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In 'Shockingly Cruel' Move, Israel to Auction Off Classrooms It Dismantled in West Bank

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/31/shockingly-cruel-move-israel-auction-classrooms-it-dismantled-west-bank

In shockingly hypocritical mode, James Zogby the author of this opinion, and who used to be Bernie Sander’s head campaign honcho and still advises him on “foreign policy matters”, is the president of one of the most powerful Anti-Zionist and Pro-Arab lobbies in operation on Capitol Hill–The Arab American Institute. That must be why he feels so qualified to whip up objections to all the all-powerful (and “divided loyalties/foreign influenced”) terrible horrible AIPAC. (1) The “classrooms” were constructed without any regard for even trying to apply for the proper permits–on land that is still disputed. The “classrooms” in question were more “indoctrination centers” than they were educational facilities, used to store weaponry, during and after the times when children were actively being trained to become “heroic martyrs” and often let go early in order to throw rocks at security troops. Because, you know, that’s the sort of thing that sure to guarantee peace in the region and prosperity for all–including those Palestinian children.

You know if it weren’t for all of the death and destruction, listening to you zionists invent you’re excuses would be great entertainment.


I disagree with the title.

This isn’t “shocking,” it’s normal. This is Israel.


How typical of Zionist supremacists, their propagandists and their agenda of racist “religious” ethnic cleansing of the Occupied Territories to destroy Palestinian schools along with most all Palestinian culture.

The Hasbara comment above attacking James Zogby is typical of total lack of conscience and ordinary truth expressing support for this and countless other Israeli acts of brutality, murder, genocide and atrocities to secure their ethnically, religiously pure entity, justified and based on historical mythology and propaganda.

“Feinstein’s” racist justification for destroying and auctioning schools for Palestinian children is typical of Israeli/Zionist supremacist agenda to cleanse territory to be for Jews only by any means… Ignoring International Law basic to their aggression and illegal colonization of Occupied Territory.

The rationales employed to cover Israeli war and occupation of neighboring states, crimes against civilians, organized destruction of civilian infrastructure, destruction and/or theft of water resources, homes, and orchards, and countless atrocities since 1948 up to and including this one are pathological supremacist blather and diversions to justify Israeli war crimes…


You types have these CANNED talking points that you now believe because your kind have said over and over. You can’t get past your bias racism towards ORIGINAL gentle inhabitants. Your type have created a living holocust for 70+ years, you have out done the german regime monsters of this century.

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I now see that the isreals are no better or worst than the German experiment of the century. This parasitic entity has wedged itself to our congress and senate places of power. Every would be presidental candidate has reached out to beg the emperor (isrealies) for their blessings and approval. hope my account does not get cancelled. I tried to be as gentle as possible toward evils of this globe.