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In 'Slap in Face to Democracy' Wisconsin's Walker Says Ready to Sign Right-to-Work Bill


In 'Slap in Face to Democracy' Wisconsin's Walker Says Ready to Sign Right-to-Work Bill

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Friday said he's ready to sign so-called right-to-work legislation that Republican lawmakers aim to fast-track next week.

Walker's announcement marks a shift from previous statements on such legislation, and the Associated Press adds that it's a move "the likely 2016 presidential candidate initially said should be delayed to avoid re-igniting massive pro-union protests."


the term Right To Work, may be the biggest lie that the Repugs have ever rolled out.

The audacity is simply jaw dropping.
Unions built this country.


I stopped eating dairy products in protest.


This scumbag Scott Walker, is a relative of George WALKER Bush. He was GWB’s election campaign manager in Texas. How they installed him way up in Wisconsin I’ll never understand. When are we going to ditch this fake democracy run by a handful of dynasty families?


This article is about Jeb: https://wolfessblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/longform-jeb-put-me-through-hell/, and when you put Scott Walker and Jeb Bush together you are literally looking at hell on earth! The last thing we need is another shrub anywhere near the WH!


Let’s not just get caught in the personality. The danger isn’t just Walker - or his agenda, in this instance it is the “right to work” - union busting legislation proposed. People will get all excited - a few extra bucks in a couple pockets for a while - “ain’t life great”, then falling wages - more unemployment/welfare/subsidized health care- etc. - and we follow this up by “recovery” - more workers sharing fewer dollars - tax breaks to the wealthy, profit to the wealthy, poverty and reduced standard of living as the middle class sinks further into the muddy waters of “trickle down” economics


This is their answer for unemployment…Employment with no benefits no health care …more money for investors less money for them that create their wealth…GOP doctrine funded by Koch money.