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In "Significant Rebuke" to Trump's Anti-Immigrant Administration, House Passes NO BAN Act

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/significant-rebuke-trumps-anti-immigrant-administration-house-passes-no-ban-act

We all want to see refugees and non-corporate immigration be fair. But there is a hidden agenda going on behind the scenes and both parties as well as the entire US medic are colluding to hide a huge change that should be compared to the resumption of slavery or more approriately, indentured servitude - which was a really bad situation when it existed, it was ended by the American Revolution. I am speaking, of course about the rapidly expanding problem of body shopping foirms and the international trade in “services” a euphemism for the corporate capture of immigration.

I wonder what the unintended result may be with regard to body shopping firms, who claim that quotas limiting the numbers of subcontractor workers by country are WTO-illegal. Ultra cheap high skill labor is great for corporations bottom line but it undermines the value of all work.

And that indeed was the intent from the beginning of these trade in services agreements. Which frame the labor arbitrage effect as a benefit of these agreements. Lowering wages or outsourcing and offshoring skilled jobs should not be framed as a benefit. But they are, illustrating how profoundly out of touch government is with peoples lives today. Much of the problem started with making services tradable, which along with creating new obligations over IP, like Rx drugs was among the main reasons the World Trade Organization was created and came into force in 1995… Jobs are being traded away to allow countries like the US to charge more money for drugs.

The International Labor Organization has published some good work on the problems with the GATS “Mode Three” and “Mode Four” guest visa programs. These are the programs that are used to have workers train their replacements (Typically workers in the L-1B worker visa) and others. and then be laid off. These treaties offer a way to get around US wage and hour laws. They could potentially effect - by disemploying, tens of millions of US workers. Radically changing the face of US labor and workplaces overnight. Destroying unions. Basically, most of the decent jobs in the country could be subcontracted our for very low wages. Especially impacting jobs where tax money is spent or civil service. Everything that gets a partial subsidy (including healthcare) likely falls under its jurisdiction. (It also would block much needed reforms) People have no idea.

High skilled workers should be paid a decent wage, not taken advantage of because they want to get work experience. Workers shouldnt have to pay to get experience by working almost for free for years. But thats whats happening.

This could happen overnight with no new legislation, just because of agreements we have already signed.

One has to wonder, why would people even want to come here if wages were as low here as in the poor countries, but costs remained high. Something makes me think this has not been at all well thought out. People should be aware we are all being manipulated tremendously, and we have to become a lot smarter and less gullible. People are not who they say they are. Most people in the world, including us, would rather be able to stay and live fulfilling lives in the countries we were born in , if we could. But we are all threatened by a huge global wave of corruption of which these kinds of schemes to disempower and disenfranchise large numbers of people, creating global churn that does nobody any good, is the domain of the world’s slickest and most dishonest crooks. They are the ones who rule us and have ruled us now for several Administrations. Until we understand the world a lot better we’re always going to lose, to these increasingly bolder crooks. Nothing is what it seems to be now. Lots of money is involved, trillions of dollars in profits allegedly now being paid in over high wages. These schemes also want to capture the remittances sent home by illegal workers. They see all the money that they dont control as a loss, a waste. They wont be happy until the middle class and the American Dream of a decent life and decent work for decent pay is dead. Because they see it as a threat to the future they consider to be their entitlement, one of a race to the bottom as jobs become scarcer. We’re totally failing to see whats being done.

I cringe these days when I here that congress passed something. It doesn’t mean it passed and is going into affect. It just means that it has been passed over to the senate to die.

The shot heard around the world?