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In Seattle, It's David vs. Goliath as Kayakers Hit Water to Protest Shell Oil


In Seattle, It's David vs. Goliath as Kayakers Hit Water to Protest Shell Oil

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Kayaks began lining up on the shores of Seattle's Elliot Bay early Saturday morning in preparation for the sHell No! "flotilla rally," organized by social and environmental justice groups in opposition to Shell Oil's plans to drill for fossil fuels in fragile Arctic waters.


Shell asked for permission and got it. They need to paddle those kayaks to DC. Hard to pin Obama down, however; being so covered with oil.


i sincerely hope that your endless whining here to make fun of and discourage protest action makes you feel worthwhile.


So, why is it that sssssooooo many people, think that we have TIME to have the whole world fleet of cars to change over to electric…like that will fix anything…let alone climate change…or that ANY kind of industrial, technological fix is going to work to bring down overall emissions… come on people,


Still plenty of REI kayaks out there, and no one pointing out the role REI played in getting Sally Jewell into office.


The Backbone Campaign trained a cadre of volunteer kayakers who RESIStED Glacier in open water to prevent a barge tie up on Vashon-Maury Island. The battle against turning Vashon-Maury Island into a gravel pit took 13 years.

This article reads about an effort much broader than 100 paddlers. Thirteen years, and a few hundred kayakers who went in the water to obstruct a pirate barge from docking on their island. The battle took thirteen more years but finally the gigantic mining company founded in Japan did not win in the end.

David vs Goliath. Thank you to the Seattle Paddlers. I expect much more to come from this.

Congrats to the UW for divesting coal! :slight_smile: That group of people is also to be congratulated, starting wtih the students who initated this successful effort over several years.

Anybody remember the Seattle Seven? We don’t forget you, thanks for your anti-war efforts.


Thank You Demonstrators! I thank you, and the EARTH thanks you. And, God in heaven thanks you!


It might be David vs. Goliath but lets hope the same thing will happen to sHELL that happened to Goliath!


Thanks, i haven’t seen any reports on the SHell No actions that include the back story of the fight against the pebble mine on Vashon Island. The Backbone Campaign and their allies have been organizing and building skills and experience for many years.


Thanks again for pointing this out. When i was at the UW Seattle and Jewell was on the UW Board of Regents i did not research her history, and only knew her as CEO of REI. When she was appointed Secretary of the Interior i still only was aware of her as CEO of REI. Here’s the brief report you previously posted here:

“Sec. of the Interior Sally Jewell, who pushed Shell’s program through the approval process, was “given” the job of CEO of REI by her bank and Exxon-Mobil contacts to clean up her history for a run at the Interior Dept… Before being set up at REI, Jewell as an engineer opened pristine greenfield to drilling, and as a banker, financed new oil fields for both Shell and Exxon-Mobil.”


If any of the protestors sling stones like David did, they’ll be charged as “terrorists.”


A fine demonstration, I’m in full support but “David” could stop buying oil products and especially sHell’s. I guarantee that it will catch the company’s attention.


Perhaps we need to widely adopt a paradigm of BDSD: Boycott, Divest, Sanction, and Disrupt, for all our movements, and in movement solidarity:

Boycott: Do not buy or use any of the products of the entity you are addressing.
Divest: Do not invest in or profit from any of the activities of the entity you are addressing.
Sanction: Impose criminal and civil penalties on the actions of the entity you are addressing.
Disrupt: Carry out direct action to interfere with the actions of the entity you are addressing.

So for the kayactivists and others engaged in direct action protest against the fossil fuel corporations, deep consideration of incorporating comprehensive boycott against the fossil fuel economy. Of course this is perhaps the deepest and most entwined challenge of a BDSD against fossil fuel extraction, since very nearly the entire economy has been built on or feeds off of cheap fossil fuels extracted from the Earth’s crust. But a very worthwhile and important challenge to digest and incorporate into our lives and our movements.


Naturally, the oligarchy have people who clean this stuff up for a living working on Wikipedia full time, but the background is there. One had to really dig to find out that Ranier hired her to help them expand into financing oil fields, but they put out press-releases about it.


The so called liberal press, including, NPR and PRI, helped ignore this info, and any attempt to get them to admit it gets one’s comment account on a watch list. Funny enough, it’s the business press who were putting out the info about no need for big oil to panic over Jewell. However, if one remembers she was hired to replace Ken Salizar, the crook who is now cleaning up in retirement, and that Salizar was nominated by Obama, then it makes it pretty clear that everyone should have looked closer. That she got on with a full vote of confidence from the Republicans also says the lobbyist were all in lock step behind her.

I suspect even people at the Sierra Club are on the take, when they put out press for Jewell like the following.


A world wide boycott of Hells service stations would definitely get their attention and with social media it should not be too difficult.


Just like Ken, This is what Sally Jewell will be doing when she retires from Sec. of the Interior, finding ligit cover to collect the bribes she agreed to while she ran the Interior Dept.