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In Step Towards Justice, DOJ Set to Release 6,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders


In Step Towards Justice, DOJ Set to Release 6,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. Department of Justice is preparing to release from federal prisons up to 6,000 people whose nonviolent drug sentences were recently reduced, as part of what advocates say is the country's ongoing "march towards fairness" within its "failed" criminal justice system.


It's about time the DOJ (and the legislature) begin to look at the drug epidemic through the lens of a societal issue rather than a criminal. There are a number of effective strategies to reduce drug use among the young, and to help those who are engaged in it but wish to stop--none of them involve beating them down spiritually, emotionally and physically, then relegating them to prison where they suffer additional untold horrors. When will the government (manned by US citizens, note) realize this is the 21st century, and we have to find new ways of doing things??


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Ding-dong the wicked witch is "dying". And all of us here at the Lolly-pop guild are sucking a sucker in celebration.

There have been too many casualties racked up in this war to call it anything but. How does a society repay a group that has been singled out for persecution? Society doesn't because it can't even apologize.


Makes one wonder who they ARE readying the empty beds for...


Well, being old enough to having been an adult in the 80's, and one that usually pays attention, I remember the idiotic war on drugs was a bi-partisan, bi racial screw up. Joe Biden ( yes, THAT Joe Biden) introduced the first legislation to drastically increase the penalties in the act he sponsored and helped write in around 1984. Reagan vetoed it. Then Len Bias died on the basketball court and everyone went nuts.A democratic senator from Texas, Jim something or another, sponsored a new bill in 1986 that was even more draconian. It passed the democratic controlled house and senate with overwhelming bi partisan support (Including the entire Congressional Black Caucus) and went on to be signed into law by Reagan.

Just goes to show you that, just because something is popular, doesn't mean it isn't stupid.


Actually, the "War on Drugs" was hatched by Richard Nixon in 1971. Nancy just picked up the ball to have something to do when she was not shopping or entertaining. Read more here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2011/jul/24/war-on-drugs-40-years


And with their release, how are these folks going to find gainful employment and housing? Will any reparations be paid or will they be handed the clothes they had when they entered prison and a check for $84.90 for the years of labor spent in prison along with a pat on the back on their way out? Will they be provided financial assistance to go to school...trade, two year or university? I sure hope there are any number of attorneys that would do pro bono work to seek compensation for wrongful imprisonment AND that the wrongfully imprisoned have that recourse.

Too damn little, too damn late.


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Conservatives send non-violent drug users to prison. Many learned in prison how to become hardened criminals, a handy trade when they get out and can't get a job because of their prison record. Then conservatives will say "I told you not to release those criminal druggies"


What about the Whistleblowers Obama jailed.


Oh rest assured they got your name there.


Yes, substantial reparations; official letters of apology signed by judges admitting to culpability via immediate resignation and transfer of their pensions over to a massive fund for those so outrageously imprisoned; full voting rights restored to those unjustly convicted, their criminal records expunged by full presidential pardon . . . for starters.

Then automatic appointment of freed inmates to high commission investigating systemic corruption in prison chain of command, additional hiring of freed inmates for serious oversight of parole boards through U.S. . . .


Wrong war, that was the "War against Truth'.


It will not be nice gun-toting Xtian white people.


Well, if nothing else, parts of this vast mechanism of government under the O'man is giving plenty of fodder to the Christian right as they twist their undies into a knot about the moral decay of this nation. Funny how their righteous indignation almost never mentions US slavish indulgence in the summation of all evil, or our fetish with uniforms and menacing military weapons. No, it's the pot smoking hippy type ne'er-do-wells who've ruined this great country (sic).


Not to mention what they will endure after release as convicted felons...


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YES! Restore their voting rights at the very least!!!!


You can bet that the For-Profit prison industry is going to want those cells filled by someone.