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In Shadow of COP21, 'Jungle' Refugee Camp Shows Cost of Inaction

In Shadow of COP21, 'Jungle' Refugee Camp Shows Cost of Inaction

Joe Solomon

When I first turned into the Calais refugee camp, I saw a black man giving another a shave, the barber’s blade up against the other’s neck, sans any shaving cream.

Behind them stood a tent, with the words “Darfur is Bleeding”, spray-painted in dripping red.

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This author needs to come to grips with the Empire part of the equation. Perhaps he can check in with Obama and the Pentagon for the facts.

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Every time I see the term ‘jungle’ used in a context of western failure to achieve coherence I am reminded of the impact of centuries of consequences of channeling linear Cartesian linguistics. A jungle is incoherent and undesirable only when you want something you can’t get from it. To peoples who have been stewarding jungle ‘biomes’ for millennia it is encyclopedia, mother, ‘supermarket’, historical and ancestral record, pharmacy, water source, a complete environment and fundamentally social entity in other words.

The disturbing context of this is that it encompasses an area of communications that ubiquitously obscures a social attitude of dismissal of the fact that JUNGLES ARE COHERENT BIOMES. Ask yourself if you have any coherent knowledge of the actual life of a jungle. When this is faced directly, light shins on an entire communications environment.

In this article we are provided an example of how imposition of virtually subconscious colonizing terminology is being used to instill age-old distancing - ‘othering’- that dissociates and conflates causal realities into the proverbial frog-in-a-slow-boil used to instigate reactionary (eg:neo-fascist) divisiveness.

That said, thank you Joe Solomon - and out of the mouth of babes - the chillingly ironic observation from a 16 YEAR OLD who has been ‘othered’: " “They must finish ‘the jungle’ and divide the people and get the stronger countries to take people in.” Amram added, “You can solve this problem. You can make room.” "

The “Empire part of the equation” is that COP21 is a cruel hoax and distraction in that whatever token “actions” emerge from COP21 will be usurped by corporate tribunals established by Obama’s TPP, TTIP and TISA that will create tens of millions more refugees from third world nations AND the industrialized nations.

The US will once again be flush with hobo jungles near railroad yards, and Hoovervilles in the cities that are even more extensive than those seen during the Great Depression 8 decades ago. Few bridges in the US will have no refugees living beneath them.


All true. The Empire part of the equation I was alluding to is the one that the author glosses over, the one where Empire is busy creating refugees through its brutal foreign policy.