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In Secret-Ballot Vote, House Democrats Overwhelmingly Deny AOC a Powerful Committee Seat

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/18/secret-ballot-vote-house-democrats-overwhelmingly-deny-aoc-powerful-committee-seat


So is she still going to support Pelosi for Speaker?

Please surprise me AOC, and drop your support. Better yet, leave the democrat party.


“D” means “R” for most reactionary Dems. When will we learn? The new People’s Party must get rolling.


DEMOCRATIC PARTY = Pro Big Corporate Donors.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY = Anti American People.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY = Constituents Are A Nuisance.

DEMOCRATIC PARTY = No Health Care - Who Gives A Shit - We Get Big Bucks From The Health Insurance Industry To Say No - To Medicare For All.


DEMOCRATIC PARTY = Hell, I came To Congress To Make Big Bucks, I Have No Intention Of Disappointing My Big Donors.

LONG LIVE - AOC. - Send Nancy To The Old Age Home.


Throwing working people and the climate under the bus again; and setting it up for a reactionary populist in four years. These centrists have learning disabilities; they need special education classes. What will it take to break the box they keep themselves in-or maybe bubble is a better term. Again we have the symptoms of a failed state.


"could cause issues as Congress attempts to draft bipartisan health and climate policies next year." (from article)
Bipartisan means "D"emocrats give McConnell and the Repub sock puppets whatever the Oilagarchy wants. Pelosi and Company are happy to oblige, that’s where their money comes from. There is absolutely no care for We the People after the election is over.*
** For God’s sake, Progressives, Wake Up!


No learning disabilities - they know exactly what they’re doing. To them, the risk of losing is a better choice than letting any so-called progressive policies advance.


So now the democrats are Republicans an the Republicans, well I don’t know WHAT the hell THEY are.


I’m sure that AOC is not too upset about this. We have already seen her showing her love, repeatedly, for “Mama Bear” Pelosi and making excuses for the necessity of playing by the rules of the established political game. Looks like AOC and the squad have learned early on that protecting their political careers and “getting along” with the established assholes is what is really important, that baby steps and moderation are the keys to one’s longevity in DC politics.

We need a party of the people! To hell with this corporate-pwned, corporate-controlled duopoly. We no longer have the luxury of time on our hands to keep playing by their rigged rules and hoping that change is going to come.


After Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) called for a vote on the two candidates came an unusual outcome: Rice crushed AOC 46-13.

Just asking: IS THERE ANY PROGRESSIVES LEFT THAT THINK THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY CAN BE REFORMED FROM WITHIN? if Bernie proved anything, Bernie proved that is a lost cause.


Bipartisan implies two parties, which is not the reality.

The GOP is not a party in any meaningful sense - rather a confederate anti-USA cabal of insurgents.

The empire is at present controlled by corporate interests - no need to pretend there is any other reality.

Destroy the GOP - and let the Democratic Party undergo a division into a Progressive half, and a corporate laissez-faire half.

Then see what the electorate thinks ~


Psychopath Fascists.


Golly gee, the elitist mainstream does not like you AOC. Maybe you should reconsider your support for Pelosi leadership - maybe voting for her in return for a floor vote on M4A? Why give it your vote away?


There is no place AOC could go that has any voice. I prefer her openly taking on the Dems and getting at least a little coverage while building an ever-increasing base.


I keep telling myself progressives must be a teeny tiny portion of the population.
[but 100 million voters don’t bother to vote. why? who are they?(shrug)]

I must assume that the government perfectly aligns with the attitudes, beliefs, and desires of the people.
[because …America?]

Maybe I only see what I want to see.
Maybe what I see isn’t what is really happening.
Maybe I am a delusional conspiracy theorist.

Did you know you can’t leave?
Try it.

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I hope AOC realizes she, along with the ‘Squad’, the new Progressive members of the House and the Progressive Caucus, has the votes to curtail any corporate friendly legislation. Let us all hope she uses that leverage to the Peoples’ advantage. It may be a blessing in disguise that the dems lost seats in the House this go around. They will need every vote they can get to get anything passed. Of course it will all mean nothing if they lose the 2 Georgia senate seats. Though with so many conservative dems in the senate, those two seats may mean nothing in the long run. Still, let’s take what we can and run with it.


damn dems have not woke to realize we are not going back to the good old days - good for them not for us. fuck them all! go AOC and all other progressives elected on their agendas. all the people’s agendas too.


Again the DP establishment demonstrates its determination to obliterate progressives and progressive policies. They did it after Bernie surrendered. In this case, AOC would have a voice, but with only one vote among 30 other Democrats and 24 Republicans on the committee, her influence would be very modest, at best. The DP establishment is determined to prevent even a whisper of progressive sentiment.

I’d say that progressives should take the hint already, but the DP’s actions haven’t been “hints” for a long time.

P.S. - Cuellar retained his seat in a close primary election - 51.8 to 48.2% - against progressive Cisneros with (iirc) plenty of help from Pelosi. What a team!


The dems are determined to silence her. She has no voice there.

She won’t have a chance to do any good unless she leaves the dem party. We have lots of powder, and it is very dry. No reason to wait longer. If prominent people like AOC leave the party, THEN they will start listening to her.


But they are telling the people … It is not being broadcast …
the people are doing nothing. They must be happy.

Pelosi won 80% of the vote in San Francisco — 80%!!!
(86.2% turnout)