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In Step Toward Ending Dark-Money Elections, Court to Review Case That Created Super PACs

In Step Toward Ending Dark-Money Elections, Court to Review Case That Created Super PACs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what could be a pivotal ruling, a district court decision on Thursday has set the stage for a review of the case that spawned the recent era of lavish and secretive spending by big-money super PACs in local and national campaigns.

In response, proponents of campaign finance reform expressed confidence that they are one step closer to getting a major source of corporate dark money out of U.S. elections.

"Big Money equals Big Corruption."

Big Corruption equals Severe Income Inequality,
Unchecked Corporate Welfare, Legal Fleecing of Our Treasuries, Laws Changed to Protect Polluters Before Citizens, Corporations Who Pay No Federal Taxes, etc.

June 1972 in Texas.


We cannot ignore a right wing Supreme Court which gave us this insanity and
which will give us many more –

We need to be fighting against that Court and demanding some proof that
“money is free speech” – that “corporations are people.”

When and where is any of that true?

As we know historically, the Vatican has long had great control over the world’s
free press – and as SPOTLIGHT movie makes clear in Boston at the time that
one priest was abusing 80 or more children. The story begins with that one priest
but ends with 249 priests in the Boston archdiocese (of total 1500 priests) abusing
children – that was way beyond the 6% estimate and results in an actual 16.6%
level of abuse by Catholic priests. This is certainly a well established form of
traumatizing children as we see what is happening with children in the care of ICE.

Catholics are the majority on our Supreme Court –
And Congress as well seems to be under the control of Catholic/Christian legislators.
Maybe this should all mean nothing to us –
but to me it seems worthy of mention by our free press.

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The “Citizens United” rulling should be rightly overturned as so worng it boggles the mind! The premise that “money equals free speech” is so far beyond reason it stands as a monument to the rule Of, By, and For the wealthy.

The fact (IMO) is that if money equals free speech, it stands to reason that those who control vast wealth are more equal than others. In a “democracy”, which we are not, but a republic actually, equal representation demands that the premise One-Person, One Vote, must not be violated a premise that the SCOTUS stood on its head via CU. A person of wealth can and does manipulate the electoral process and makes a mockery of the One-Person, One Vote foundation of a republic or “democracy”! Add to that subversion by wealth of either, the ability of wealth to manipulate thought and truth via a corrupted bought-out media - the critical Fourth Estate - and we are well on the path toward what America was supposed to be a bastion against - tyranny, the rule of the wealthy and connected to dominate society and our collective future!

It seems clear that if the SCOTUS will not function as it was intended by the framers, a Congress of integrity and dedication to principles of an egalitarian nation, must alter the make-up of the court via impeachment for cause, or to increase the number of justices, as FDR once had to threaten, to again reflect the rule of law, not politics and manipulation of the very wealth they ruled “legal”!

Disheartening that judges, politicians, and police can be bought.

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