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In 'Subservience' to Washington, British Pilots Secretly Bombing Syria


In 'Subservience' to Washington, British Pilots Secretly Bombing Syria

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

British pilots have been secretly carrying out airstrikes in Syria, despite the government's own pledge to hold a vote in parliament before launching bombardments in the country, the London-based human rights organization Reprieve discovered through a freedom of information request revealed Friday.


That and making money by “loaning” money. Other peoples’ suffering is our (and their) business.


Living in both England in Australia, all I have ever seen is subservience to the empire, and an echoing of the propaganda of the empire. We (Australia, NewZealand, Canada, UK (or the governments thereof)) are inner satellites of the USA (or the government thereof (or those who control the government thereof)). Gotta watch those pronouns or names of nations.

Despite common perceptions, we are not independent nations, and sovereignty is just a notion, not a reality. If we were officially states of the USA we would at least get to vote in the fake or broken democracy.

Professional colleagues of mine in England like to celebrate independence day, hoping that one day England might become an independent nation. I dont hear too much of it in Australia, but in England, I get thoroughly sick of hearing about the UK’s special relationship, special relationship, special relationship with “America”. Its not sycophancy, boot licking or ass licking - Its a special relationship (one in which we engage in fellatio, sycophancy and boot licking).


“UK embeds operate as if they were the host nation’s personnel”

Interesting notion. As reported by John Pilger in one of his books, in 1982 Thatcher was questioned in Parliament about the British SAS training Pol Pot’s thugs how to lay landmines in Cambodia. That was when Pol Pot was supported by Thailand, China and by USAian aid to the Khmer Rouge then living in “refugee camps” in Thailand. Not to mention the support Pol Pot’s bandits received at the UN when it came to dealing with Vietnamese interests.


Frankly, less attention to pronouns is warranted.

If some disingenuous poster selectively accuses you of some thought-crime: Punch back, hard.