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In Show of Solidarity, Public Transit Workers Refuse to Transport Police Units or Those Arrested at #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/29/show-solidarity-public-transit-workers-refuse-transport-police-units-or-those

“Rational Minds Question Authority.”

In this country, we must see that happening every single day.


This type of action pisses off TPTB to no end.
When I was a union local president, we had informational pickets set-up at city hall. The City Manager and is assistant were behind the glass doors chuckling, then UPS pulled up, walked up to the door, the manager opened the door and the UPS guy told him they don’t cross picket lines, if they wanted their package they would have to drive about 15 mi. to the warehouse and pick it up. Coke delivery man did the same thing. They weren’t laughing after that, we were.


““More than ever, we need a new civil rights movement that is joined with the labor movement.””

What we need is a PEACEFUL Civil rights, labor, voting rights, peace and climate/environment movement.

The problem in Minnesota is that the police unions have a lot of power. Unions have to be strong but fair to the public too. It’s a fine line.

After trying to work with them (police unions) in action against the city, IMO they are fu*king worthless in labor action. They never want to put their asses on the line, are lazy, and are perfectly happy to enjoy the benefits other labor organizations work for while doing nothing. Their reason for being is to unify their ranks against the public (the blue line), not progressive labor action.

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If we are to make any progress that “all for us” attitude has to be negotiated. Like most government agencies now, a “zero tolerance” policy has to be in place. Not only to quell sexual harassment, but also to quell citizen abuse.

Sorry gandolf, but IMO you won’t have a positive negotiation with police or their unions to end neoliberalism, maybe 30-40 years ago, now they have made their choice. It will be the rest of us against them, they will lose.