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In Stunning Reversal, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Advisors Urge Homeland Security to Shift Away from Private Prisons


In Stunning Reversal, Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Advisors Urge Homeland Security to Shift Away from Private Prisons

Carl Takei, Joanne Lin

In a surprise development, the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC), an expert panel of law enforcement, national security, military, and other experts who advise the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security voted on Thursday to recommend that the agency shift away from using private prisons to detain immigrants.

Under public pressure, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson in August had convened a special subcommittee of the HSAC to evaluate whether the agency should continue to use for-profit prisons.


What we are seeing here is that the normally dim two dimensional thinkers that head our military and police depts are finally starting to figure out that, the privatization movement is now knocking on THEIR doors. The police unions have sat with their thumbs planted firmly up their asses for the last two decades and watched as local coffers have dried up. Now their necks are on the block and they don't know what to do. They have supported the shrinking white power structure at their peril. Only now do they see that the monied class is finally coming after their unions. They will be replaced soon with "private security" akin to the rent a cops that guard the walls of the wealthiest gated communities.
The military has been being privatized for two decades now. The amount of "contractors" (re; mercenaries) often outnumbered regular uniformed personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are now the tip of the spear as we move into Northern Africa. The day is coming when the Joint Chiefs will be replaced by a board of directors.
We will then officially be a fascist nation. Enjoy!


Finally. It has taken far too long to recognize that 'for profit' means:

   costs will be higher
   services will be worse

The 'private is better' model doesn't work, especially when mega-corporations are allowed to operate in defiance of anti-trust laws. When small businesses compete, the opposite can be true. But small businesses have been deliberately driven under by the fantasy that 'bigger is better'. Time to wake up and take a sniff of the consequences of permitting unaccountable corporations to be in charge of.... anything!


This self interest and nothing more. There no real concern about human rights or Justice. It about a competition for tax dollars. The more that go to private prisons the less that go to the Military and Police forces.


QUOTE: Oddly, however, the subcommittee’s report failed to draw the logical conclusion from the evidence — to recommend shifting away from private prisons — and most subcommittee members seemed resigned to their continued use. UNQUOTE
Just another misleading headline of a story, that isn't one


No, read the article more carefully. The subcommittee turned in its report to the full council expecting approval, but the full council voted 17-5 to support the dissent from the subcommittee report:

"On Thursday, when the subcommittee presented its report to the full 24-member council for a vote, observers expected it to be approved. Instead, however, the HSAC voted, by a 17-to-5 majority, to associate itself with the dissent and to recommend that DHS shift away from the private prison model."


Well, I'm sure that when the private, for profit, prisons get the showers and ovens built, the congestion will be relieved.
* The Fourth Reich will be right back on track.
* Wake up, people!