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In Sign of 'Overwhelming Support,' Water Protectors Raise Over $3 Million to Fight Dakota Access


In Sign of 'Overwhelming Support,' Water Protectors Raise Over $3 Million to Fight Dakota Access

Nika Knight, staff writer

Water protectors battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline have been stunned by incredible support for their fight, as allies near and far have flooded the protest camp's fundraiser with over $3 million.


I donated through the GoFundMe account. This is more important than our gd national election -- it is about climate change and sovereignty.


Yes, it is about climate change but the issue of the sovereignty of the indigenous people can be brought into the minds of the people of this nation in a way it never has been before. The United States was founded on stolen land. Columbus did not 'discover' anything. This land was populated by people who were killed and driven off their land. A popular saying in our time of expansion from sea to shining sea was, "the only good Indian is a dead Indian."

The rising concern of the people of the United States can make a serious change in the policies of our government in ignoring the treaties that were made between the indigenous people and the government of the United States. That land does not belong to the United States. It must be returned to the rightful owners as their sovereign land.


" This is more important than the election."
Yes, the election for POTUS is nothing but a dog and pony show for the masses and both major candidates for POTUS, are nothing but stooges for the oil/garchy.

Thanks for donating!


" I got people to take care of." Brave Bull Allard.

If these brave Lakota Sioux are willing to spend a cold, brutal, North Dakota winter in order to stand in defiance of the DAPL, then I would submit: WE ALL HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THESE PEOPLE!


This support is incredible. Thanks to CD for keeping the news flowing. Thanks to all who have donated. On another note, NPR was on the air this morning with some pretty flack trying to white wash this whole travesty and the damn pipeline company.


This is exactly why Obama is trying to shovel his secret trade agreements through. So that companies that build these dangerous underground oil pipelines. Are off the hook when the shit hits the fan. They want to rape the land. And not have to pay for the harm they are doing to Mother Earth.


The way the Western white race is destroying the world through capitalistic greed, I can imagine the land will soon be returned. Keep your people together, I am assuming you are native, and the Buffalo will once again freely roam.


I agree, but the word "support" would go better than "take care of" in my opinion.


I like the distinction drawn between the rise of the term 'anthropocene' and what one might coin the predatory 'capitalistocene'. I tend to think the anthropocene will be fully actualized in a positive direction as the latter collapses from human realization of the necessity of abandoning the sclerotic tailspin.


Good to hear the people are getting support. I worry about them. I know other tribes have been donating supplies and such. This was huge talk at the powwows I attended this summer.


I agree.