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In Step Towards Privatization, Trump Enacts Federal Hiring Freeze

In Step Towards Privatization, Trump Enacts Federal Hiring Freeze

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's repeated pledge to create more American jobs, it appears, didn't include positions within the federal government.

Oh yes “the establishment” doesn’t like Trump!


How long will it take those white working class people who put this guy in office to come to their sense and admit they make a big mistake? I would hope quickly but I doubt it.


The hard-core fundie-Christian, war-hawk and Ayn Randite next to me in my (federal regulatory agency) workplace used to go on and on about how much he disliked Trump. But now, there is spring in his step and a grin on his face…


A pattern the ginger pig will repeat until all except his co-conspirators and ignorant fools loath and despise his arrogance and extremist service to wealth and privatization above all else!
The ill-conceived, half-thought out schemes will ripple-out through society until he is deposed. His claimed “concern” for ordinary people a lie and deception from the giddyup…


When an inner-city youth loots the local variety store for a candy bar during a riot, he gets shot.
When a Republican Congressperson loots the treasury for billions of tax-payer dollars, he gets accolades from the President.

But this is nothing new. The looting of America has been going on for a long time. It is just now officially stated policy rather than a secret under the table deal.

Oh, if only to be a war profiteer with absolutely no morals…


The average republican knows, they just know that shrinking government is one of the best things to happen, and that bunch will never accept that it will cost more to hire private contractors and, of course, if they have to stand in line longer for some government service that simply shows how worthless government workers are. For republicans, alternate facts seem to always fit the bill.


Another Idiot-logical, fact-free action brought to you by the hard right and the orange monster.

This is as stupid as Trump’s declaration that all agencies will have to repeal two regulations in order to adopt one new one. Then, when they get down to that one last regulation, they could never adopt a new regulation at all. Republican Nirvana!


I have to deal with various school districts to arrange for busing for field trips.
Some districts run their own bus fleet.
Others contract out to private companies to do their busing.

The fees from the private contract companies average about ten times the fees that the “government run” fleets charge.

But the reverse seems to be the case for snow removal services. But no one is minding the store in either case because there is money to be made for savvy business people.


Let the divestiture begin with the entire Trump Trash Tribe and include all the slobbering sycophants on his staff (including P-pants, the VP) and in his cabinet. May they be thrown back to their private palaces of gluttony and debauchery far away from our government. Too bad they won’t all fit on Elba…


Adding 25-35% for overhead and profit, then hiring the cheapest labor possible is a business plan that, without regulations, might just put our kids back in the workforce … except Barons.

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So I see Clinton first day in office behaving exactly like Trump. Nah! So much of “the same” , yet all the “progressives” who enabled Trump are never going to regret pushing anybody but Clinton.

I bet! There’s your sign!

B.S.!!! The only part of the Federal Government that is severely bloated, is the part that’s exempt from this order,
namely the Military/Intelligence Complex, an oxymoronic term if ever there was one!


“Ginger pig”… I like that. Trouble is, it’s orange hair has been changed to normal gray.

They should, but school administrators have pushed for large consolidated schools rather than small local schools, so then transportation is necessary.
The small local schools work much better.

Of course when I was a kid, I walked to school five miles uphill on the way to school and five miles uphill on the way home. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the government is bloated because of corporate welfare! or perhaps because the government gives 3.8 Billion to Israel.–who by the way have single payer healthcare. Or maybe because there are so many loopholes for rich multi-million, billionaire types to not pay their fair share. Or because the government keeps hiring and paying top dollar for services to private companies. Blackwater rings a bell as does Halliburton etc. etc. etc. Self-serving move Mr. President.

“Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has indicated that his priorities under the Trump administration will be 'reforming” protections for federal workers such as “eliminating defined-benefit pensions for new federal employees and making it easier for agencies to dismiss employees accused of sexual misconduct,’”

Well certainly knowing how much money you will have when you retire is undermining the nation at large causing many to just quit their jobs early and to leave millions of employers begging for applicants.

And sexual misconduct ought to lead to dismissal of the newly installed president.

What? You say most workers don’t have a clue whether they’ll have enough to live on when they retire? And there is a job shortage not a labor shortage?

What? The president will be exempt from the sexual misconduct prohibition??? So all the pussy grabbing will continue?

Oh, well, never mind.

I guess the chastity belt sales in Utah will go off the charts leaving serious backlogs and women at risk. Can Angela get one online? What about Marie? Michelle?

Trump was right about one thing: He could shoot someone and not lose any supporters. That’s how Kool-aid drunk they are. Just like the conservative Christians many of them are, it doesn’t matter how much evidence to the contrary you show them, they will always be true believers not matter what.

If the various agencies are allowed to hire contractor employees (e.g., outside contractors) instead of hiring someone new and putting him/her in as a “government employee”, it’s not really a hiring FREEZE, is it? They are still hiring someone. It merely means that the new employee is paid the amount the contractor demands instead of using the governmental pay scale and governmental benefits program. And the contractors demand a much higher pay scale than the government offers. This sort of thing is not a “hiring freeze” - which would by definition mean no new employees of any sort hired at all - it is a privatization scheme. Way more expensive for the agencies and the taxpayers, plus the contractors have control of pay increases and benefits, not the government, so it is more expensive off into the foreseeable future.

We aren’t just talking about the IRS (which now has outside contractor collection agencies going after tax debtors) or the social security administration, this affects places like NIST (science and technology) and NIH (medical research). Yeah, great idea to privatize those agencies. I’m sure Monsanto and Exxon have some “scientists” and “researchers” they’d love to outsource to certain agencies.