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In 'Stunning Reversal,' President-Elect Trump Settles Over University Scam


In 'Stunning Reversal,' President-Elect Trump Settles Over University Scam

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Thousands of former students of the defunct real estate program known as Trump University won a surprise victory late Friday when President-elect Donald Trump agreed to settle $25 million in response to their claims of fraud.

The suit, brought by New York Attorney General (AG) Eric Schneiderman on behalf of former seminar attendees, accused Trump of "swindling thousands of innocent Americans out of ​millions of dollars through a scheme known as Trump University."


He doesn't "dodge" anything. As Elizabeth Warren posted, this means that it is no longer a matter of debate but FACT that Donald Trump committed massive fraud against thousands of people.

Why we are still moving forward with this sick individual as a president elect is stunning beyond belief. The acquiescence of leading Democrats - the total failure to act in any aggressively meaningful fashion in stopping his entry into office. The press, too, is complicit in this process.

I don't know who I'm madder at .. this disgusting candidate and his band of criminal racist misogynist thugs - or people like Clinton and Obama who don't put up any fight - and their idiot campaign strategists -- who they still haven't figured out aren't even real strategists and campaigners.

This man should be sitting in jail right. He should charged,, too, as an admitted serial sex offender. He also raped a child in front of several credible witnesses. His wife is a Slovenian fascist slut. She worked in the country illegally and obtained citizenship illegally - meaning, that, under US law, her citizenship should even be revoked. Yet they stand there talking about their registry lists for Muslims.

They are so utterly corrupt and without any scruples or real principles.

The electoral college is filled with similarly unfit persons. They are not capable of doing their jobs -- which, in this case, means turning the votes over to Clinton, who is not unfit - and who won the popular vote by over 2 million and still counting.

The electoral college was established for this purpose as per Alexander Hamilton. (irony, considering what just happened on Broadway) If it cannot, however, any longer fulfill its intention, it should be immediately abolished and the popular vote determining the election. Meaning, in this case, to Clinton.

So - they would need to go to court for this - correct?

So what is going on? Where is the action? There's not even any discussion in the news about it. It's just this blah, blah, blah about mobilizing against his administration. But what about stopping his entry into office altogether?


Good that some of those suckered by this man will receive restitution, even if late.

CD, you need a proof reader, "U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump once accused of being impartial in the case due to his Mexican heritage..." Surely, the sentence would make more sense if it read, "partial," or 'not being impartial."


It seems that they've received very little under the circumstances. I read that people gave him 35k. This settlement is roughly 4k per person. And it's disrupted their lives, the emotional distress and all Trump's legal bullshit throughout.

NYS got about 1 million, which sounds good.

But the main thing - they should be able to use this case - which definitively establishes massive fraud on his part - of thousands of people - in order to block him from going into the presidency.

He is not fit! The electoral college is supposed to stop an unfit president from entering office. And if they are incapable of fulfilling their function, then the electoral college must be immediately disbanded and the election decided by the popular vote - and going to Clinton.


Wow! So both the harridan and orange man are serious law-breakers ... couldn't we please, please, please send them both to Gitmo and forget about them???? :smirk::imp:


" The acquiescence of leading Democrats."

This should tell us the leading Democrats are just Republicans incognito. They had a winner in Bernie, but were sooooo corrupt they threw Bernie, a sure winner, under the bus in order to back their corrupt, Wall Street stooge! they enabled Trump to be selected by the selector's college. They are not the opposition; they are the controlled, fake opposition!

Obama said that we need to look forward, when he should have had Bush indicted for his shocking and awful war crimes when he murdered thousands of innocent people in an illegal war in Iraq; especially, since his reason of WMD's was found to be an outright lie!

If Obama had tried Bush for his blatant war crimes, we probably would never have gotten Trump for POTUS. But Obama knew if he had tried Bush for war crimes, he would set a precedent where Obama would be next!


In the end, Dump got corporate 'justice,' pay an amount nowhere near to what his scam stole and get off scot free while those poor folks who knock off a gas station get life in prison.
'Numbers justify.' Charlie Chaplin as Monsieur Verdoux


Most settlements, and I would imagine this one for sure, state that there is no acknowledgement of wrongdoing. They are often sealed so the exact language may not be known.


Perfectly stated. Thank you.


Inequality under the law allows those with money to buy their way out of criminal charges and jail.


And during a trial all the sordid details would have been out there for all to see.


I guess someday we will see settlement rate amounts for behaviors, like grabbing a p or breast etc.


Trump knows he is guilty and he does not want to go to a public court room where his dirty laundry can be washed ...and now he is president he really doesn't want the public scrutiny....Now he will keep claiming he is innocent because he doesn't have to admit guilt.....For Trump to pay 25 million in a lawsuit to make it go away tells ya he is guilty.....But being the bald face liar he is he can keep putting up his old innocent me routine....He will have a good tail to tell us on why he paid that much it if he is innocent of the charges.....He will make the ones he cheated look like the bad guys.....Trump is the master con...


Owls tradionally were symbols of wisdom. Barnowl seeks to end that.


On a site where posters often repeated the vilest attacks on Clinton and joined the "lock her up" chorus, we now have calls for Clinton, and Obama, to lead some sort of coup.


As with his housing discrimination settlements.


Bernie, the sure winner, came in third in popular votes during the primaries, behind Trump and well behind Clinton. Despite Clinton being the most evil person ever to seek the presidency, as many posters here argued. So now posters here denounce her for not leading a putsch, without even the beerhall as an excuse. That just proves how evil she is. Lock her up!


Trump could have been impeached if he lost. Now he is short $25 million but he is free to cause havoc for four years. Maybe it will be eight years given the level of ignorance and lack of sound judgement out there in the forgotten America. Then maybe they cannot elect Bannon to protect Trump's legacy.


Lets hope Trump has her indicted and does not renege on that statement.


Once again, how did the DNC "rig" the election against Bernie? I bet you don't have a concrete answer because nobody ever does. This is in the same vein of what I'm reading here, that Democrats are supposed to "do" something to stop Trump. What would that be, armed insurrection? Taking electoral voters hostage? Pee in his soup?

Trump won the electoral votes, barely, to become president. Some on here were intent on helping him do so. It's about moving forward now.