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In 'Significant' Win for Water Protectors, Judge Orders Review of DAPL Permits


In 'Significant' Win for Water Protectors, Judge Orders Review of DAPL Permits

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Water protectors celebrated a "very significant victory" on Wednesday as a federal judge deemed safety evaluations of the Dakota Access Pipeline insufficient and ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to "reconsider" its analysis of the risks the crude oil pipeline poses to the environment and the public.


Wow! This is the best news I've heard in some time. I only wish we had a Supreme Court that would uphold this decision.


To the Locals.

The silence does not do justice to the hard hours spent in the fight against this oil snake.

Thank you for what you all are doing.


I disagree that the Obama administration "painstakingly considered the impacts of this pipeline". The archaeological studies were not sufficiently conducted. There was a lot more that should have been studied and was instead ignored- in addition to the inadequate safety studies. Reckless and careless is the best way to describe the conduct of the studies and the construction of this pipeline. Somebody's name needs to be tied down to this pipeline when it leaks, needs repaired and when it needs to be dismantled after its no longer profitable to operate. Somebody needs to pay for that and it had better not be US taxpayers. This damed thing had better not turn into some damed Love Canal superfund site! Somebody needs to be responsible and held responsible! Their neck needs to be stretched out over that pipeline at all times!


It is heartening to find that there are at least a few judges with integrity left in our horrifically unjust legal system. May this be the beginning of the end of the DAPL


Will the evil emperor create an executive order to undermine the Army Corps of Engineers' authority to "review the DAPL permits?" After all, he does own more than $250,000 worth of stock in Energy Partners and his priority is to protect his investments.

Although the ruling does give us hope, allowing the oil to flow (as a partial victory because the judge did not order the oil flow stopped) is very disheartening and frightening.


That will of course be contested and when it arrives at the SCOTUS:
Can you spell Gorsuch?


I spell it 'Gorsucks'......DAPL DIE!!