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In 'Slap in the Face' to Immigrants, Spending Bill Leaves Out DREAM Act While Funding Border Wall


In 'Slap in the Face' to Immigrants, Spending Bill Leaves Out DREAM Act While Funding Border Wall

Julia Conley, staff writer

With funding for President Donald Trump's plan for a border wall but no protection for young immigrants, known as "Dreamers," who were brought to the U.S. as children, immigrant rights activists on Thursday called the spending deal released by lawmakers this week an affront to immigrants across the country, and demanded that Democrats who claim to support their communities reject the plan.


The Dreamers are such great political theater, a tool of such divisiveness that can be used again and again to distract and divide people who might otherwise be paying attention to the actions of the Kleptocracy. You don’t think they would give that up just to give a little hope and peace to a few innocent young people do you. I thought not…


This nation has devolved into a third world nightmare with a first world military. A sense of hopeless despair from all this shit is either a genetic disorder requiring Big Pharma psychiatric medication, or a perfectly rational, normal reaction of an otherwise healthy psyche.
Who was it who said “Being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society is no measure of good health.” ?


Here we go. Leaving the immigrant kids out there dangling in the wind, like wind chimes. while we enjoy our tax cut already eaten up with inflation. Now we are going to add 1.5 trillion to the deficit. Lary Summers and George Wills both say this is the most stupid plan since the country was founded. Full employment and booming economy, what happens in the next recession? Don’t forget the bank deregulation again, and we have already used up QE 1 2 3 and tarp. That’s what happens when we elect truth-benders. What does Putin have on Trump and family? Simple; they are living on Russian credit and filthy money. They are actually bankrupt, morally and financially.


The republic,is at its darkest moment since the Civil War.


Darker…far darker


This should surprise no one. The Republicans and the Trump administration never intended to use the promise of doing something about the dream act for anything but giving Susan Collins an out to vote for their tax bill.


What a picture of who the GOP want us to be. They want to spend our money to do what? It’s like going into a grocery store where all they sell is junk food, nothing that supports life. Fill everyone up on sugar and give them a gun, oh what fun.

I try to read the news from around the globe. I don’t see headlines and articles out there that read like ours. Read just the front page here from top to bottom. Yes, there are countries out there with wars and all the nastiness it brings, few of those are without our name included. Now this budget wants to expand the vision and re-shoot the photo so it includes more of the scene. More of the ugly American, what a grand vista to view.


We’re talking Duopoly here folks. Ever conservative Duopoly, beholding to all but the American People.

Want change?

Change the way you think about the Duopoly parties.


We don’t need a wall built, we need to give those people who are here the legal documentation and work permits to be here and provide due process of law not jail. Anything else is a human right crisis which is what Trump wants to create. I’m not sure I like the “dreamer” class as it is another form of division and separation. Immigration laws do need to be enforced by the companies and their violation of those laws should lead to imprisonment of business executives. People would never have come here had they not been given jobs without proper documentation. As a nation - we are in deep trouble with massive homelessness, gentrification and displacement. Many people born in the US are living on the streets without money, homes or jobs. I’m sure many immigrants join them. There needs to be an attainable dream for everyone.


This wall is an outrageous affront to all foreign nationals seeking to infiltrate the United States and collude with unscrupulous employers to drive down wages! I am stunned!


We need to repatriate unauthorized aliens to their home countries and see to it that their governments re-integrate them.




Yeah, those foreign nationals should form a corporation and set up an off shore shell company then they would have the full protection of the U.S. What are they thinking?


Why don’t we just declare them naturalized if they were brought here before the age of majority? I think that is still eighteen and the remainder can be judged case by case. Recite that god awful pledge of allegiance show some rudimentary knowledge of the constitution, which is more than our present politicians can do. What is the damned problem? When did we start to compete with: China Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey etc to see how low we could go relating to human rights. C’mon: Collins Poliquin, King, Pingree. Make us proud speak truth to power or forever wear the badge of cowardice for life. Remember notables like honorable Senator Smith.