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In Single Tweet, Bernie Sanders Debunks Trump's Lies on Social Security and Medicare


In Single Tweet, Bernie Sanders Debunks Trump's Lies on Social Security and Medicare

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) turned to Twitter Friday evening to call out President Trump's latest lies that he is "going to protect your Social Security" and Republicans are "saving Medicare" from Democrats' supposed efforts to "destroy" the social safety net programs—which actually have been consistently targeted by the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers.


Ah yes. Government by Tweet. Now that’s real progressive activism that will help us move toward democratic socialism. Sure does beat the hard work of organizing. It’s easy work if you can get it.


Sanders responded which is good. The problem is this is the message guys like Rick Scott are pushing too. Their voters don’t seem to give a damn either.


I’ve always said, “when you hear Republicans say reform, better grab your ass”. These dumb sobs’ will give a shit when they get a “voucher” (basically a coupon) from the govt to get insurance. Problem is ALL old people have at least minor health problems and if the Republicans get their way the insurance companies won’t have to cover “pre-existing conditions” anymore OR they will charge exorbitant prices for it. As far as the “voucher” you may as well wipe your ass with it for what it’ll be worth. Insurance will cost 20 grand a year for a single person and the “voucher” will be worth 2 grand.


More than half of the US population have pre-existing conditions and the insurance companies increase that by serially changing the definition of “pre-existing”. EVERY Murkin that I know over age 50 is a walking pre-existing condition. If any of you readers know anybody over age 50 who does not fall in to the pre-existing condition I would like to meet that person.

Too bad that only a small fraction of US voters will ever read this article or be informed of its content by any other media.

Mainstream media is doing a bang up job of distracting us from this and Kavanaugh’s serial perjury by saturating us with this week’s contrived leak. Today they even threw Stormy into the drama to make sure we don’t start peeking behind the curtain.


I think Kevin Drum wrote a good piece the other day on the issue:


He thinks Republicans actually like being lied to. Frankly, given the dinner conversation I had last night, I think there’s some merit to the idea.


GOP voters in my workplace during the Dubya Regime were always proud that the GOP consistently got away with more lies than they did during the previous year. They never questioned or seemed to care if those lies were in their best interests or not.


If you’re so smart, tell us what we should we do? At least Bernie is warning people. And there’s groups like Our Revolution and Indivisible, among others. What are you doing? I mean other than sitting at your computer or phone criticizing.


Really that tweet debunked Trump and republicons? I was so disappointed with Obama not giving credit where credit is due to Bernie Sanders for making Medicare For All to be in forefront.

We need to trample lamestreet media that lies by omission. he says she says with no analysis of facts that they clearly have. Shameful and faux news is as big as climate change with abc, cbs, nbc, msnbc, cnn, right behind them as i is what they don’t say that matters and us sane people know Fox lies


You post interesting comments that are worth considering but, whether you like Tweets or not, people see and read them. It has become a way to reach people. Although you obviously don’t agree with some of what Bernie says and does, in addition to Tweeting, he does, and always has done, the hard work of organizing.


Murkins were dialed into sound bites and in many cases became limited to absorbing only sound bites long before Twitter emerged. Twitter was the natural evolution of that trend and isn’t going away so we indeed need to lend credence to its impact.


I asked a local savvy Dem:

“If single-payer is introduced in the next Congress, and Trump signs it to save his sorry ass for a second term and abandoning investigations, would Dems take the deal?”

“Sure,” he said. “In a heartbeat.”


You seem to be responding to Patricia but why isn’t your comment made as a response to her?


Are you, again, responding to the poster just before you, in this case KC? Why are you not posting it as a response to KC?


Once again, your posts do not reflect they are really responses to other posters. Why is that?


Trump and the Koch brother are sort of enemies but they nevertheless are working together. Trump of course has his own white nationalist agenda which centers on immigration but he is also pushing the radical libertarian agenda of the Koch brothers.


I don;t there is any question that Republicans want to be lied to. They want their want their biases confirmed. That makes them always feel like they are right which is a good feeling. I think people with that type of personality gravitate toward the Republicans. People on the left are very different. What they want is the truth even if if challenges their own beliefs. The right wing media doesn’t fact check statements but the left wing media does.


Whether people “read” Tweets or not is not relevant for organizing; but they are useful to mobilize. Tweets, as the Idiot of Orange demonstrates like no other, are impulsive and cheap substitutes for engaged thought and action. Worse, they give the illusion of thought and action and program people to push buttons and react to stimuli. They are Pavlovian by design and quite successful in their primary goal of mass distraction. They are a sign of surrender on the altars of the god and goddess Fashion and Popularity.


Trump’s communication is impulsive and cheap regardless of the form it takes.

Part of organizing is to mobilize people, so if Tweets are useful to mobilize, why not use them??? Tweeting can reach millions of people. You may not like it as a form of communication, but it is a tool and I doubt it will be going away. Nothing is a substitute for face to face communication, and action, but if Tweeting increases the exposure to an idea, it could be helpful.


As a Bernie delegate in Maine myself in '16, I’m pushing Bernie
(almost bribing him with more contributions) to come over from Vermont
to Maine in order to “BACK ZAK” and show him the love and support he
gave to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NYC) so that at least some of the people in Maine
will know and understand the name of our 2018 Democratic Party’s
candidate for the U.S. Senate is ZAK Ringelstein — since the Maine
Media and the Maine Dem Party are treating this young (32 year old)
highly progressive, and even DSA candidate for U.S. Senate from Maine as
a real fire brand progressive who can beat the old, tired,
“middle-of-the-road”, IINO (Independent In Name Only) A King — who
votes and supports Emperor Trump’s side in the Senate 47% of the time.

Is Maine progressive or what??

Is Maine “Dirigo” (leading) or what??

Let’s get real and over-come A KING, a censoring media monopoly EMPIRE, and
with ZAK in the Senate also over-come this damn Disguised Global
Capitalist EMPIRE — because

as all true Americans know right down to their own DNA:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

It’s hard to believe that Bernie doesn’t have the guts or commitment to just cross the border from his own Vermont to support a U.S. Senate candidate of the Democratic Party in the fellow New England state of Maine (which supported him so heavily in his own run for President), and give us all an extra U.S. Senator who is a DSA member, and strong progressive- who could change the balance of the Senate from 2018 to 2020 against Emperor Trump.

What’s the matter with you Bernie??