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In Show of Internal Dissent, Federal Workers Rising Up Against Trump


In Show of Internal Dissent, Federal Workers Rising Up Against Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From the 1,000 State Department officials rushing to sign an official dissent cable, to the 180 federal workers signing up for a workshop on civil disobedience, to the dozens of


Besides this, there is the ongoing campaign of the CIA pushing the 'Russia Hacked the Election' hoax, and you have Mike Moore, Rachel Maddow & now Dick Durbin claiming that the Trump administration somehow amounts to a coup.

Adding this up, I'd say it looks like CIA is getting ready for its own coup.

Going to be an interesting couple decades I'd say.


This could be a very positive sign!
* Remember, the government's working does not depend on the satraps chosen to give the orders. It depends on the grunts in the trenches.
* When those "grunts" are treated with contempt, are given orders that make no sense, are threatened by the satraps to do what they're told or move on, they can close the establishment in the blink of an eye.
* It may well be that they can bring down this clown show in short order and save several million lives.
* Let's support their efforts to the best of our ability!


Ah ha! It's getting dicey now. This is what America really is. I'm so pleased and proud of these employees that take their oath to the constitution, and not a president, seriously. Great news.
This is what we needed. Pushing from the inside and out will win against this orange, wanna be, dictator.


I'm all for internal dissent, but beware of the State Department, Sen. Bob Graham got it right when he said State is "white, male, and Yale." (probably neocon as well)


This Administration is so incredibly dangerous, it is waking up many people who have been asleep. Even if in their waking they don't grasp their own past folly, their own degree of resistance to this Administration is welcome.


The civil service workers cannot be fired easily. Trump has been aware of it and has called for changing the laws. They are the final bulwark against a dictator. If they simply to along with orders then ultimately there probably is nobody who can stop Trump and Bannon from establishing a dictatorship without resorting to violence which would be a calamity. These workers clearly support American values and certainly understand the Trump and Bannon are unAmerican. Not only are they unAmerican but they are trying to institute fascism so quickly that tens of millions of people have taken to resistance. In some of the towns near me Indivisible groups are formed and local protests against the Muslim band have taken place. I would say Trump is almost totally despised around here although he must have supporters hunkered down in their homes somewhere, perhaps biding their time hoping Trump can triumph.

  1. Trump needs to be impeached on grounds of mental illness. He doesn't accept basic facts and reality, especially in regards to climate change which will affect the lives of billions of people, and other things in reality he rejects. And he is a manic liar. Is it possible for a President to be impeached on grounds of poor mental health/stability, insanity? If he were impeached , his entire admin. could be replaced.
  2. Impeach him and his admin. for violating the constitution, abuse of power, collusion and conflict of interest, on many counts.
  3. Impeach and try him as a Traitor, for his "special" relationship with Russia and his murky russian ties, (and the Russian's efforts to help him get elected?). That is selling-out to the enemy, treason, the definition of a traitor.
    Lawyers inside and outside of government need to be looking seriously into these things and anything else similar. If the end game of this is Ronald Rump in prison then that would be a happy ending at least.
    Climate change is at a critical stage, we absolutely must have leadership that understands this. Anything less is unacceptable if you care about the human race continuing.


Exactly what we need!


Yes indeed. "A president who, among his first orders of business, put a freeze on federal hiring" because he wants to privatize everything including what remains of indigenous land. Trump says privatize we say socialize!


When Sean Spicer threatened the State Department employees with telling them to either love their mentally incompetent, boss or leave their employment, before they get fired, just like Yates, it looks like Sean may have stirred up a hornets nest!



Hoax? I smell a trolling rat. And the diabolical destructive duet of Bannon and Trump have managed a coup and it only took them 10 days so far. With all the openings, perhaps you could work for your heroes.


This President deserves impeachment. He is mentally challenged and incapable of running the country. US congress should pay attention on it.


As may be clear to anyone paying attention, Trump's the showman and Steve Bannon is the one pulling his strings. The plutocracy is going full tilt toward a totalitarian system of control never before seen in this country. Though to be somewhat fair, it's been heading in this direction for quite some time. But now headed by the Insane Clown Posse it's been fast tracked to a new standard of ultra right wing ideology; scary indeed! We all need to do what we can to slow down this monster of an administration and get back on track to the matters that really matter, such as corporate takeover of social institutions, global warming and poisoning, endless wars, etc. The list is long indeed. We all must start now to have future for all your children, I don't have any but I still care deeply about other's and Earth herself especially. Young people everywhere must start, today.


All the workers in the White House that keep it running: chefs, kitchen staff, usher, housekeeper, support staff (maids, drivers, landscapers, mechanics, etc.) leaving en masse would bring the current tenant and Reich Master Bannon to their knees. Wouldn't it be fitting to have a state dinner at the WH (organized by Yvanka, of course) and have NO ONE show up including the honoree(s)?


Impeachment (House) and expulsion (Senate)!


Helo Olhippy, The Earth will survive but all the plants and animals might be decreased to something approaching zero. The bacteria and viruses have the best chance for survival.


I'm also very proud of the millions of everyday people who are out on the streets protesting.
I have no doubt that the politicians and employees of the government would be taking these stands if they didn't feel they had the support of the people.


Because hotel magnate Trump wouldn't be able to get cooks and housekeeping staff?