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In 'Stunning Indictment', ICE Officers Call for Own Agency to Be Dissolved Amid Growing Outrage Over Immigration Policy


In 'Stunning Indictment', ICE Officers Call for Own Agency to Be Dissolved Amid Growing Outrage Over Immigration Policy

Julia Conley, staff writer

As the demand to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spreads across the country—and with community members building protest encampments outside ICE facilities in several cities this week—some officers with the 15-year-old agency have now added their voices to the growing call to dissolve it.


This is hopeful news. Remember that the Russian Revolution succeeded in large part because the Tsar’s rank-and-file troops began disobeying orders to fire on peasants, and progressed to killing their own officers.

“Turn the guns around!”


Looks like some have a conscience.

Hateful policies under the guise of “Law” perhaps has something to do with it.


When an agencie’s own agents want to abolish the agency that really says something… I think these people signed up to fight crime and wound up hurting immigrants.Based on news reports there are some ICE police who seem to relish rounding up immigrants but it seems they do not represent all the police in the agency. I doubt if Trump will go along with this. He was elected to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants I think that is what he intends to do no matter what it takes.


No, No, No. We don’t need 2 more new agencies, enough. They see this as another opportunity to expand the police state.
Just abolish ICE period.


Fuck ICE, axe it and bury the motherfucker! The last word there is mostly virtual and possibly literal in some cases.


Excellent. End it.

When the GEO group took over immigration facilities (they own most of the private prisons) a few years back, people getting processed ground to a halt. It was suddenly taking over a year instead of 6 weeks and that was last I checked - they hadn’t processed yet and it had been a year. ICE is serving a business that makes money off of locking up immigrants and keeping them locked up. ICE has acted like Nazis on US soil as they came in the night for Obama and then in the day for Trump. End ICE, and it may also end(and will absolutely hamper) the private immigration prisons so we get two for one.


He was not elected to do that. He had very low support numbers. He and Clinton were the two most hated candidates in history and she was just hated a bit more. Quit totaling his election to it being racists. There weren’t enough of them. His election was the gropping for any answer to not put in Hillary. I should know - I’ve been told for two years ago that me voting Stein got him elected. I fled the DNC and voted green for the first time in my life because I wouldn’t support that fracking-wall street-war-queen. Racists weren’t enough to elect him. The thought of Hillary was what did it.


Rather than using the term “immigration policy,” one should be using “refugee policy.” Migrants are “pulled” TO a location; refugees are “pushed” FROM their location of residence. Our ignorant “leaders” and members of the press are too DAMNED STUPID to recognize this important distinction, and what it implies for how one should TREAT those crossing the border. What’s emphasized is the ILLEGALITY of entrance, rather.


It is easy for me to assume that a large minority of US citizens fear the other. The xenophobes could care less about the helpful and obvious distinction you make. The Trumpists occlude it and the media miss the chance to educate the public.

One of many things I wonder about in this national crisis is does any person really expect that a refugee who leaves their country hurriedly to protect themself from abuse, torture, or death and for whom the rules and regs of the Immigration Service are gibberish and who has a hard time understanding the questions asked and instructions given at the border can figure out how and where to enter the US.


"“shifted HSI funds to other parts of ICE to cover the costs of civil immigration enforcement, including $34.5 million in 2016”

“The agents work in ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit, which focuses on crimes including drug trafficking, human smuggling, and child pornography.”

Sounds like the “HSI agents” want some job security by splitting from the part that actually does the real work. Their tasks look a lot like what the FBI is supposed to be doing when not trying to cover up for presidential candidates.


People keep thinking 1984 and Orwell is happening----but before Orwell
there was jack London and IRONHEEL…
Read this and say OMG, some people have ripped off Jack London’s story.

Its free to read on Gutenberg----------------go read!


It is reported that DHS was re-authorized funding to stay in business, federal budget .in 2017. Re-authorization for DHS is coming soon again. Block re-authorization this time.


The agency’s targeting of undocumented immigrants has weakened its employees’ ability to carry out other work, argued 19 officers who signed the letter, which was obtained by the Texas Observer.

The agents work in ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) unit, which focuses on crimes including drug trafficking, human smuggling, and child pornography.

"The perception of investigative independence is unnecessarily impacted by the political nature of civil immigration enforcement," wrote the agents to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. "Many jurisdictions continue to refuse to work with HSI because of a perceived linkage to the politics of civil immigration."

The officers suggested that ICE be dissolved and its work divided among two new separate agencies, one focused on HSI and one focused on Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO)—the unit which has enforced President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policy.

Grateful for this information from the inside –


Many of the people who work for ICE realize that being Trump’s jackbooted thugs was not what they signed up for.


NBC evening news Sat. 6/30----had a story about a man with a green card held for 16 days and then released-----is this happening to many? And this was ICE-----Is this a one time thing or is it happening all over the country. And I hear reports of a crack down of illegal workers-----but are the people hiring illegal workers being prosecuted???


Some good points. To the greatest extent refugees seeking asylum are simply not being allowed to legally enter the USA by border patrol. This is reported by multiple local and national news agencies.

About the size of the “large minority” of xenophobes and racists who fear immigrants , have hope! The large majority of Americans DO know that immigrants are beneficial, necessary and law-abiding. Public knowledge could be improved, but excluding the far-right, a majority of Republicans tends to know these things as well:

Pew opinion research from 3 days ago:


I’m sure that someone will correct me but I was under the impression that we already had agencies which are responsible for the same law enforcement policies as ICE. The Border Patrol handles immigration. The FBI handles criminal violations of law. The ATF is responsible for smuggling and gun running. Customs investigates drug smuggling and contraband. Every single task covered by ICE is already under the jurisdiction of other agencies.