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In Solidarity With Frontline Communities, Day of Action Demands End to Funding for Tar Sands

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/solidarity-frontline-communities-day-action-demands-end-funding-tar-sands

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A great example of how real change happens outside the quadrennial circus capturing so much of our attention.

I had the good fortune to live in Canada, a far superior country to ours, and visited the massive area of destruction created by the tar sands project and pipelines.
It’s a horrific desecration against mother earth, indigenous people and anyone else who appreciates boreal forests, rivers, aquifers, clean air and water, wilderness, wildlife, peace and quiet.
Protests are somewhat useful, but the only way to really stop the rape of mother earth is to follow the playbook outlined in The Monkey Wrench Gang and its companion manual, Ecodefense.
Direct action against tar sands infrastructure and the goons who make their money destroying the earth works far better than protests.