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In Super Tuesday 'News Dump,' EPA Expands Rule Limiting Science the Agency Can Use to Make Public Health Policy Decisions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/04/super-tuesday-news-dump-epa-expands-rule-limiting-science-agency-can-use-make-public


Every damn square inch of government is being manipulated to enrich conservatives or keep these predators in power.

Typical of the way they operate.

More of that “draining the swamp” I heard Trump promise us…now it’s full of toxic waste sludge, and it’s much deeper

Are studies that use private medical data available to the public? If a private institution was concerned about their medical data being available to the public it seems strange that they would allow the EPA to make it available.

This leads to two additional questions:

  1. If the private data is not significantly in these EPA studies or at least not the extent that someone could reasonably calculate how they got their data, then what is the real public value for this information?

  2. Why doesn’t the EPA work with private firms in a similar relationship that US National Labs have with private institutions and federal agencies have with ARPA-E grant projects?

Is there anything stopping the EPA from doing this? Granted the information would not be available to the public, but you would still enable private institutions to grow the scale and scenarios with their data.

Although I would say that US National Labs have far more sophisticated tools for developing private analysis at scale. These institutions are also specialized in particular fields and some of their work is not available to the public at all as it involves national security and defense.

I look at major projects like the Federal Interagency Emergency Response Scenario Assesment in which Argonne National Lab, FEMA, FERC, NOAA, RTOs, ISOs and utilities play out various scenarios that could impact the grid not only today, but what exacerbated issues may look like for the entire country by 2100. This isn’t really a public event, but Argonne has both published and talked about the general results of these scenarios (not that that many Americans actually care to attend their outloud series).

There are other programs like Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s DarkNet assessment analysis. DarkNet is an industrial cyber security system for the US grid and heavy industrial plants.

These “rules” are a deliberately stupid game to harrass conscientious regulators. Without public health data, your public health science is up a creek. That might account for a level of public health incompetence so exceptional, it’s unimaginable anywhere else on Earth.

China, on the other hand, might succeed in reining in the coronavirus – because they’re able to understand the point of containment in their policies. Before long, USA Covid-19 fatalities will surpass China’s. Because we believe in skating by on pure spin for as long as possible, without regard to physical reality, until the piles of bodies grow too large. There has to be a sharp point honed by the friction of so much relentless reality, capable of puncturing the whole delusional bubble of money uber alles. Something’s gotta give. Malcolm would say something about chickens.

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For the EPA to claim its being an environmental protector, is like a bank robber calling himself a bank guard.

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Why isn’t the science publicly available?
Answer: It is privately owned.
Gee, what a surprise for extremists to exploit private ownership as a plus while simultaneously giving the nod to its anti-social nature. No amount of contradiction, fraud and manipulation seems to undo the rule of the aristocracy.
Off to the voting booth to duplicate same…zippity doo dah.