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In Sentencing Memo, Federal Prosecutors Seek 'Substantial' Prison Time for Trump Fixer Michael Cohen


For the whole lot of them…take their assets, take their cash and exile them. Can’t play by the election rules? Undermine the government? You can’t live here.


Since when is 'four years behind bars" a “substantial prison time”? Tell that to the immigrant, legal-resident woman who thought she could legally vote (and voted) who got a ten-year sentence for that. As someone who knows a lot of immigrants in this country–both of the documented and undocumented types–I can attest as to the confusion that many of our laws create for them. That immigrant woman no way, no how, deserved any prison time for what she did. Now, if she were told that what she did was wrong and did it again, that would be a different matter.

In the meantime, we have these POS people in the trump administration doing serious harm to all aspects of our lives and nothing seems to happen to any of them.


That is the only thing that might save this nation. Trump’s election should be overturned and all of the illegal actions he has done while governing by tweet should be cancelled, His appointment of numerous criminals to key government posts and the destruction done to the nation, the government, the environment should be reversed. The regulatory agencies tasked with protection of the environment, health, green power and renewables should be restored to life and the crap done in their names by the fat one’s appointees expunged.
If the fat one is just removed, but his appointees are left in charge and the damage done in the past two years is allowed to stand, it will take generations to repair the damage, if ever.
And, the many fucking wars should end, now!


Trump is not worried as long as he has his quisling, Pence to pardon him!


And strip them of their citizenship, love to see Trump and his cronies that disparage and demonize immigrants soooo much! Have to apply for American, citizenship!


I like that, good idea Ditton.


What a swell idea. With a nebulous standard like that, Trump could exile:

Everyone at or a member of

The Sierra Club
The Press…

I could go on , but you get the point.

Looks like fascism to me. Not a good idea.


Plead guilty to election fraud, finance fraud and bribery and you face the possibility of 4 years in a white collar prison with a tennis court, 5 star chef, cable, internet access and a lounge.
Sell a cigarette (while black) and get executed on the spot.


Well, years ago I was apprised of “equal treatment under the law.”
It wasn’t until a bit later that I learned that some people are more equal than others.


Best post today Minitrue.


Yup, my jaw dropped open when I heard what they were considering “substantial time.” Less than four years for that laundry list of crimes? Especially when it’s usually half that or less in the end. That’s if there is no pardon of course.


Actually, in the Federal system you’re required to serve roughly 85% of your sentence.


Thanks. We learn stuff here every day.