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In Surprise Lurch to the Right, David Cameron Takes UK Election


In Surprise Lurch to the Right, David Cameron Takes UK Election

Common Dreams staff


The SNP took their seats from Labour. Many traditional Scot’s Labour voters switched to SNP because they are even more to the left, like Labour of old, and thought they would therefore get the best of both worlds, a SNP/Labour alliance in Westminster whilst also promoting Scottish interests there, yet the whole idea has backfired because throughout the election campaign, one of the Tory scare-mongering mantras to English voters was that if you vote Labour you will end up being ruled by a minority Scottish Party in coalition with them forcing concessions to English tax-payer’s disadvantage, so many seats Labour should have gained from the Torys, (the polls predicted it) were lost, often by a slim majority of a few hundred, because potential free-floating English Labour voters (the idiots who don’t believe in anything much) switched to voting Tory for that reason, thereby sabotaging Labour’s campaign and allowing the Tory’s to win the election throughout the whole UK. It’s a lose lose situation for both the English left and Scots Left because of this. We’re now stuck with Tory scum for another five fucking years.


“The overwhelming win was unexpected, as polls ahead of the election had shown a close race with the opposition Labour Party,”

Where there exit polls and if so I wonder what they found.


I was wondering about this as well , and of course Im sure there are no monkey shenanigans at the polls like here in the US


There were exit polls of course, and they clearly indicated what was about to happen.


I’m so bummed! Now we’re going to have to wait five whole years for the chance for a new Tony Blair to emerge from the British political scene. Poodle lovers the world over are in deep mourning.


But today’s “Labour” doesn’t begin to be the “Labour” of Nye Bevan, so should the “free-floating English Labour voters” really ever be counted as anything other than centre-right spoilers?


Where did the Lib Dem voters go? What happened to UKIP? There’s a threat that wasn’t.


You have to admire Brit politicians’ ability to fall on their swords after a thumping. They blame themselves, and leave. No whining.


What you are describing is almost a re-enactment of what happened in Canada in 2011 - the only difference being the absence of coalitions in Canada. Trends suggest that the Canadian Torys will go down big in the coming election - so maybe next time in the UK.

Amazing how drearily predictable electoral politics can be…


British idiots. They just did what we did when Bush was “re-elected” in 2004. Four more years of the Worst President Ever and a thunderous crash of our economy in 2007-08 caused largely by the deregulation of Wall Street started by his Dad, made official by Clinton and then running hog wild under Bush the Lesser. The elites in Britain must be sooo happy today but the rest of the country is heading for even more grief. Cameron is a corrupt shill for their PTB.


Indeed. I’ll bet that Sir Sean Connery is pleased today.


I certainly hope so. I detest Harper who I refer to as the “George W. Bush of Canada”. He once said that when he got through with Canada that the people wouldn’t recognize it. Such appalling arrogance does not deserve political power.


Sadly, George Galloway lost his seat.


I was planning to move in the UK with my family at the end of June, but I am reluctant to grow my children in such a conservative-minded country. It is exactly what I am running from.
If I decide to reconsider my plan Mr Cameron will be happy to have 5 less Italian immigrants. I am split between not giving him this joy, and go, or not inflicting myself the pain of living in a monarchy where people accept to be ruled by an elitist who made several stupid things during his first mandate (the war in Lybia stands above the others) and promised to make as many in his second term.


Seems fishy, does it not? We have come to realize that US elections are full of fraud. The latest report on the “Voting machines” was that someone in the parking lot, with WiFI, could change the numbers. In the old days, the joke was that all the dead people voted in Chicago elections. We tend to send “election observers” only to those elections where someone we don’t like might get elected. And in the US, you can always get the Supremes to throw an election if you have the right sort of leverage. The data were clear. All polls showed a close election, a “tie” between Labor and Fascist. . The results were not just a little off, but way off. Smells as rotten as the water in the Thames, don’t you think?


Would that it were so simple. On the other hand, Cameron is neither a climate change denier, nor a creationist. I just ran out of good things to say about him. One explanation for the result may be that things are not that bad in Britain at the moment-compared to the situation in the EU. The vote may have been a 'steady-as-she-goes vote. I liked it that UKIP got trounced.


voting machines?


Have you considered moving to Scotland? I’ve never been, but I am intrigued by their politics.


That’s the tragedy of democracies everywhere: parties have to appeal to the free-floating centre voters to have a chance of winning an election. It’s ‘Hotelling’s Law.’.’