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In Secretly-Recorded 'Pebble Tapes,' Mining Execs Reveal True Scope of 200-Year Project Planned for One of Earth's 'Most Pristine Ecosystems'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/secretly-recorded-pebble-tapes-mining-execs-reveal-true-scope-200-year-project

This comes as no surprise whatsoever. These people do not give a damn about anything other than more money. They represent the worst in humanity.


This is standard operating procedure for Mining Companies and this sort of stuff happens over and over again. They propose a plan designed to appear to demonstrate a concern for the environment knowing full well that once it up and running and “providing jobs” no Politician is going to stand in the way of expansion of said mine less they be called “job killers”.

Here is the reality. If there 10,000 people in that region opposed to this mine and it built anyways and hires 3000 of those people to work there and or employs another 2000 indirectly , the number of peoples opposed to the mine is cut in half meaning expansion even easier.

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The overall plan of those who control the planet is to mine, log, cut, fish, hunt, bulldoze, plunder, urbanize, kill and otherwise destroy the biosphere as fast as possible, and this once-secret plan is part of that.
Anthropogenic mass extinction is happening now, and climate change is but one feature.
Our species is likely to extinguish 80% or more of the life on this planet by the end of this century.
The facts and the only workable solutions are found in the two Endgame books by Derrick Jensen.
But humans will never embrace reality or workable solutions.
We’re on a juggernaut to destruction.


“Yes,” Thiessen replies. “Once you have something like this in production why would you want to stop?”

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”

― Socrates

Please support environmental advocates like EarthJustice, Center For Bio Diversity, and NRDC … Lawsuits are the only roadblocks.


HOW LONG CAN AMERICA STILL BE RULED BY PSYCHOPATHS? Do you really want to belong to a people for whom NOTHING is sacred? Nothing?


The people who worship their golden idols dare to pretend their fealty to Christianity. Fakes.
I used to think people that would be willing to trash the planet for profit had a plan for after.
An underground facility or an igloo on Mars ready for them when the earth says enough is enough.


Tooter Turtle says “Drizzle drazzle druzzle drome, time for this one to come home.
Those that is happy with what they got, those is the happiest lot.”

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Unforeseen consequences! We have learned what viruses can do when humanity is exposed. Raping pristine, untouched land by human hands begs for novel pathogens to make visitations on humans. HIV was a result of humans eating wild infected meat (due to under abundance of food and farming); the COVID/sars2 virus is due to humans intersecting with wild animals; what could possibly go wrong with strip mining thousands of acres of land for profit? Another virus or something worse—like the election of trump again? We are, collectively, an ignorant, uneducated pool of genes and, if voter approved representatives and senators don’t care, you know Melania doesn’t care either. No one is looking out for regular folks just trying to live. Forget perceived enemies, with the United States nearing the bottom of a long list of value of life/quality of life polls, perhaps we actually do need being “taken over.” The corporate people and industries are destroying our country and the lives of those sick and dying.

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