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In 'Severe Blow' to Voting Rights, Supreme Court Preserves GOP Gerrymanders in Texas and North Carolina

In 'Severe Blow' to Voting Rights, Supreme Court Preserves GOP Gerrymanders in Texas and North Carolina

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a victory for "GOP racial gerrymanders everywhere" and a significant loss for voting rights, the Supreme Court's conservative majority on Monday overturned a lower court ruling and revived electoral districts drawn by Texas Republicans that


nazis at work. democracy is gone. take to the streets


Remove the duopoly from all election processes.


Racism and election fraud, sanctioned at the highest level of government.


I agree completely that this is the solution for local representatives (for city, state, or federal). I also believe (and this is harder to achieve), that I want to be able to vote with my “community of interest”, i.e. I want proportional representation (also in city, state, federal). If I were setting things up, I’d have two houses and one is selected via winner takes all with winner chosen by RCV in a single election (no primary) with getting on the ballot determined by a threshold number of signatures, and the other is selected using a mutli-party proportional representation voting scheme (I know very little about these, other then they have been studied extensively and are ready to go if we had the political will).

It is a sad day for the US voter.


We should put Walls up around all of the Red States and let them kill each other.

Always has been. See “Dred Scott.”


The Supremes repeatedly show their utter contempt for the people, democracy, and common sense. “Corporations are people”, “money equals free speech”, and this blatant support for discriminatory, disenfranchising, and consequent unequal representation (among many other of their travesty’s!).

Too bad there is no opposition party…only another set of sellout scum!

With a malignant sociopath schoolchild at the WH, a bought-and-paid-for republicon Congress majority with their complicit DINO partners in crime, voting rights made a mockery, and the “religious” right psychopaths holding such sway over malleable minds, can outright fascist dictatorship, enshrined and sanctified be far behind? The de facto rule of that cabal already dominates so much, why don’t they just vote the Constitution and Bill of Rights into the rubbish heap of “leftist” history?

The truth is if we don’t get these people out of a voting majority, anything can, and likely will happen, under two more years of the oh-so-pliable fascist figurehead trumpenfuhrer, we may not have a “democracy”, republic, or even a civilian governed nation to worry about…problem is there is no opposition, only a lesser(?) evil, and a “kinder and gentler” buggering without even a reach-around…and the beat goes on…keep snoozing sheep!


It really is an Exceptional country.


This was completely knowable in 2016. I repeatedly wrote here about the Taft Court, and what it did to such progressive issues like minimum wage and work hours laws. In response, I was told that I was pushing “fear voting” as if there weren’t legitimate reasons to fear. Oh, I also read lots of garbage about “bringing things to a head” so the progressive revolution would come. Of course, Republicans want to control the Court because it can put a lid on any potential progressive revolution.

The Right doesn’t give up court seats. It votes strategically and methodically. I credit them for understanding what institutional power means, however imperfectly wielded.

Given that the Constitution leaves it up to states as to how they elect Representatives, you can expect the Supreme Court to continue to punt on gerrymandering cases. The surest way to eliminate gerrymandering is simply to eliminate voting by districts and electing representatives at large. This has been done in then past with some states. It was both parties of the duopoly that passed legislation mandating the use of voting districts and thus insuring gerrymandering. It is one of the toxic products of our corrupt two-party system.


Bringing back ugly memories of the McCleskey v. Kemp death penalty case where the jurors were shown evidence of racial discrimination in the application of the death penalty in Georgia and more or less said that it doesn’t really matter. These people (on the supreme court) represent a very elitist vision of the country and I’m afraid the members would have a very difficult time relating to the struggles of people who are not in their class or who do not have their education.


Well if we regain the executive, I think we’re going to have to go a little FDR and reconsider the legitimate number of the Supreme Court justices.


We have a corporate-fascist Supreme Court now, what else would they do?

Time to begin impeaching these fascists – begin with Clarence Thomas, pervert.


Might also be better to “elect” these people with term limits –
and/or do away with the Supreme Court of horrors.

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All of this serves to underpin Elite-patriarchy and Capitalism/Corporatism which provides
the money for gives them POWER over our government.

STOP supporting Capitalism –



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All well and good comments, the descriptions of the tyranny. Unfortunately it seems the crooks have all of the bases covered and few citizens are willing to go out into the streets for fear of the hyper evil police state goon squads who are military armed with shoot to kill orders at the most minor provocation, like free speech.

THIS was my biggest concern when Hillary Clinton became the nominee, because I always knew she’d lose. I protested her candidacy and nomination in comments sections around the MSM from late 2014 until November 2016, and my argument was always that she would lose and we would wind up with an extreme rightwinger as president (check!), Congress (check!) and SCOTUS (check!)…Thanks a lot HRC and her corrupt cronies…It will take at least generation to undo the damage they have done…


You are exactly right. Clarence Thomas was put on the court in an election year, 1992. Democrats had a Senate majority of 57 seats. Biden advanced Thomas out of committee by denying a group of women the chance to verify Anita Hill’s account of the despicable Thomas.

11 Dems voted for Thomas. Their pictures, and Biden’s should be forever displayed in Democratic Party headquarters.

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