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In Step Towards Justice, Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law 'Discriminatory'


In Step Towards Justice, Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law 'Discriminatory'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Texas's controversial voter ID law, the most severe in the country, has a "discriminatory effect" against minority voters, in what civil rights campaigners say is an important step towards justice for African-American, Latino, and low-income people suppressed under the rule.


If its not careful, Texas will lose its place as laughingstock number one to Florida.


I can see Ted Cruz on the campaign trail… “I’d rather deny a million Americans the right to vote rather than allowing one illegal vote to be counted!”


“One step forward to step backwards, down in a Babylon”

I fear in the next week I will read an article about this ruling being overturned… Fingers crossed!


how could florida ever not be no.1 when it snored over then gov.Jeb Bushs disenfranchising of thousands of voters in order to hand the Florida electoral college vote to his comrade in corruption,George i-speak-to-God-but-lie-to-you Bush? oh wait , thats not funny…hmmm…nevermind…


But that’s standard Republican policy.


No wonder the Bush crime family was " elected" there and in Florida.