing-obituary-texas-woman-blames-gop-carelessness-mothers-undeserving-covid-19

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I have heard at least one diehard rethuglican say “they had other pre existing conditions”. Aren’t we all BORN with “pre existing conditions” ???
Ferengi rules of acquisition number 73 I think — slightly modified
“Never put people above profits”.


Um…carelessness has another meaning, that the person or culture is capable of caring, and that this particular action was simply a lapse in judgement.
Americans never do anything wrong, according to our creation mythos. We make mistakes, and are innocent of any wrongdoing because we are basically only trying to do what’s best for people.
The reality-our culture has no conscience. The article blamed the GOP specifically, but the GOP would never get away with its actions unless the Democrats allowed them to. Both parties are responsible for the FUBAR mess of the US. Nixon, both Bushes, Clinton, Obama, Trump…only the names change but not the intention.
The second we draw our first breath, the shekinah, is the second we begin to die. That is the only reality you need to measure the actions of others. In this case, Governor Abbot wants people to die in order for money to flow in his state. Period. Same with DiSantis of Florida. Same with DeWine of Ohio(he’s a Son of the Trickster, acting one way but gaming the situation to be GOP’s 2020 savior).

80 percent of all COVID deaths here in Canada were in Nursing homes. A good number of those could have been prevented and were the result of negligence. Private run “for profit” homes had higher death rates then ones run by Non profits or Governments.

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I am grateful for those who speak out even as they grieve. It’s an Emmett Till moment.

This sounds like thousands of horror stories, here in NYC in March; ignored by the media, posted by horrified loved ones, as we’d been told to, “go on about our lives.” With absolutely nightmarish tales, related mostly by phone camera, social network or texts. As reefer trucks filled, our Creative Class sheltering in place applauded each night; happy to remain indoors, in denial about sickness, gruesome death and long term chronic complications resulting from Mr. Market’s cursory emergency response of: how can we optimize our medical system’s return, flip their now vacant homes & rent controlled apartments, gentrify devastated neighborhoods and replace uppity, empirically skilled W4 employees with 1099 app gig labor, until they sickened their families’ high-rises? Lots of posters were looking forward to COVID hitting the Red States: but, it’s largely “essential workers” suffering, dying & WE’VE all been content it’s rigged to be THEM. NY’s Corporate Immunity legislation, Cuomo’'s sole contribution. Misattributing deaths and silencing suicidal whistleblowers.