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In Seemingly "Spiteful" Move, Trump Will Not Allow Obama's Ambassadors to Stay Past Inauguration


In Seemingly "Spiteful" Move, Trump Will Not Allow Obama's Ambassadors to Stay Past Inauguration

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In an unprecedented move, President-elect Donald Trump has ordered all ambassadors appointed by President Barack Obama to leave their posts by Inauguration Day, refusing to provide "even the briefest of grace periods," the New York Times reported late Thursday.


I have severed ties with those I know who supported ---and still support Trump----- been feeling the strain of the relationships since I learned (prior to Trump getting into politics) that they are also human induced climate change deniers.

No regrets----it is a relief to not have to communicate with them. It should be noted that these former friends that voted for Trump are comfortable and seemingly smart (college educated). They are not poor, suffering, fearful-----just filled with hate which has been revealed in their support of Trump.

They lack empathy and compassion. Hard to be friends with those that lack compassion for others. They are all purported "Christians".


This sentence sure caught my eye. I despise the Trump-loving capitalist thug Putin, and the cuisine and cultural offerings of Moscow may not be quite up to par with Paris or New York, but to compare the quality of life in Russia with Sudan or Afghanistan is absurd!


Of course it's retribution. I know many here have seen it, but haven't yet read any comments about what Frontline apparently considers (and is probably correct) a seminal moment in the ambitions of Trump - the complete and utter shaming of said Trump by Obama at the correspondents dinner when Obama laid to rest the birther bullshit.

Considering the obvious narcissistic, conceited personality of that flaming asshole, who does not believe that much of what he intends to do flows from the night he was exposed for the fool that he is?

Harlan Ellison wrote a short story a long time ago entitled Stardust about a junkie living on an outpost world that detected the approach of an invading armada. The fleeing outpost defenders implanted a bomb device within the junkie (that was capable of vaporizing the entire planet) and destroyed all of the Stardust drug on the planet, in hopes that the crazed desperate addict would delay the invaders long enough for them to warn the homeland and blow up the invaders. The addict not only shed his addiction, but removed the bomb and "conquered" the invasion force which he promptly took command of and headed himself to destroy the homeland. What is transpiring today is no less fantastical and potentially destructive.


Just demonstrates again how much of a slumlord the Dump is.


The animosity between Trump and Obama is both of their faults.
The ridiculous "Tweet Storm" between Obama and Trump on who would have won had they run against each other is a case in point. Their egos reduced it to the level of a grade school playground fight. When Trump said that he would have won, Obama should have just said that President Elect Trump was entitled to his opinion and left it at that. Instead, we have the battle of the egos that result in actions such as these with the Ambassadors.
How did these two Children get to be elected President?


I think it's just another piece of what got Paul Ryan smirking just before he was sworn as Speaker, about "the people [giving] us a unified government." And maybe about the whole Russian hack business. Between Ryan (who should know better) and the "transition" team that asked how many of the West Wing staff would be staying to help them out, they now think they have boundless power. Notice the relative silence of McConnell, who may be a fool but knows a little more about what's involved in governing.

This kind of ignorance, leaving us ungoverned and unrepresented in the world, is what scares me most.


People I work with have often surprised me with their attitudes to those less fortunate, I thought they were more compassionate people, and understood that people don't always have the same opportunities in life and suffer for it..
Their attitudes sometimes seem cold and callous, they seem to have forgotten the golden rule or just don’t believe in it at all..It scares me that seemingly intelligent people could be so unforgiving.

“The true measure of intelligence is the amount of compassion one as for their fellow man” - Buddha

Looking at what Buddha said, it make me wonder if there is any real intelligence there.


Most of my colleagues in my US government regulatory agency workplace in western Pennsylvania are Trumpists. They all have civil engineering degrees (mostly advanced degrees) and very comfortable salary and benefits. Yes, the pious "Christians" especially supported Trump. One of them voted rather reluctantly for Trump - but now that he sees Trump's cabinet picks, he can barely conceal his glee.

Curiously, the technical divisions down the hallway that employ scientists (chemists, physicists, lab technicians) rather than engineers have very few Trumpists in them.

And yes, I find myself spending most of my coffee-break chat with either with those scientists down the hallway or with three of the anti-Trump young engineers - a Chinese immigrant woman, an Syrian-Ukranian immigrant guy, and a young USAn woman.

I am almost looking forward to seeing how my Trumpist colleagues react when Labor Secretary Puzder "zeros-out" our agency and puts all of us out of work. Of course, things won't look so good for the West Virginians and Kentuckians (also mostly Trumpists) living downstream from the structures we regulate. I'd move to higher ground if I were them.


Here is just another example of what it will mean to live in Trumpland. This vile piece of vindictive shit will be appalling on many levels.
"Make America Great Again" will likely be the most tragically ironic campaign slogan in U.S. history.
Thanks, Trumpies, for what you have done to our country. You mean-spirited, racist, sexist, idiots.


Your posited equivalence of Trump and Obama is completely absurd.

One may have positions I strongly disagree with, but he and his cabinet and advisors are at least sane and rational. The other is a psychopath and his filling his cabinet and advisor posts with psychopaths.


I never said that they were equals.
Just that they are both acting immature.

Just because two people are both acting immature, does not make them the same person.
So please do not try to twist the words of posters like me into proving some point of your own.


I have family and friends from all facets of political points of view and I like it that way. I can, however, understand if you just can't handle that. I recommend that even if you have cut out Trumpist friends and/or family, don't stop engaging in civil discourse with Trumpists. For democracy to function, we must engage each other in political discussion. When we refuse to speak with those who disagree, our voices become less relevant.


I would like to see more information about the potential ramifications suggested by this statement:
"The more dangerous, less glamorous ambassador postings—countries such as Sudan, Afghanistan or Russia—tend to go to career Foreign Service officers, who are not required to step down by Inauguration Day."
The displacement of the ambassadors and their families, while difficult and inconvenient for them, is something which they should have (and I'm sure had) anticipated. To focus on their discomfort sounds whiny and misses the bigger issue. The real issue is what will it mean in terms of diplomacy and safety by having those posts vacant until the new administration gets around to filling them.


I am surrounded by climate deniers and I have a standard response when they go off on a rant:

Remember when the water was clear and clean and tasteless?
Remember when the air was pure and safe to breathe?

Do you now have to filter your water?
Do you stay indoors on smoggy days?

Who cares whether it was caused by humans or natural cycles? It is a problem that exists and needs to be addressed. Anything we poor defenseless humans can do to improve matters should be done, even if Santa Claus did it.

That seems to shut most of them up - at least around me!


" When we refuse to speak with those who disagree, our voices become less relevant."

Cogent statement. I also have family members that voted for Trump and I try to keep an open mind and a dialogue with them in order understand their motives from their political perspectives.


Ah yes, the new Fourth Reich will be represented to the world by a bunch of ass kissing, wealthy, boot-lickers who will have to tweet every question and decision to the Tweeter-in-charge, then wait for his 140 bit policy decisions to be tweeted back.
* Sorry, off to the vomitorium again.


Help Wanted:
Singers, Dancers, Anybody to perform at Inauguration: Top pay and benefits (if you can recover them from bankruptcy court) and an ambassadorship to the country of your choice. No diplomatic experience necessary.


What will it take for this guy to figure out that some of these "feel-good", "Boy, did I just flex my muscles!" things do not end well.

Get ready for more stuff like this.


I understand... Friendly, open dialogue with those who voted for Trumplestiltskin can be a challenge.
But if we only engage in discourse with those with whom we agree, then the orange guy wins by keeping us divided.
To see an interesting approach to coaxing these folks back towards sanity, check out the work of Caroline Casey, the Visionary Activist, a Trickster redeemer who, as a radical progressive, attends events like the Conservative PAC Convention, and the Republican convention (on our behalf). She has a collection of tools for inviting these folks to consider ideas, in a non-confrontational manner, which may wake them up.
It's valuable, necessary work. Check it out if you get a chance. Her weekly, one-hour radio shows are archived at kpfa.org. And, she does magic, real magic!